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multiple8-Jan-2002hypothetical questionjules1979 unsorted88664.9%


If you were stranded on a desert island, which 5 of the following would you want with you?

34A good book
31A toothbrush
26Toilet paper
30A coat/jacket
9A hair brush
42A radio
11A game or activity
22Pen and paper
19A mirror
18A pillow

posted 9-Jan-2002 5:38pm  
I would have to take a coat, a blanket, and some matches to keep warm. Then I would want RUBBING alcohol (if it's meant to be drinking, I don't do that) so I could clean myself really well and disinfect my boo-boos. That's four that I would definitely need. The fifth would be a toothbrush.
posted 9-Jan-2002 6:15pm  
All of the above except for cigarettes, matches, and a mirror. Guess I don't need the toothbrush and toothpaste, either. I'd have to use all that dirty water.
posted 9-Jan-2002 6:25pm  
A good book, toilet paper, a radio, matches, blanket. But I wouldn't mind jerks, toothpaste and a toothbrush or a coat either.
posted 9-Jan-2002 6:27pm  
Nay. None of those.
1- A first-aid kit.
2- An inflatable sleeping bag.
3- Bottled coconut milk (it's the most hydrating of any liquid).
4- A game boy with POKéMON gold in it.
5- A cell phone with rechargable batteries (so I can call up and have them fetch me home the minute the island isn't fun anymore--which will probably be a minute, literally).
posted 9-Jan-2002 7:43pm  
A coat/jacket, a mirror, a pillow, a blanket a good book.

posted 9-Jan-2002 8:11pm  
Great survey!
I just started clicking, and then as I progressed down the line, I really had to do some thinking.
Got rid of "good book" in favor of "alcohol" (assuming the alcohol supply will last as long as a good book)
You really DON'T need toothpaste as long as you have a toothbrush. Paste doesn't remove plaque, the brush does.
"Toilet paper" was quickly de-checked in favor of "Cigarettes and Matches." I'll use leaves.
posted 9-Jan-2002 8:16pm  
Toothbrush, toothpaste, cigarettes, matches and a pillow.
(reply to jules1979) posted 9-Jan-2002 8:42pm  
If you took these things you would die on the island.
posted 9-Jan-2002 8:58pm  
A pillow
A blanket
A mirror
A radio
posted 9-Jan-2002 10:34pm  
1.a good book to have something to read and I have been known to reread good books.
2.a toothbrush cause it sucks to get food stuck in your teeth and I'd want to keep my teeth as long as possible anyway. (I saw Cast Away).
3. matches cause, like I said, I saw Cast Away.
4. a blanky to keep the critters off in the night.
5. alcohol for treating wounds, not to drink.
posted 10-Jan-2002 12:04am  
A good book (to use as toilet paper when read)
A radio (for company)
Pen and paper (for more toilet paper when used)
Matches (to burn the soiled paper)
Blanket (to keep warm by the burning soiled paper)
Alcohol (to forget about the soiled paper)

I think I would loose my mind...
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 10-Jan-2002 12:20am  
1. A good book
2. Pen and paper
3. Matches
4. Blanket
5. A radio
posted 10-Jan-2002 2:53am  
Pen and Paper
I'll have to improvise on the toilet paper and matches, i guess.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (6 minutes ago)
posted 10-Jan-2002 7:40am  
From a survival perspective: a blanket, a radio, matches, a mirror and alcohol (for medicinal purposes like jelly-fish stings etc.)
posted 10-Jan-2002 8:02am  
coat ( I don't like being cold)
Pen - paper
matches (I'm not practical! smiley:::wry smile)
posted 10-Jan-2002 8:11am  
A book, toilet paper, a radio, toothpaste and alcohol.
posted 10-Jan-2002 11:49am  
Toothbrush, jacket, blanket, mirror, alcohol.(Preferably isopropyl)
posted 10-Jan-2002 12:00pm  
Toothbrush, toothpaste, pen and paper, blanket, matches
I could use leaves to wipe my cute little ass, and I am sure that I could find something to brush my hair. But I have to have the toothpaste and tooth brush-- I can't handle cavities! And the paper and pen would help me stay sane.
posted 10-Jan-2002 12:14pm  
1) vegetable seeds a whole sack of them, so I could grow my own food.
2) Fishing rod
3) Knife
4) Axe
5) zippo with plenty of lighter fluid.

I would rather stay alive than to be warm of comfortable. With all of the things I mentioned I am sure that I could survive for a long time.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to ASB) posted 10-Jan-2002 12:30pm  
I think the point was that you don't get a general choice - you have to choose from those items... be creative, what can you use things for other than their primary uses? maybe I'm giving the survey creator too much credit here... I agree that most of this stuff isn't much use if you're in a survival situation; on the other hand if it's what you have to choose from...
(reply to romkey) posted 10-Jan-2002 12:38pm  
I understand your point but it seems the creator of this survey is to worried about the way they look and if they are comfortable or not. As I see it these things are luxury items and would be of little use to me.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Jan-2002 3:34pm  
a good book, pen and paper, tooth brush, matches, and blanket.
posted 10-Jan-2002 4:36pm  
Pillow, matches, game, toothbrush and radio.
posted 11-Jan-2002 8:42am  
Okay dammit I confess. I want my cigarettes. (I hate myself)
(reply to Jemmy) posted 11-Jan-2002 8:46am  
What are you going to do with the radio when the batteries die?
(reply to ASB) posted 11-Jan-2002 6:31pm  
Um....maybe I'll have magic batteries that never die! smiley:::raspberry
(reply to Jemmy) posted 11-Jan-2002 6:51pm  
posted 12-Jan-2002 11:50am  
Book,toilet paper,pen and paper,blanket,alcohol.If the island is warm I switch the blanket with the radio.
posted 13-Jan-2002 3:29pm  
radio, coat/jacket, matches, pen & paper, hair brush
posted 13-Jan-2002 3:48pm  
I would have said a game or activity, but the same thing would get so boring that were I ever to be rescued, I would never want to play that game again, and I'd want to bring my favourite game, and I don't want not to like it. I would have said pen and paper or toothpaste, but both of those eventually run out, which would stress me more than would be needed in that kind of situation. So I said a blanket, a mirror, matches, a radio and a coat/jacket. The type of radio would be two-way, that way if a plane flew by, I could start boradcasting. And I could always burn the blanket and jacket to create smoke, or reflect sunlight off of the mirror. Now, that's assuming I wanted to get off...if not, I'd bring the good book, the matches, the blanket, the game or activity (even though it'd get boring), and a radio.
(reply to jkiehart) posted 13-Jan-2002 11:25pm  
If it's a desert there might not be many leaves!!! smiley:::surprise
posted 14-Jan-2002 1:59am  
Blanket.....I don't care how hot or cold it gets,I always want a blanky.

Radio...So I could listen to music news etc.(I hope I have an unlimited supply of batteries too)

Matches...A crate load of matches,so I can make a fire to cook seafood & make a fire to keep warm.(assuming that I know how to fashion a fishing pole & be lucky enough to catch fish)

A VERY VERY thick BIG good keep me busy till I'm rescued. signal boats & airplanes.

Cool survey!
posted 14-Jan-2002 7:21am  
I know I should take a good book, but what the heck, if I was stranded there I'd have to read it over and over, maybe hundreds of times. Therefore I would take the following objects:

- A toothbrush. Although not vital, helps prevent infections and falling of teeth. Makes life more humane.
- A pen and paper. Every Crusoe has time to write a log or a diary. A book might later sell many copies.
- Matches. For really serious occasions when I'd have to fire something. Should learn how to make fire without matches, too.
- A blanket. For staying warm. If it really was a desert island, the nights would probably be quite chilly.
- A mirror. For signalling and observing how I gradually turn into a cave man.
posted 14-Jan-2002 7:36am  
By the way, how many of you have seen Tom Hanks in Robert Zemeckis' Cast Away? I liked the movie (and the volleyball).
posted 15-Jan-2002 11:50am  
a brush
(reply to natsim) posted 15-Jan-2002 10:47pm  
I'll use sand!
(reply to jkiehart) posted 15-Jan-2002 11:05pm  
posted 19-Jan-2002 5:56pm  
why would someone pick a blanket. its a "desert" island. i can't imagine how that 90 degree weather would be a real dog. If you had a mirror you could reflect to planes flying overhead. and you'd never be without pretty hair.
posted 19-Jan-2002 7:08pm  
A good book, toothbrush, toilet paper, toothpaste, and a game or activity. A coat is useless cause it's the desert, and so is a radio cause you're out of range.
(reply to everglow) posted 20-Jan-2002 8:01am  
Desert: 1. To leave unwarrantably, forsake, abandon. To forsake a a post ar service without leave. One who deserts...
2. Of or like a desert (may I remind you deserts can get damn freezing); barren; waste
3. Geog. A region destitute of vegetation, rainless, and commonly uninhabitable.

Basically it means a pile of sand or volcanic crags somewhere in the middle of the ocean that hasn't been visited by birds and coconuts and such. Near the poles they can be quite cold. Hurricanes visit theses sorts of places too. You shine your mirror at the hurricanes, and I'll wave my blanket at the planes.
posted 21-Jan-2002 9:05pm  
hi peoples
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 24-Jan-2002 11:17pm  
yah i knew a desert could be cold but i didn't realize a island could be cold. my mistake
(reply to everglow) posted 24-Jan-2002 11:28pm  
The travel industry has done it's work, no doubt.
posted 3-Feb-2002 2:01am  
Toothbrush - Toilet paper - Radio - Blanket - Pillow
That's funny...I just watched Cast Away earlier today.
posted 3-Feb-2002 2:17pm  
I chose survival option, not comfort option Blanket,mirror,alcohol,jacket,radio
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Feb-2002 10:59pm  
most definetly, but personally i wouldn't want to travel to a desert that is for the most part inhabited.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-Feb-2002 11:02pm  
antidisestablishmentarism is the longest word in the Webster's dictionary. i always use it for hangman.
(reply to everglow) posted 4-Feb-2002 11:17pm  
No, thank you, I can't say I would either.
I believe you meant antidisestablishmentarianism, not quite as long as truncatedicosodedecahedron or pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, but it packs quite a wallop.
You don't do well at hangman do you? ETAONIRSH (probably outdated now)
posted 19-Feb-2002 12:11pm  
matches and mirror for signaling, coat and blanket for warmth
posted 24-May-2007 4:19am  
Toilet paper for the obvious reason, a radio to monitoring any search activity in the area, matches to start a fire for warmth and cooking, a blanket to cover me while sleeping, a mirror that could not only be used to check my appearance, but as a signalling device too.

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