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single12-Jun-1998possessionslizzie unsorted47857.4%


Shower Curtains!

Choose which best describes the state of your shower curtain...

12It's pretty new, so it's still the color it was when it was bought.
14It's got some discoloration at the very bottom.
3The discoloration is about 1/3 the way up the curtain now...
1the discoloration is more than 1/3 the way up the curtain.
0My shower curtain is now a completely different color than it was when it was bought.
9I have a shower, but it has a glass sliding door or something besides a shower curtain.
1I don't have a shower, or a shower curtain.

posted 12-Jun-1998 10:09am  
We usually replace it about every four months.
posted 12-Jun-1998 10:35am  
moreover, the holes that the hooks go through are mostly torn through. Fortunately, I'm moving soon and will buy a new shower curtian, although I should buy the new curtain now and let it air out cuz I *hate* the noxious fumes of NewShowerCurtain
posted 12-Jun-1998 10:47am  
We actually have two shower curtains and rotate them, washing the off one. I don't like slimy showers :)
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 12-Jun-1998 11:39am  
I just coincidentally happen to have replaced my shower curtains recently so they're looking mostly okay. How the heck are you supposed to clean them, anyway?
posted 12-Jun-1998 12:52pm  
When it gets to noticeably smelling strange, I start looking for a new one.
posted 12-Jun-1998 1:09pm  
the new one is well.. new.. the old one we soaked(with a bleach/cleaner) on occasion because it was about 50% another substance (which happened to be a different color as well).
posted 12-Jun-1998 5:07pm  
I thought of this in the shower this morning. I got up early. 'nuff said.

I change my shower curtain when the orange/brown stains start creeping up past the bottom cuff, or when it starts to smell. This turns out to be around every 6 months.

**romkey: you can spray the liners with your typical bathroom cleaner, and you can often get a lot of the discoloration off that can scrub to get more off if you want. The curtain itself, if it is fabric vs. vinyl, can be thrown in the washer.
posted 12-Jun-1998 10:02pm  
My shower curtains used to get pretty bad until I discovered you can put them in the washing machine.
posted 12-Jun-1998 10:50pm  
our water stains the shower curtain a lovely blue-green color. too bad it doesn't match the general color scheme of the bathroom.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Jun-1998 7:47am  
I own an organic cotton shower curtain (washable), but it's hanging on the tub/shower that we NEVER use. The one we use is a glass slider, it's generally rather cloudy.
posted 14-Jun-1998 6:01pm  
The curtain we have now is fairly new. The floormat outside the shower, though, is mighty stinky.
posted 14-Jun-1998 6:27pm  
It's pretty old, but it's a dark-colored pattern so if it's discolored it doesn't show.
posted 18-Jun-1998 12:37pm  
I've got the glass door, but it's pretty skanky. I can't deal with curtains; I get too frustrated fighting the...uh...what's that effect where the flow of hot water causes the curtain to suck into the shower and slime itself all over the lower half of your body? Well whatever it's called, I hate that.
posted 24-Jun-1998 11:10pm  
I hate my shower curtain. It's pink. I =hate= the color pink. No offense meant to anyone who likes that particular color, but I hate it, I don't have any logical reason for hating it, I just do.
posted 3-Aug-1998 8:37pm  
I just scrubbed off the worst of the mildew, but I think that's the first time I've ever done that.
posted 2-Sep-2007 7:07am  
Although, the last shower curtain I had is still around here somewhere...its a little spotted, but colors are still bright... clear, actually, with conveniently placed opaque stripes...

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