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multiple25-Oct-2007computers/internetGalomorro by votes39659.5%


What is the silliest or stupidest spam mail you've ever received?

If you don't open the things, just go by the title.

10I never check my spam mail for subject matter; I just automatically delete it.
10I don't know.
6The silliest/stupidest spam mail I've ever received was
1I never get any spam.
1I don't think any of the spam I get is silly or stupid.

posted 26-Oct-2007 3:51pm  
I don't open them (obviously), but I constantly get spam offering penis enlargement products. That & ones telling me they can help me stop smoking, when I've never smoked a single cigarette or offering me a better rate on my non-existent mortgage. But by & large, the penis products spam are the stupidest.
posted 26-Oct-2007 5:10pm  
I don't get spam anymore.. well i used to, there's the penis things as usual, because just obviously on the internet there's only men with little secrets.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 26-Oct-2007 5:50pm  
I don't get spam enough to notice. I have gmail... and I never see any junk.
posted 26-Oct-2007 7:22pm  
Porn crap.
posted 26-Oct-2007 7:59pm  
I'd say the one that says they think my house is haunted.
posted 26-Oct-2007 8:20pm  
The goofy spam mail i have gotten was this e,,kfckm mcc,mcmdssfk,m m vm83uuuubbd x and like what the hell??
(reply to Crayons) posted 26-Oct-2007 8:22pm  
> I don't get spam anymore.. well i used to, there's the penis things
> as usual, because just obviously on the internet there's only men
> with little secrets.

Penis enlargments have got to be the dumbest I have seen and those Japanese ones 93ddjlkdodsn I do not
understand a word of this
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 26-Oct-2007 8:34pm  
I hardly ever see spam anymore. We use a technique called "gray-listing" on our mail server which foils most spammers. Only Nigerian/419-scam spam makes it through since those are sent from an address they want you to reply to.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 26-Oct-2007 8:35pm  
I've gotten hardcopy spam at a mailbox I have at a former Mailboxes Etc. telling me that I'm pre-approved to refinance my mortgage at that address...
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Oct-2007 9:05pm  
just coincidence that this survey was right after the SPAM survey????? i think not!!!
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 26-Oct-2007 9:30pm  
Here are some recent subject lines:

"queen-sized massive shlong for Madge"
"Your penis will so big and shiny she will take it for the rainbow."
"No medicine can satisfy your penis needs as ours"
"where did you hide that camera?"
"When I tried to give him oral sex, I practically choked. How do I do it without gagging? Please help!"
"Can you let me know what you think about this, I would be very interested in your opinion. flung at it. Commenting on the mass"
(reply to romkey) posted 26-Oct-2007 9:36pm  
I get something similar, but relating to car insurance. I haven't owned nor driven a car since 1985, but I'm constantly getting hardcopy spam from Geico, Progressive, State Farm & Allstate telling me that since my driving record is so good, they can offer me a better rate than I currently have. Makes me want to say, "Oh yeah, can you give me a lower rate than zero?"
posted 26-Oct-2007 11:19pm  
Not sure, I don't know if I've even gotten any of it yet.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 27-Oct-2007 12:49am  
Yup, I think every long time SC user knows you don't drive smiley:::wink
posted 28-Oct-2007 11:09am  
I don't reatin silly stupid spam. My brain is far too full for such frivolties.
(reply to Galomorro) posted 30-Oct-2007 1:20am  
Since you're so fond of Harris Polls/Harris Interactive, I thought you'd enjoy reading this...
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 30-Oct-2007 11:38am  
THANK YOU! I'll check it out right now!
(reply to Galomorro) posted 30-Oct-2007 11:39am  
You're welcome. smiley:::smile
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 30-Oct-2007 11:44am  
I already read it -- LOVED it. I probably can't take work surveys anymore if they ask first if I'm employed. But I still have lots of memories of all the yuckiness about workplaces. When I was younger people used to smoke up a storm in the office itself for one thing, constantly. Lots of gossip, naturally. Now it'd no doubt be cell phones -- in a lower tone of voice so the boss wouldn't hear if they were nearby. Like on the bus now -- nothing but cell phones.
(reply to Galomorro) posted 30-Oct-2007 2:51pm  
I think one of the biggest problem in my workplace is personal hygiene. Cell phones aren't really an issue since they are verboten on the call center dialing floor. They can only be used in the employee breakroom/lunchroom & outdoors.
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 30-Oct-2007 6:19pm  
Ewwww - you mean you can smell a lot of b.o.? I could sometimes -- one of the worst was a supervisor at a temp job I had with garlic breath that'd knock you flat on the floor. Sometimes people with tobacco odors they probably had no idea they had.
(reply to Galomorro) posted 31-Oct-2007 12:25am  
That & some people had a bad habit of putting on scents like patchouli (which gives me migraines) to cover up their b.o. Some would go days without bathing, putting layer after layer of patchouli on until it was making other employees ill. It got so bad at one point last summer that Sasha (site manager/boss) made a general announcement that if you came to work, reeking of patchouli or other scents to cover up b.o., you'd be sent home to wash & change your clothing. Sasha was getting fed up with employees having to leave work because the scents were making them ill. There's really no excuse for it. Soap is cheap & even if you're homeless, there are places in town to take showers & do laundry free of charge. Tobacco odors can be a real problem too. I try to avoid sitting near certain people because they are heavy smokers & reek of cigarette smoke (and sometimes pot smoke too).
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 31-Oct-2007 12:23pm  
Uh-oh. I'd have to say I've sinned here in the past and wouldn't be popular with you. I used to love to wear aromatherapy scents (like patchouli) instead of the normal aftershave and cologne and it was for ME -- my own pleasure -- but other people could smell it. It wasn't to cover up B.O. -- it was just because I liked the aroma of it for myself. I don't care for the usual colognes and aftershave brands out there -- to me these are too "watered down" and chemically. But to some other people they are too overwhelming. I also didn't MIND some of the cologne scents some women -- and other guys too -- would wear even though I didn't like it enough to wear it myself. I also got in trouble once cuz sitting still in one spot for hours at a desk keyboarding made my shoulders and neck stiff and sore, so I would wear this camphor-scented stuff to ease the discomfort -- one was a Chinese medicinal called "White Flower" -- and I'd wear another balm (Tiger Balm) with kind of the same camphory aroma. So someone complained about me to the boss. You wouldn't like my apartment at all either cause I'm the type who dearly loves heavily scented aromatherapy oils and incense -- and natural sprays, real flower aromas, and heavily scented candles. After a while I don't smell it anymore, so I do it again. We had a rule about strong aromas in scents in one place I worked, so I made sure it wasn't heavy enough to bother others -- some people with allergies.
posted 31-Oct-2007 1:48pm  
It's one thing to wear scents as you do, but definitely another to literally bath in them as others do. It's those who bath in the scents that I have the most problems with because they are wearing so much that they have an aura of odor about them that follows them everywhere. Both Venture Data where I work & Harry & David where I work seasonally have policies against scents since there are so many people in large rooms with little to separate them from the person next to them. At VD we have small booth, open on the back to work in & you don't have an assigned one & may sit in a different spot everyday. At Harry & David (for seasonal) you're sitting at one of many computers on the rows of tables. Fortunately there we're provided telephone headsets that cover both ears since there aren't any booths to block out the voices of those around you. Year 'round Harry & David employees have assigned cubicles.
posted 5-Nov-2007 1:53pm  
Crap from escort services.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Oct-2017 1:18pm  
I get a lot of emails that offer me penis extensions.

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