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multiple31-Mar-2014healthJessicaWoman99 by votes26256.0%


Do you smoke e-cigarettes?

13I do not smoke

bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Mar-2014 8:34am  
No. I've never been a nicotine user. I find e-cigs interesting. I know some people who see them as a healthy way to enjoy nicotine. Though, I have another friend who smokes all-natural cigarettes (American Spirit) and feels e-cigs are not healthier because they use some chemicals.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 31-Mar-2014 10:30am  
posted 31-Mar-2014 10:46am  
Never smoked any type of cigarettes and have no plans on starting, better things to do with my money.
posted 31-Mar-2014 10:53am  
I do not smoke. Anything.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Mar-2014 1:04pm  
I tried it, but couldn't get past the way it made me cough. My SO uses one tho and quit analogs completely. I will soon have far less stress in my life and plan to quit then though.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 31-Mar-2014 3:13pm  
I don't smoke anything. I'm not sure how I feel about e-cigarettes. They certainly appear to be preferable to cigarettes, but I wouldn't feel happy saying they were safe. I'm concerned about how they are being marketed and am anxious not to see smoking normalised again.
posted 31-Mar-2014 5:07pm  
No, I smoke real cigarettes.
CarlHalling This user is on the site NOW (8 minutes ago)
posted 31-Mar-2014 5:26pm  
No, but I've thought about trying; I gave up cigarettes because they were making my chest tighten up; and interfering with my breathing. I feel certain I'd not take to e-cigarettes, but I've thought seriously about giving them a go.
posted 31-Mar-2014 7:52pm  
No but I see these cigarettes advertised on television Jenny McCartney smokes them
posted 1-Apr-2014 3:31am  
I've never smoked. Just recently, the city passed an ordinance against E-cigarettes in public places.
(reply to they) posted 1-Apr-2014 4:40am  
> I will soon have far less stress in my life and plan to quit then though.

I wish you luck, I know it is a hard thing to kick.
posted 3-Apr-2014 11:35am  
No, just the regular ones...
posted 3-Apr-2014 4:03pm  
No. I don't smoke regular ones either.

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