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multiple10-Apr-2001personal attributesAndyroo unsorted881655.6%


Do you have sexy feet?

3My Mommy thinks I do...
3If thin, long, hairy toes are sexy...then yes. I do have sexy feet!
12Yes. My toes are definitely suck worthy.
0What feet??
13I don't know if sexy is the word...maybe just average.
8I try to hide them in my socks as much as possible.
10Yes! Everything about me is sexy! wink
6If chubby toes are sexy then hell yeah!
16I've never really thought of my feet as being sexy.
9No. I hate my feet.
5No. I hate my toe nails
9I don't know...
1Can I get back to you? I have to call my Mom really quick...
9Other (please specify)

posted 10-Apr-2001 11:50pm  
i really dont think feet are sexy
but if i did, i wouldn't think mine were.
posted 10-Apr-2001 11:56pm  
Yes, very. Small, smooth, and alabaster white. Everything about me is sexy right now.
posted 10-Apr-2001 11:57pm  
I hate my feet but my SO loves them.
posted 11-Apr-2001 4:04am  
I have cute pink toes. I don't know how sexy my feet would be considered.
posted 11-Apr-2001 4:43am  
I have no clue. I've never gotten any comments on my feet, and I've never taken the time to evaluate them on that level.....I don't plan to.
posted 11-Apr-2001 9:01am  
Yes! Everything about me is sexy! smile
Look at my name it is even sexy smile
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 11-Apr-2001 10:34am  
I think I have cute feet. My toes are pretty short (even my second toe). And right now the second toe on my right foot has a really nice toe-ring on it.
posted 11-Apr-2001 11:09am  
lol This is a funny survey....I don't know about my feet. I guess so, maybe...I've never thought of them as sexy.
posted 11-Apr-2001 11:52am  
My feet are the part of my body I hate the most.
They are too wide.
posted 11-Apr-2001 11:59am  
My feet are big for a girl's, but other than that I think they're just fine!!!
posted 11-Apr-2001 12:27pm  
My boyfriend seems to think so. They're very versatile. I can pick things up, light a cigarette lighter, pinch my boyfriend, things like that. I'm hoping to join the circus soon.
posted 11-Apr-2001 1:06pm  
I think I have cute feet. They are flat, and I think it is cute. My sister the ballerina thinks they are hideous and freakish. But what does she know?
(reply to jkiehart) posted 11-Apr-2001 3:08pm  
Let me know when your circus comes to Ohio. I'll have to see this smile
(reply to ASB) posted 11-Apr-2001 3:30pm  
Will do!
posted 11-Apr-2001 5:51pm  
No, I have really weird baby toe nails. They are very thick, almost like a pumpkin stem, and kind of curve to the side. My feet are also kind of rough, no matter what lotions, pumice stones, etc. I use. And my feet are big (9 1/2 women American size)
(reply to jkiehart) posted 11-Apr-2001 5:55pm  
I can pick up things with my toes, too, Maybe when we go to Parkerfest, we can put on a little act.
posted 11-Apr-2001 7:27pm  
Well my feet would be okay if they were normal looking! My big toe is not the longest toe! It's my middle toe! Although my feet might be normal someday cause it's not as noticeable now.
P.S.-i know a boy whose thumbs look like toes so his nickname is Toes.
posted 11-Apr-2001 8:31pm  
My feet are sexy, in and out of socks. and my mommy thinks so too. smile
(reply to juliw) posted 12-Apr-2001 12:11pm  
Instead of fingerpuppets, we'll do toe puppets.

Are you REALLY going to Parkerfest?? That would be so cool! They're usually over the summer sometime. If I recall correctly, last year's was in July.
posted 12-Apr-2001 2:14pm  
A few of my toes (the second ones in particular) are really crooked - it looks like they were broken and then set *really* badly (which is not the case).
(reply to jkiehart) posted 12-Apr-2001 5:40pm  
I read about Parkerfest and looked at the pictures of Parkerfest 2000 on that website you told me about, and it sounded like something I would love to do. I will have to check on the web to find the dates and everything. Or, I guess since I signed up, they will probably send me some kind of newsletter. Yeah, I really want to go to Parkerfest.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Apr-2001 11:03am  
I've never really thought about it! smile
posted 14-Apr-2001 11:58am  
I've never considered feet as sexy.
(reply to spidertea) posted 15-Apr-2001 1:18pm  
i am sure you have cute feet
(reply to heyzeus1) posted 15-Apr-2001 3:57pm  
thanks :)
(reply to juliw) posted 16-Apr-2001 10:18am  
Yeah, they'll send you info. There's two pictures of me at parkerfest. I'm the blonde, and in one I'm posing with a brunette girl, and in the other one I'm posing with two dashing men and the caption lists me as Tallulah.
(reply to jkiehart) posted 16-Apr-2001 5:48pm  
Thanks! I'll go to that site later on this evening and look at your pictures. I am really looking forward to getting something from them. I have been reading more of my Dorothy Parker stuff lately, so I will hopefully be able to contribute more to the discussions. I still want to go to the library and find out more about Robert Benchley.
(reply to jkiehart) posted 16-Apr-2001 7:31pm  
Hey, Tallulah! I went and looked at your photos. They are really nice!
(reply to juliw) posted 17-Apr-2001 9:56am  
It was so much fun, but pretty expensive! So save your money!
posted 17-Apr-2001 3:19pm  
I've never thought of my feet as being sexy but I've heard good things about them. Maybe I should look for dates on foot fetishist web pages.
(reply to jkiehart) posted 17-Apr-2001 5:29pm  
Yeah, I'm gonna have to do that!
posted 18-Apr-2001 3:23am  
HELL NO!!! My husband told me that from the wrist up and the ankles up I am a knock out. He says that I have ugly feet and hands, well I would have to agree with him.
posted 23-Apr-2001 6:55pm  
I have really sexy feet. I have to be careful not to take my socks off around women because they become overly excited by the sight.
(reply to ASB) posted 27-Apr-2001 4:13am  
You have very sexy feet baby.
(reply to ASexyBabesToy) posted 27-Apr-2001 8:22am  
Thanks grin
posted 1-May-2001 3:32am  
I have size 18 (USA) feet. maybe they're sexy if you like big feet and they don't smell bad, but I'd say NO.
posted 18-May-2001 8:43pm  
Just yesterday my husband made a comment on how he thought that I had dainty feet & fingers.And that they were one of the things that he was attracted to....I guess sexy is in the eyes of the beholder.
posted 29-May-2001 6:25pm  
I think it`s verrrrrry sexy when a girl has cute tiny feet with short toes :) it`s a definite turn-on :)

posted 5-Nov-2005 1:24am  
You tell me... check them out for yourself. My feet are a tiny size 5.

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