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single3-Feb-2007personal habitsllamamama by votes50663.8%


Where on your shoe is it worn the most?

Look at the bottom of a pair of shoes that you wear often and that isn't new.
Where is it worn the most?

17The heel area
7The toe area
5The outside (the opposite of the inside)
4All over pretty evenly
2The inside (the side closest to your other foot)
0I didn't listen to you and I picked a new pair of shoes..
0What are shoes?

posted 4-Feb-2007 9:21pm  
I'm downstairs and all of my shoes are upstairs and I'm too lazy to go up and look
posted 4-Feb-2007 9:37pm  
The outside. There are 5 rows of tread on them. The second from the outside are the most worn.
posted 4-Feb-2007 9:52pm  
The heel area mostly..with it leaning a bit more towards the inside.
posted 4-Feb-2007 10:15pm  
The outside of both heels.
posted 4-Feb-2007 11:08pm  
The outside, and more on my right foot than my left.
posted 4-Feb-2007 11:39pm  
The heels are worn the most
posted 5-Feb-2007 12:55am  
Back of the shoe on the INSIDE.
posted 5-Feb-2007 1:20am  
(reply to llamamama) posted 5-Feb-2007 1:20am  
That's how mine are.
posted 5-Feb-2007 5:39am  
I check toe area. It's really behind the toes on the ball of my foot area. The heel is a close second. I probably should have checked evenly worn. Also it depends on the type of shoe. I looked at my work boots.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Feb-2007 7:51am  
it's pretty even, but the heel is a bit frayed
posted 5-Feb-2007 9:28am  
The heel area.
posted 5-Feb-2007 10:30am  
the inside close to your other foot. and the ball of my foot. I'm a runner so they tend to wear off easily.
posted 5-Feb-2007 2:09pm  
The outside of the heel.
(reply to RGirl) posted 5-Feb-2007 4:06pm  
woah, we're like...twins! Or the same personsmiley:::smile
paulyw Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Feb-2007 6:46pm  
I have a pair of shoes that the bottoms are worn out pretty evenly. They are three years old.
posted 6-Feb-2007 2:24am  
The right shoe shows more wear than the left. There's a nearly equal amount of wear in the heel and toe areas. In both cases the wear is toward the outside.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 6-Feb-2007 9:09am  
It's always the heel, but on the outside edge, as I have high arches and I walk with me heel rolled out a little. I think that means I'm a supinator.
posted 8-Feb-2007 10:54am  
umm i wont wear worn out shoes i get a new pair like every 2 weeks
posted 12-Feb-2007 4:54pm  
The ball of the foot area, and the outside of the heel.
My teacher can look at a person's shoe and can tell how alignment his body is, it is a very good tool.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Mar-2007 10:05pm  
Pretty evenly.... but mostly the toes from Hamilton scratching at the leather when she was younger.

The soles are worn to pretty thin for these type of boots.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Nov-2017 12:10pm  
The heels. I'm not sure if it's because I generally put more weight through my heels, or because so much of my walking in the last five years has been downhill (I've lived downhill from my workplaces, and tend to get a bus to work, but walk home).
posted 10-Nov-2017 9:27pm  
Left foot is even wear, right is outside of heel area and inside of toe area.

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