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multiple18-Feb-2011sportsFoxyGEEZER by votes29148.3%


Should the sport depend on how much an athlete makes salary wise?

9I have something else to say

posted 18-Feb-2011 4:57pm  
The question really makes no sense as written.
posted 18-Feb-2011 4:58pm  
Ah, it's the idot who can't write...........

And, professional sports suck. There is no logical reason for them except for commercialism and greed.
posted 18-Feb-2011 5:23pm  
Yes I guess and I do not know
posted 18-Feb-2011 5:31pm  
Should my job be based on how much money I make?
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 18-Feb-2011 6:38pm  
????what does this mean??
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 18-Feb-2011 6:40pm  
> And, professional sports suck. There is no logical reason for them
> except for commercialism and greed.

WOW, i think we may have hit on at least two things we can agree on........ 1. this survey makes no sense and 2. professional sports have turned into commercial and greed machines!!! i don't think they were always that way but they are now.

posted 18-Feb-2011 9:19pm  
I think athletes make too much's ridiculous.
posted 18-Feb-2011 10:05pm  
Athletes make a ton. However, it's supply and demand.
There aren't that many pro athletes but the demand for professional sports is very high. Therefore, athletes can get paid a ton, and tickets can cost a ton because people will buy them.

And your question makes no sense.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Feb-2011 11:12pm  
I think half of all athlete's salaries should be used to equalize the very poor.
posted 18-Feb-2011 11:25pm  
Idiocy as an extreme sport, I'd watch it for fun.
I wouldn't participate though unless I got paid alot of money.
posted 19-Feb-2011 6:26am  
I've always thought that professional footballers in the UK make way too much money. But at the same time, the industry they are in generates that much money - is it not right that the actual players get a good portion of it? It's an obscene amount of money to be sure and it's ridiculous that someone can earn that amount for kicking a ball around, but it's the fans that make it that way by spending so much money on it.
(reply to LindaH) posted 19-Feb-2011 9:56am  
Yes. If you have no income, you should sit around and do nothing. Ever.
(reply to LoriJanine) posted 19-Feb-2011 10:10am  
If my dude buys me chocolate, I should do the dishes.
(reply to LindaH) posted 19-Feb-2011 10:12am  
Well yeah.. That makes sense.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 19-Feb-2011 12:31pm  
I have something else to say: I have no idea what you are asking.
posted 19-Feb-2011 6:24pm  
I don't get the question.
posted 21-Feb-2011 6:00am  
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Feb-2011 1:06pm  
What, so an athlete who earns over 50k should be forced to switch from sprinting to the high jump? And then to change to javelin when he starts earning over 75k?

I think there would be a lot of athletes with yo-yo-ing incomes... smiley:::wry smile
posted 2-Mar-2011 8:50am  
Yes of course, if a person is a professional soccer player, or boxer, or baseball player, they have millions of fans eager to part with money to see them and should be paid accordingly; on the other hand, if they are part of a synchronised swimming team, their pay should be accordingly modest, as they will not attract as many spectators. It's just business!

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