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single8-Feb-2011sportspaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator by votes41156.3%


Are you a sports fan?

26No I am not a sports fan.
9Yes I am a sports fan.
2What is a sports fan?
1I have something else to share.

posted 8-Feb-2011 3:26pm  
Yes love the Denver Broncos and I have gone to a Colorado Rockies baseball game down in Denver my very first time it was so awsum
posted 8-Feb-2011 3:44pm  
No. I don't follow any sports and I did not watch the Super Bowl. Last football game I watched on TV was the 1985 Super Bowl. Sports is a waste of time and participants are way over-paid.
posted 8-Feb-2011 5:57pm  
posted 8-Feb-2011 7:31pm  
Not at all!
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 8-Feb-2011 8:30pm  
no, not really...... i always have been but i find most sports and their participants very disappointing in all ways!!! i like to participate in sports.
posted 8-Feb-2011 9:05pm  
I've never been interested in sports, as a participant or a spectator.
posted 8-Feb-2011 11:05pm  
Not really. There are sports I like to watch and there I sports I enjoy to play, but I don't particularly care for either.
posted 9-Feb-2011 7:44am  
Unless beer drinking is a sport, no.
posted 9-Feb-2011 8:10am  
I like sports. I typically would rather play than watch.
I don't really ever scream at the TV when watching sports though (unless I'm watching the World Cup..). I have teams I like..just on the virtue that one of my parents is from there or has family from there (Cowboys and the Orioles)..but I don't really follow anything.
posted 9-Feb-2011 9:19am  
No, I have to say I'm not, although I'll lend Wimbledon something of an eye the occasional year, and of course I'll cheer England during the Football/Soccer World Cup. Otherwise, I'm afraid I'm a sports-free zone and pretty sedentary at that.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Feb-2011 11:27am  
Not especially. I watched a few minutes of the Super Bowl with my SO, since he was watching it. But I don't like the feeling of being invested in who wins. It's too much drama. And I don't much care about the particulars of most sports, either.
posted 9-Feb-2011 4:59pm  
Yes. Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Football (Detroit Lions only, really). Absolutely NOT Basketball, though... Hate that sport with a passion.
posted 9-Feb-2011 5:12pm  
(reply to Scott) posted 9-Feb-2011 10:07pm  
Basketball IS lame.
(reply to llamamama) posted 10-Feb-2011 11:21am  
> Basketball IS lame.

posted 10-Feb-2011 6:58pm  
Not really.
posted 11-Feb-2011 2:11pm  
Yes. I played every sport I could with passion years ago before I worked full time. I had no time and now it looks like I'm done. If I had continued to play sports, I'm sure I would still be swinging a bat or a racket or throwing any kind of ball to someone else to this day.
Watching sports is only fun if I have someone to join me, but by myself I am uninterested.
Listening to a game...never really been able to do that. Reading about them...meh...but I do follow loosely wht is going on mostly for conversational stimulus.
posted 12-Feb-2011 8:34am  
posted 13-Feb-2011 9:36am  
Yes., Nascar, Football, and golf and bowling.
posted 13-Feb-2011 3:43pm  
Nope!!!!!!!!! Don't like it... of course if they come up with Full Contact Chess or perhaps if the losers of the various games were beheaded I might actually start watching the games...
posted 16-Feb-2011 4:52pm  
Go Denver Broncos"!!!
posted 17-Feb-2011 5:36pm  
No, not really. I find myself watching a lot of football though since moving in with my boyfriend.

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