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single12-Oct-2016food/drinkpaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator by votes19152.6%


Did your school have a sandwich bar in the cafeteria?

A sandwich bar is somewhat like a salad bar, but you build your own cold sandwich (e.g Turkey, ham, cheese, lettuce etc.) The sandwich bar can also be called "Build Your Own Sandwich Bar"

13No, my school did not have a sandwich bar.
3Yes, my school had a sandwich bar.
1I have something else to share.

posted 12-Oct-2016 8:17am  

My elementary school didn't have a cafeteria at all (most kids went home for lunch; a few were registered in the lunch program, which meant they brought their own lunch from home and there was a classroom they spent the lunch break in)

My junior high & high school (one school for both) had a cafeteria, but it was very basic. And not very healthy. Had about 8 items on the menu (and you had to order it, pay, then wait for it to be prepared - nothing you could take yourself). Most students ordered burgers and/or fries if they didn't bring their own food.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 12-Oct-2016 12:17pm  
My elementary and high schools did not. I don't think my college did. There was a salad bar, but I don't think there was a sandwich one.
posted 12-Oct-2016 2:55pm  
No. I never ate the school food.
posted 12-Oct-2016 3:30pm  
I went to military (nautical) college, and we had something called a canteen, which was open every afternoon. What I remember it selling is things like hot malted milk drinks, coke floats, wagon wheels ( a kind of round chocolate biscuit), nougat wafers, and packets of soft or hard sweets/candy. Most afternoons as I remember it, I'd be ravenous with hunger, but I'd not have enough money to buy anything, so I'd try and 'cadge' some off another cadet. I liked to spend the afternoon eating sweets in class, but so often you'd get caught and have your precious sweets confiscated. As a terrifyingly skinny adolescent boy, I can remember being in a state of near-constant hunger. Everything was heightened back then.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Oct-2016 6:23pm  
I don't remember any of my schools having self service anything.
posted 13-Oct-2016 6:30am  
Nope, at least as far as I know, never ate in the school cafeteria (Too many people in a small area) past grade 6.
And the only reason up to grade 6 is because they didn't give us a choice,
you had to be there and then they sent you outside for 30 min as long as it was above 0F.
posted 15-Oct-2016 2:15pm  
Yes back in them days
posted 17-Oct-2016 9:50pm  
No, I've never seen this anywhere.
posted 23-Oct-2016 3:28pm  
Hell no. We were lucky to have a cafeteria. One of the bus drivers worked as janitor, bus driver and cook. And then we had "Clyde", the name we gave our lunch lady. She loved that government surplus peanut butter and found all sorts of ways to add it into our food.

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