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single19-Dec-2002opinionDino unsorted48757.6%


Should we standardise the emergency telephone number?

To call the emergency services in your country usually requires you to call a short number.

For example:

USA/CAN - 911
AUS - 000
NZ - 111
NETHERLANDS (Holland) - 112
ITALY - 113
FINLAND - Police-10022, Fire/Ambulance-112
PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Fire-3255188, Ambulance-3256822, Police-000

*Bonus question: If you feel we should standardise it, what number shall it be?

17I think we should have an international emergency phone number.
15I think its okay for different countries to have their own number.
5I don't care about this issue.
1I don't know.

posted 20-Dec-2002 4:16am  
I think we should standardise the emergency telephone number and I think it should be 999. Why because the UK is the best country in the world and everyone else should toe the line.

Actually having different numbers like 911 or 112 is better perhaps because it means you are less likely to accidently press the number. It requires active thinking.
posted 20-Dec-2002 4:52am  
Why because the UK is the best country in the world

laughing out loud
posted 20-Dec-2002 6:35am  
I think that an international standard number would probably be helpful.

As for which to use, I think it should be 112 as that's in use already in more different countries than any other number. Of course, that doesn't mean it has to be only 112 - there's no reason why other countries such as the US shouldn't have two numbers which work, the international standard number and their own traditional number. That's how it works in the UK - both 999 and 112 will work here (but I bet that most Brits don't know that they can use 112!).

999 was chosen in the UK because it's an easy number to dial by touch on an old-fashioned rotary telephone. It's less helpful now, though, because it's also too easy to dial by mistake when you've got a cellphone in your back pocket!

000 is a particularly silly number, in my opinion, as 00 is the international standard prefix for international calls. So it only takes one accidental extra keypress to get Sydney police when you wanted to call uncle Sidney in London!
(reply to msgman) posted 20-Dec-2002 7:18am  
Wow! I didn't know about the 112 in the UK.

I was aware that they are trying to have a European Standard Number.
posted 20-Dec-2002 7:29am  
You know what, the other day I couldn't remember if the emergency number is 999 or 911, hence to people like me, it makes no difference.
posted 20-Dec-2002 7:50am  
I don't really care. I can't see any advantage. I could see where it might be difficult.
posted 20-Dec-2002 9:09am  
I think different countries should have their own number, why change now.
posted 20-Dec-2002 9:20am  
I like Australia's.
posted 20-Dec-2002 10:44am  
Coincidence I hear news about Sydney while looking at this survey.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 20-Dec-2002 10:44am  
I think it's fine for different countries to have their own numbers, although there's also a certain degree of sense in standardizing it. If I were traveling in another country and had an emergency, it would be good if I knew the number, which is not likely to be the case as the system is now. It's not like people really learn the emergency numbers of the countries they are traveling in. I don't really care what the number is; I guess it might be hard to pick one, because it has to be a series that no country has as a prefix in a regular telephone number.

Plus, Papua New Guinea really needs shorter numbers for fire and ambulance.
posted 20-Dec-2002 5:11pm  
posted 20-Dec-2002 5:16pm  
The emergency telephone number for the world should be 000.
posted 20-Dec-2002 6:06pm  
why in the hell would we want to standarize this. Considering that if you get shot somewhere in the middle of an urban US city and your bleeding to death, you wouldnt want to call the police in Itally.

Anyway, they're not as standarized as we think. On my campus, for example, the emergency number is 6666. 3-6666 to be exact. and in some areas, 912 means the same thing as 911, execpt only for serious emergencies.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 21-Dec-2002 12:24am  
I think we should have an international emergency phone number. 911 maybe.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (15 seconds ago)
posted 21-Dec-2002 2:03pm  
If we standardised, we'd be bound to go for 911 *sulks* smiley:::frown

999 is better! Easier to dial and easier for small children to remember. And to Nthensome's comment in qual. - there was a tv show called 999 too!!!
posted 22-Dec-2002 2:18am  
I think we should standardize it. In Australia ours is 000, but in mobile phones we can also use 112. I know many people automatically call 911 here because they see it mentioned on TV all the time. I think 911 is diverted to 000.

I used to think it should be 3 same numbers because it makes it easier if you're having a cronary, but it also makes it easier for toddlers to dial by accident. Maybe it should be 911 since that number seems to be ingrained in peoples' minds from Hollywood.
posted 22-Dec-2002 10:21am  
I think it's fine for each country to have its own number. However, I think the US should change its number. Ever since the tragedy on 9/11, the numbers automatically have a tragic connotation with me.
posted 22-Dec-2002 11:09am  
i think it should be international
posted 22-Dec-2002 6:33pm  
(reply to kaleb777) posted 22-Dec-2002 6:35pm  
Had you never heard of 911 before the show? I actually said the exact same thing (see qualification of this survey), but I was totally joking. I think you've managed to place some real logic to something I was laughing about a couple days ago, haha.
(reply to Dino) posted 22-Dec-2002 6:40pm  
In faaaaact (see above comment)...I believe, uh, somebody owes someone (me!) a "spanking" of some sort...?

posted 23-Dec-2002 1:56am  
posted 23-Dec-2002 4:14am  
Yes, I think that would be a great idea! Then no matter who is traveling where, they would always know the number in case of emergency. I am guessing the most 'popular' number would be 911 although I can't be sure. Or any.
(reply to NthenSome) posted 23-Dec-2002 4:42am  
Oh, you sure gonna get it now boy!
(reply to NthenSome) posted 24-Dec-2002 6:03am  
We had that "Rescue 911" show here. At the end of it an announcer always said "In Australia the emergency number is triple 0. Do not dial 911 in an emergency". Besides that show basically every US movie has some mention of 911. Even right now on TV "The Santa Clause" in playing and when Santa fell off the roof a kid was asked to call 911. It's sort of like everyone knows there are no numbers in the US starting with 555. Our telecom authorities also stopped issuing 555 numbers after people here were getting weird calls from people watching an American movie. Now we have 8 digit local numbers it doesn't matter, and I've again seen some numbers starting with 555. I also know 411 is info, and 511 is traffic. Our freefone used to be 0088 and our porn lines were 0055. These have been changed to 1800 and 1900. We also know you've run out of 1800 numbers and have started on 1888. It's amazing what you pick up from watching TV smiley:::smile
posted 30-Dec-2002 6:19am  
I think what ever works for each particular country.Personally I like something like 111,999,000 it's easy for kids to dial.smiley:::smile
posted 3-Jan-2003 3:53am  
I think it would be nice if it was standardized. If so, I would choose 000. Hopefully this wouldn't cause an urgent response from the phone company operator!
posted 10-Jan-2003 10:32pm  
Since I'm from the US I couldn't think of using anything except 911
posted 11-Jan-2003 11:51pm  
I don't have a problem with other countries having their own emergency numbers. All I would ask is that the number is posted near the telephones.

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