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In which of the these settings would you be willing to go topless in front of others?

This question is motivated by recent legislation in Canada making it legal for women to go topless in public. I am curious about individual attitudes toward partial nudity. Would your answer change if the only other person were your date/SO or a close friend? What if you were by yourself? For the purposes of this question, "going topless" means for a period of time, not just for a few seconds (e.g. when changing clothes).

16On the street
18In a commercial establishment, e.g. a club
40In a natural setting, such as the beach, mountains, woods, etc.
45In a private setting, playing a game or just sitting around relaxing

posted 15-Apr-2000 12:22am  
My physique has deteriorated so badly that I only take my shirt off in front of my SO or my doctor. Oh, if there was only an easy way to drop about forty pounds...
posted 15-Apr-2000 1:50am  
Willing? I'd be willing to go topless anywhere but I don't know how comfortable I'd be in a commercial establishment. I used to go topless in Canada all the time before we moved but I always put my shirt back on before entering a business.
posted 15-Apr-2000 5:31am  
I'm nearly a C-cup, which for my chest size isn't much, so I use prostheses' I've cut from $.50 sponges [they are far better than the $130 silicone enhancers, which I save for possible use with lingerie]. My best friend or doctors are all who get a look, but I'd probably bare it at a nudist beach. My ex-wife grew up as a nudist in santa-cruz,ca,us so I used to do a bit of that. Like most nudists I know, I find clothing more erotic.
Going topless has been legal in santa cruz since the 70's though I doubt the current generation there are even aware of that. Going bottomless would be much tougher since I envision, and experience during sex, a complete womans reproductive system. A standard male apparatus is in fact what's there, though I can do things with it forgotten except by the tantric practioner's.
posted 15-Apr-2000 5:32am  
Only 4 out of 11 would do it out in nature? How sad.
posted 15-Apr-2000 9:17am  
I think women should go topless everywhere; maybe I could finally get over my fascination with breasts then.
posted 15-Apr-2000 11:18am  
I've noticed some guys (seemingly normal ones)(if i give give them a chance to talk about it) seem to have a perverse fascination with my breasts, perhaps more so than if I were simply female. Or maybe I just didn't know guys that well, but I think it's more of the former implication, that they think of them as toys or something.
posted 15-Apr-2000 11:59am  
My answer to this has more to do with body shape than modesty.

I consider myself to be overweight, and I don't think I look especially attractive topless. I've been to pride marches where my female friends took off their shirts, and I didn't take off mine - but were I in better shape, I'd have done so too, and enjoyed it.

But I've been topless and in some cases naked in public before. The time I went topless, some folks at my college put together a topless day on the green, to protest the discrimination of guys getting to go topless on a hot day and women not having the same privilege. We had it as a co-ed event, so that if arrests were made, there would clearly be gender discrimination going on. So about 60 of us sat out on the green without our shirts on through the lunch hour, and we had a nice time, and the campus police wisely stayed nearby but didn't hassle us, and at 1pm we all put our shirts back on and went to class.

The naked time - My co-op at college had annual naked parties - not sex parties, just times to "come as you are," to de-mystify the body and get rid of fashion competitions. I helped host these, and it was a fun annual event, having upwards of 100 naked people milling about our house and dancing and munching and backrubbing and body painting and being themselves.

Our house was set in from the street, and that time of year the leaves and vines and trees blocked most views of the porch. So those of us who were greeting party arrivers tended to be naked on our porch during the party. One year I was doing porch-duty naked with my pal, and I looked up and saw 2 guys on the path to our door, looking at a piece of paper and looking at the house, quizzically. Now, our address was written in brown numbering on a brown post in front of which a bush had grown, so it was well-nigh-impossible to read the house address at night.

So I got up, walked down to the foot of the path, and said "Hey, you folks looking for the party?" They looked at me, and looked away, and looked at me, and looked away. Poor guys, I thought, they're just shy. "Is this where the party is?" they stammered? Well, duh, I thought, what does it look like? "Yes, come on in!" I said cheerily. They kept looking away and looking at the paper. Finally one said, "Is this 165 W______ Street?" "Oh - no, it's 166," I said, "165 is across the street." They thanked me and hurried off. It didn't occur to me to be embarrassed until *much* later that night...
posted 15-Apr-2000 12:01pm  
Oh, I forgot to say - Whether I'd go topless on the street (assuming I were in better shape) would depend on whether I was with a crowd of friends. I don't want to court being raped.
posted 15-Apr-2000 12:57pm  
That was enjoyable reading. I could practically feel the gold's & greens the atmosphere must have there.
posted 15-Apr-2000 2:58pm  
In natural settings for sure. In particular, I don't have any problem with women going topless on the beach. It is pretty much accepted in most parts of the world. I would also consider it in private settings, so long as it is with the right people. In college, I once played an innocent game of strip poker at a small, informal "party" and ended up spending an hour or so in mixed company wearing nothing but my skirt and underpants. It was embarrassing but exhilarating at the same time.
posted 15-Apr-2000 3:05pm  
with my SO in a natural setting or a private setting where it was just her and I and no one else would happen upon us.
posted 15-Apr-2000 6:58pm  
By nature, I am a very modest person; so I don't think I would go topless in any of those settings. At least not with other people present. When I am alone, it is a different story. One time, while hiking by myself, I got to the top of a mountain and, on a whim, I took off my shirt and bra. It was great to be standing there, on top of the world, in just my shorts, with the wind blowing over my bare arms and back and breasts. It was natural and wonderful, and it felt uncomfortable when I had to get dressed again to hike back down.
posted 16-Apr-2000 12:56am  
This really needed more options, including "none" and "when by myself"
posted 16-Apr-2000 8:46pm  
other>>> where ever....
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posted 17-Apr-2000 12:13am  
Where in Canada was this law made. In Toronto we passed a bi law makimg it legal for ladies to go topless.
posted 17-Apr-2000 12:17am  
In Ottawa too.
posted 17-Apr-2000 9:02am  
I think it is perfectly natural to be nude I mean we are all born in our birthday suits.
posted 17-Apr-2000 12:17pm  
Uh, you missed "never" as an option.
posted 17-Apr-2000 12:39pm  
I think that I would be willing to do it just as a man does. Why not? The human body should not be that scary right? I would love it if that was the case, being free with our bodies!
posted 17-Apr-2000 3:57pm  
Jody. I figured that, since it is a multiple value question, it wasn't necessary to include a "none" option. To say none, just don't click any options and push the submit button. On the other hand, you are not the only one who asked for this. I guess I should have stuck a none in there just to make things clearer. Sorry.
posted 17-Apr-2000 5:08pm  
I would be willing to be topless in just about any setting where being topless was ok, and I didn't worry about my safety etc.
posted 18-Apr-2000 12:20am  
Only in private
posted 26-Apr-2000 10:13am  
I should work on my abs but being a guy it's not a big deal for me to go topless.

posted 8-May-2000 10:11pm  
If you're just at home I dont see the problem with being topless, I've done it once. But if you're going out in public I guess it's okay cause there are days I say I wanna take my shirt off, and if guys can, girls should be able to also!
posted 10-May-2000 3:54pm  
No in this life time.
posted 26-Jan-2006 10:04am  
Anywhere I could as I love the feeling of being without clothing
posted 25-Jul-2009 12:11am  
I guess it would depend on my mood, who I was with and who I expected to see.

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