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multiple17-Aug-2017opinionFordGuy by votes17155.9%


Smart phone dependency, is it happening to you?

I recently read that people depending on their phones to navigate rather than using maps is leading to the part of the brain that navigates becoming weaker. It could be a load of crap, but it might make for interesting discussion.

9I don't think it's happening to me.
4No, I don't believe this could happen.
1I think it's happening to me.
1Wait, I need to consult Google. (Other)
0Yes, I believe smart phones are leading to brain atrophy.

posted 17-Aug-2017 11:17pm  
I don't think so but it's possible that that's more wishful thinking than accurate analysis. I used to be pretty good with maps and think I still would be. In flying I don't use paper maps too much anymore either, just let the GPS show the way.
posted 18-Aug-2017 7:07am  
I've never owned a smart phone, although I'll occasionally avail myself of a family member's phone, but no, I'm not in any way dependent on the smart phone phenomenon. Now the internet is another matter, there is dependency there.
posted 18-Aug-2017 3:43pm  
I think navigation is the main thing mobile phones are good for. It's all the other crap that's the problem.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (4 minutes ago)
posted 18-Aug-2017 4:16pm  
I don't have a smartphone and I doubt that even heavy smartphone users develop significant cerebral atrophy as a consequence.
posted 18-Aug-2017 4:17pm  
I remember the good old days when I could be having a beer with friends and someone would ask a question. If we didn't know the answer, we would speculate and come up with what we thought was correct. Now people don't even have friendly banter, they just look at their stupid screens. My niece uses her phone to navigate to a place within 20 miles. Drives me nuts. I guess my problem is that nobody thinks for themselves anymore.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Aug-2017 7:13pm  
No. I've lived in the same town all my life. Navigation is a non-issue.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to FordGuy) posted 18-Aug-2017 7:14pm  
You can't even make up fake factoids and bs people anymore. They can google it and call you out on it right then and there. Takes half the fun out of messing with people.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 19-Aug-2017 1:00pm  
I don't think this is happening to me, though I don't know whether it's something that could happen. It's true that I use my phone for directions a lot, but I also often look at the larger map to see where it is that I'm going, so I'm still navigating.
posted 21-Aug-2017 2:38am  
I don't like alot of the technology of today.

My daughter, who was alone, leaving her daughter's wedding far into the hills out of town become so lost, took a ride she said she never want to do again. She become lost, took her almost 6 hours to get home instead of 2 hrs. Where she was there was no cell phone wi-fi service in the area. She depended on her phone, but if she had a map the trip wouldn't have been so scary. She found a little gas station finally, couldn't use the phone. It was a nightmare. A little old man in the gas station helped direct her in the right direction.

I believe in having maps!
posted 21-Aug-2017 3:50pm  
I never use the phone for navigating, as in driving somewhere.
(reply to LindaH) posted 22-Aug-2017 7:52am  
Right on! It absolutely does!
posted 2-Sep-2017 6:33am  
I know it's not happening to me as I don't have one (smartphone that is)
What it is doing to others, all I can say is it makes them less aware of their surroundings. Seen it many times these people with their nose buried in the smartphone walk right out into traffic without looking and get upset when people in the cars have to slam on their brakes and then honk at them.
posted 3-Sep-2017 9:45pm  
I have a smart phone and rarely turn it on even when I carry it going out. Most of the time it sets on my dining room table with my car keys and wallet.

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