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multiple13-Aug-2007work/schoolbill Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes43468.3%


Do still have/use items that you made in shop class?

Some school systems provide practical classes to students like woodworking, metalworking, knitting/sewing, photography, pottery, art, etc. Often projects that students are given in these classes result in a finished product that they can take home and use.

List the stuff you made in your comment and if you still have/use it.

11I made some stuff and I still have it, but I don't use it.
9I made some stuff but I no longer have it.
8I didn't take classes like this in school.
5I still use some of the stuff I made in school.
2I didn't make stuff like that in school.
1My school didn't provided classes like this.

posted 14-Aug-2007 2:22pm  
I made a "jewelry box", but never finished the lid. I can't quite remember what happened to it..
posted 14-Aug-2007 2:26pm  
I use the cushion I made in textiles. I use the absolutely stupendous lamp (it's incredible, serious) I made as part of the bookcase in my window. I use the crapty little box I made, but I don't use my maze or my necklace holder. When I get my board game back, I'll play it until it turns into dust. Woohoo!
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Aug-2007 2:33pm  
I have a metal box (with a hinged lid) that I keep some stuff in, but I don't really use that much.
I have a wooden box that is similar, but I've lost the hinged top.
I have a clay bowl that I made in art class.
I used to have a pillow creature that I made in sewing, but I think it's buried in my mom's house somewhere (or thrown away long ago).
There was also a scrolled corner 3-shelf wood thing... I'm not sure what became of that either.
I may still have some 8x10 photographic pierces we did too (which involved putting object right on photographic paper in the darkroom to create cool shadow things).

Most of these things were made in middle school for me (grades 6,7, and 8). We had various required shop classes during those years, including "home economics" (sewing, cooking, balancing a checkbook, etc.) Looking back, it was a lot of fun.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Liss) posted 14-Aug-2007 2:34pm  
Do you have a picture of your lamp?
posted 14-Aug-2007 2:38pm  
I didn't take shop classes. Girls weren't allowed to back when I was in school, just as boys weren't allowed to take Home Ec. However, I would have loved to have taken shop class because I love to work with wood. My grandfather was a master carpenter & even set up a tool kit for me when I was 5 years old. It was with smaller sized tools. However, I still have the picture frame & two cutting boards my son made in shop.
posted 14-Aug-2007 2:51pm  
I made stuff in art class in elementary school..and I still have it..Not sure how you'd use it though. There's a marble painting hanging in my parents room that I did..and a ceramic frog that I's really awesome..Wow..I just made myself feel artistic.
posted 14-Aug-2007 3:10pm  
Never took shop classes. That was for kids destined to never go beyond high school. I took oil and acrylic painting as electives in college but have none of them anymore.
posted 14-Aug-2007 4:12pm  
I actually still used the pump lamp I made in shop class in 7th grade until about 2 years ago, when it broke. You pushed the pump handle down and it pulled a short chain which turned on the light.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Aug-2007 4:25pm  
Just some pottery
(reply to bill) posted 14-Aug-2007 5:11pm  
I'll get one when I can, probably Saturday. I made this big display with all my favourite books that covers a window and it supports half of it.
posted 14-Aug-2007 5:22pm  
I maed some stuff, but I no longer have it.. On the other hand Chris has everything he has made from highschool, and displays it around the house...
posted 14-Aug-2007 6:25pm  
No but I still have the Ovaltine jar that I painted with a crapty looking flower and a nice butterfly on the other side that I use for my paint brushes - along with some art stuff (that wasn't stolen) that I did in school...
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Liss) posted 14-Aug-2007 7:07pm  
I can't wait!
posted 14-Aug-2007 7:10pm  
I know I still have a metal box that I made in shop. I think my mom still has the clock as well. Not sure about the napkin holder that I made.
(reply to bill) posted 14-Aug-2007 7:12pm  
Which pillow creature did you make in home ec? I made an octopus (which only had three legs if I correctly recall---that always disturbed me) but I have no idea what happened to it.
posted 14-Aug-2007 7:28pm  
Didn't take classes like this in school.
posted 14-Aug-2007 7:57pm  
I made a wooden pencil case, lost it or gave it away, a tiny wooden table able to fit in the palm of my hand, it became black from exposure to moisture, a plastic metal, wind chime thing I don't know I think I lost it. I only took that class for a term back in year eight.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to kirst) posted 14-Aug-2007 8:01pm  
I don't know what it was supposed to be... it's was orange and blobby. Wow, we've known each other a looong time. smile
posted 14-Aug-2007 10:29pm  
I never took shop in school. I think I made something in camp but it would have been for my mother or father and would be long gone. I'm old.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 14-Aug-2007 11:02pm  
My school didn't have shop.
posted 14-Aug-2007 11:07pm  
I don't have any of the stuff I made, but I think my dad has a wooden gonk (with pink hair as I recallsmile) that I made when I was 11 in woodworking class.
posted 15-Aug-2007 12:15am  
Don't but wish I did. I did great in metal and wood shop. I made a candlestick on the lathe, a screwdriver and a game like Operation. I close to failed cooking and sewing.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Aug-2007 1:44am  
I didn't take shop.
posted 15-Aug-2007 2:54am  
In the 1970s I made a bright green top with lapels that never fit me right, but I made it and I wore it. It's long gone now...
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 15-Aug-2007 9:51am  
I have some of the stuff I made, but some of it I gave away, and one I thew away.
posted 15-Aug-2007 10:14am  
We were given those old time Radio Shack red perf-board electronics kits an we got to keep them afterwards. It was fun and I still have them. I understand they are collectable now too but i don't think I'd sell as their too sentimental.
posted 15-Aug-2007 3:04pm  
Yes, they are now classified as 'antiques'
posted 15-Aug-2007 3:32pm  
I made stuff, but I don't have it or use it. I always gave it to my parents or my grandma.

Things I made:
little dish
posted 15-Aug-2007 5:19pm  
Was I even in shop class?

No I wasn't. However, as part of our home-ec class, they let us cut some pieces of wood with some nasty tools.
posted 20-Aug-2007 10:03am  
I just ran across some needlepoint I made in 5th grade. Useless, don't know why I have it. It wasn't even really that good. Still haven't tossed it. Maybe if I leave it in this garage, the mice will piss on it and than I will have to throw it away.
I didn't have any shop type classes in high school. Girls were NOT allowed to take autoshop or wood shop. We had to take the homemaking, and since I knew I was not being a homemaker as a career I got a real attitude on not letting us choose. Hard to believe it wasn't that long ago in the scheme of things that women weren't equal. I said 'fudge'em' I'm not taking that girlie girl class and I promptly ran out to beat up some more boys.
I do wish I had taken that class, seeing that I missed any opportunity to learning something makes me a bit sad.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 20-Aug-2007 10:09am  
My sister (graduatedin 1977) bullied her way into auto mehanics with a friend. The two girls made history for a fleeting maybe 2 weeks when all the boys and especially the teacher made their life miserable. They were plenty mean to them. My sister is no quitter once she makes her mind up, so they must have been very bad.
Girls were girls and boys were men. It wasn't that long ago...jeez, hard not to hold some resentment against that.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 20-Aug-2007 1:37pm  
I know what you mean. The sad thing is, just a few years later they started allowing the girls to take shop & the boys to take home ec. My cousin Merrill was one of the first boys to sign up for home ec. He wanted to be able to cook simple meals & know basic sewing techniques for when he moved out on his own & with his mother working two jobs, she didn't have time to teach him. He told me that the home ec teacher was harder on the boys in class than the girls & acted very resentfull that she had to teach them, but he stuck with it anyway.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 20-Aug-2007 2:52pm  
Bizarre stuff, isn't it?
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 20-Aug-2007 3:02pm  
(reply to bill) posted 22-Aug-2007 10:38pm  
posted 9-Sep-2007 1:59am  
No, they belong to my parents. I don't think it ever occurred to them to offer them to me. I doubt I would have wanted them anyway.
posted 10-Sep-2007 7:50am  
I made a clock, an egg holder, a hat and a shower sponge, none of which I have now.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Sep-2007 9:56am  
I have a computer mouse holder that I made from plastic in the form of a cat in the attic somewhere.

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