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multiple15-Dec-1999hypothetical questiondoom by votes551251.0%


When would you sell your stock?

Let's say you buy some stock. At what point would you sell the stock?

16I invest for the long term so I don't pay attention to the daily price
13I know nothing about stocks so don't know what I would do
12I sell when I need the money for some other investment
9I sell when the return hits a certain mark (high or low)
5I sell when I have doubled my money
1I sell when I have lost half my money
1I sell if the price has not changed for a month
1I sell when after a certain amount of time has past regardless of the price
0I am a daytrader so I sell, Sell, SELL

posted 15-Dec-1999 8:07pm  
Thanks, doom, for putting my "I know nothing about stocks" option in!!!
posted 15-Dec-1999 9:27pm  
I would never buy stock :P
posted 15-Dec-1999 10:26pm  
i would like to try 'short selling' but i'm scared...
posted 15-Dec-1999 11:15pm  
(Blanket statement time, IMHO, and all caveats apply but)Unless you are a person who sleeps really, really well at night no matter what, there is no sense in getting caught up in all of this day trading madness. Let a trained (and trustworthy) professional worry about this stuff for you. Unless you happen to find the process fun, I bet you that it will bring nothing but an ulcer. If you are the kind of individual that just has what you want to be involved in the process, please please I beg of you to think long term.
posted 15-Dec-1999 11:16pm  
magbast: nnnoooooooooooo! you will have no hair by 30.
posted 15-Dec-1999 11:27pm  
is it that nerve racking pomeranian?
posted 16-Dec-1999 12:30am  
magbast: have you every gone to a dog track, or a race track? In many ways, I can't see how individuals who day-trade with their own money are really any different than race-track betters. Now, don't get me wrong, when I say "day trading is gambling" I don't mean to implicitly put down day traders (or track betters for that matter).
But, if you find race-tracks nerve racking, I suspect that day trading will be even less fun. Personally, I think individuals who want to get the most out of their money from the markets really should focus on long term goals, and mutual funds are the sane way to go. If you treat the day-trading stuff as a game, and play only your "fun money" your wins will be that much more sweet and your losses less painful.
posted 16-Dec-1999 3:15am  
I don't own any stocks/bonds (yet)... wry smile
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 16-Dec-1999 2:48pm  
My stock gets sold when the investment firm that handles my portfolio says to. They do very well by me, much better than I would do on my own.
posted 16-Dec-1999 4:30pm  
Minimum investment time in the stock market should be three to five years.

No option for people who are licensed brokers? You have one for people who know nothing about stocks.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (4 minutes ago)
posted 17-Dec-1999 7:35am  
Sell when I get worried. Sell when it goes back up after being down.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (4 minutes ago)
posted 17-Dec-1999 7:37am  
I recommend the stock trading game at to anyone who wants a taste of buying and selling stock without the risk.
posted 17-Dec-1999 12:26pm  
Bill: I certainly second that. And if you pay absolutely no attention to the ratings you will have a lot of fun.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (4 minutes ago)
posted 18-Dec-1999 11:14am  
jjg - actually, it totally stressed me out! ...but, I thought it was a nice way to get a taste of it.
posted 19-Dec-1999 9:50am  
Capital gains tax is a dog. Stick with your stocks for at least a year.
posted 20-Dec-1999 9:53am  
When I feel like it.
posted 22-Dec-1999 5:38pm  
I sell when:
  • The stock is overvalued
  • I need the money, or
  • The stock no longer fits my investment strategy
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 27-Dec-1999 1:28pm  
watch my head spin!
posted 5-Jan-2000 8:09pm  
HIGH. When it costs substantially more than it is worth. The only trick is figuring out the latter number wink
posted 5-Jan-2000 8:12pm  
LOL jen. As for short selling, it's a reasonable strategy in certain cases, but it does carry quite a bit of risk for limited reward.
posted 16-Jan-2000 7:38pm  
romkey, I have seen your head spin. It isn't pretty.. and the mess afterwards. sheese!

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