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multiple31-May-2015monkeeeeeeeEnigma by votes22252.4%


Step one...

6... cut a hole in the box.
6...(insert here)
4... give a damn.
2...two atoms of nitrogen, eight of hydrogen and one of sulfur.
1We admitted we were powerless over alcohol - that our lives had become unmanageable.
0...send resume

LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-May-2015 1:38pm  
Muster the gumption

You can't even make a sandwich with gumption that refuses to me mustered

posted 31-May-2015 2:25pm  
Give a hoot and give a damn
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-May-2015 9:02pm  
posted 1-Jun-2015 5:20am  
Actually care about what you are doing. If not might as well ingest more toxic H8N2S in your food used for flavoring (yuck).
posted 1-Jun-2015 7:53am  
Cut a hole in the box so I can get a Beer out.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 1-Jun-2015 12:57pm  
Cut a hole in the box.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Jun-2015 5:03pm  
Just get through this phase.
posted 7-Jul-2015 3:34pm  
Turn to God, asking for strength to overcome the problem, a great comfort. Having emotional support from family, and a support group. Do EFT's to destress. Stay away from environment with alcohol, keep substances out of home. Eat clean, sleep well.

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