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essay8-Mar-2013languageDino by votes26156.0%


Stereotypes of your Country

Consider these example phrases:

"Wow, that is so American!"
"That is a very British attitude!"
"Its a Canadian thing..."
"All Dutch people do that, don't they?"

What characteristics do you perceive the people of YOUR country have to outsiders?
I'm not talking products, like hamburgers, tea sets, maple syrup or windmills (!).
I'm talking personality traits.


posted 8-Mar-2013 8:33am  
Kooky Canucks
Too polite;
There's some truth to that - Years ago, when I used to watch TV on occasional - mostly while folding laundry - I came across a cop show and thought; "Boy... Those cops are being really polite, they're way aware of the camera following them." Ten minutes into the show, I realized that it was filmed in Toronto!! I laughed at the cliché of it.
posted 8-Mar-2013 8:40am  
People from the US have an attitude of "we can achieve anything we set our minds to" that seems to often be perceived from the outside as arrogance.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 8-Mar-2013 10:40am  
Negative: Loud, obnoxious, jingoistic, throwing our weight around.
Positive: Creative, glamorous, wealthy (not exactly a personality trait, I guess).
posted 8-Mar-2013 11:11am  
Uptight, reserved, too focussed on social niceties, clipped speech, eccentric.
Alternative: Punk-ish, Rough-edged, Soccer hooligan
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Mar-2013 1:11pm  
United-Statesians are uncouth, religious, independent, successful, warmongering, earnest, blunt, graceless, cowboy-like.
posted 8-Mar-2013 3:42pm  
The southern traditions to Colorado the wild West cowgirls and cowboys to the National Football League Florida and Georgia fried chicken and grits
(reply to dab) posted 8-Mar-2013 3:43pm  
Not to mention Politics?
(reply to Irene007) posted 8-Mar-2013 3:47pm  
I watch the TV show cops and yes I have noticed some of it was done in Toronto and also Texas and Florida to California and Washington
posted 8-Mar-2013 6:58pm  
Britishness could be said to be intrinsically allied to what is known here in the UK as "poshness", or educated/upper class attitudes, accent and so on. While Englishness - arguably - isn't, at least to nowhere near the same extent. Increasing numbers of British people are self-identifying as English rather than British; and to a degree unprecedented in history I'd say.
posted 8-Mar-2013 7:04pm  
I haven't a clue, but suspect many countries want what we have.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 8-Mar-2013 8:11pm  

This says it all
posted 8-Mar-2013 9:14pm  
Canadians are nice. smiley:::smile And scared of dark.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Mar-2013 10:11pm  
To Americans: Snooty. Well mannered. Polite. Traditional. Educated. No sense of humour. Boring. Uptight.

To continental Europeans: Yobs. Drunks. Promiscuous. Uncouth. Prone to mob behaviour.
posted 11-Mar-2013 7:07am  
Beats me.
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 11-Mar-2013 2:07pm  
Did you notice the difference? I saw the Toronto cops as donut eating guys who don't really care about their job but stay polite and then the American cop shows with guys who really, really take their jobs to heart (maybe a little too much so...).
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Mar-2013 6:58am  
Narrow view of the world mostly, un or under exposed to the world.
(reply to Irene007) posted 13-Mar-2013 5:19pm  
Why yes I think I have noticed the difference them coffee donut eating cops they love those donuts then there is another cop show on Oprah TV it is about women cops in Dallas Texas and Florida I like this one
posted 17-Mar-2013 8:12am  
We say "eh" a lot. That's true. We like beer. That's true too. We're outdoorsy, good at camping and fishing and such. We're overly obsessed with hockey. We're polite. It's all true.
(reply to Zang) posted 17-Mar-2013 11:31am  
> We say "eh" a lot. That's true.

Do we? I don't hear it very much. Or maybe I just don't notice it.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Apr-2013 11:33pm  
I think they think we're idiots.
posted 15-Apr-2013 8:39pm  
> American tourists tend to be loud, tasteless, and rude. I'm ultra-quiet
> and keep to myself, so it bothers me to be seen as an American in
> certain contexts.

Bah! Everyone says that about tourists. French Canadians say that about Ontarians and Ontarians say that about Quebecers. They're on vacation, they're partying! Of course some will become obnoxious...
(reply to they) posted 15-Apr-2013 8:41pm  
> I think they think we're idiots.

Some are but hey... Idiots are everywhere. You just have a greater population so we hear more of them but trust me... They're everywhere!

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