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What was the scariest moment of your life?


posted 22-Sep-2000 3:56pm  
When I almost drowned.
posted 22-Sep-2000 3:59pm  
Being held up at gun point at my job.
posted 22-Sep-2000 4:21pm  
I almost fell between two subway cars when I was six years old. That freaked me out!
posted 22-Sep-2000 4:44pm  
I was involved in a pile up. Each car that crashed into the pileup sent a jolt through mine. Each time my door was pushed a little closer to me. There were about 10 cars involved.
posted 22-Sep-2000 5:02pm  
Too many to list.

Please chant:



and be happy!
posted 22-Sep-2000 5:35pm  
THere was a second in time where I was stuck by an arrow and I felt it pass through my heart, I was pretty sure I was dead for 5 seconds there... But it was rubber tipped and bounced off.
(reply to doom) posted 22-Sep-2000 6:43pm  
Do you work at a bank?
posted 22-Sep-2000 7:05pm  
When my Dad called me, and in a really serious voice told me that he had something bad to tell me. I couldn't hear the baby in the backround, and I thought that something had happened to him. It was such a relief when it turned out that it was just that our trip to Florida had to be cancelled. Either that, or the time that I walked across the highway and was almost hit by a truck.
posted 22-Sep-2000 9:56pm  
(1)When my husband left me and I thought I'd never get him back.
(2)When my grandmother who raised me after the death of my mother came down with the same thing she had died from.
(3) My automobile accident with a semi, and all court proceedings following it.
posted 22-Sep-2000 9:58pm  
I would rather not say.
posted 22-Sep-2000 10:18pm  
I've had a lot. I can't really narrow it down to a single event.
posted 23-Sep-2000 4:40am  
In mid July (2000) I had the experience of my soul energy draining from my body without me. My SO accused me of causing the same experience to her and terminated our 2 year relationship without a chance to speak back. She refuses my mail too.
(reply to was_Frostbrand) posted 23-Sep-2000 4:47am  
I've had a few of those close calls.
Plenty of times I've been thrashed under the waves for awhile, but the funny one was when I swam to the deepest part of the pool thinking I would use a garden hose as a snorkel. The moment I opened my throat, the water pressure knocked every bit of wind out of me.
(reply to was_Frostbrand) posted 23-Sep-2000 4:54am  
That one too, working at the fast-food, and again when staying with some people in the country (CA). Oh wait, & again when visiting my family in AK and the neighbors down the hill were shooting and threatening my brother. My bro insisted we all lay low, but I insisted we go about things as normal. I won.
Tests of faith.
Never be motivated or influenced by fear.
(reply to North79) posted 23-Sep-2000 5:02am  
Had that one too. When I was 5, I tried to commit suicide by laying on the train tracks while a train was coming after my friends destroyed my three faced doll. They dragged me off in time against my will. I wasn't afraid at all, I just didn't want to be in world where your friends could turn on you like that. That experience was pretty much where my memory starts continually. Prior to that I only had a few snapshot memories.
posted 23-Sep-2000 5:03pm  
Off the top of my head, I'd say it was the time that a load of lumber dropped on my parents and I thought for a moment that they had both been killed. Fortunately it missed them by inches.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Sep-2000 9:42pm  
my first day of work in a hospital!!:as far as everyday experience stuff
when my mom was sick in the hospital and i knew she was going to die!: as far as once in a life time things.
posted 24-Sep-2000 9:21am  
when I crashed an airplane
(reply to dab) posted 24-Sep-2000 10:09am  
Oh crap, that's one I haven't tried.
posted 24-Sep-2000 9:34pm  
probably my second or third panic attack...
posted 24-Sep-2000 11:54pm  
My first period.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 25-Sep-2000 1:17am  
Don't know
posted 25-Sep-2000 10:07am  
The first, and last, rollercoaster I was ever on - Space Mountain at Disneyworld.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 25-Sep-2000 10:51am  
When my cat was dying last Friday.
posted 25-Sep-2000 11:53am  
When I got in a car accident
posted 25-Sep-2000 1:34pm  
When I thought I saw a man in a train with a balaclava and a gun on him waiting to shoot everyone. It turned out he was just chilling out!
(reply to Maarten) posted 25-Sep-2000 4:22pm  
No I was working at a Supermarket at the time. The police caught the guy about 20 minutes after it happened and he is now serving 12 years in jail.
(reply to Jody) posted 25-Sep-2000 4:53pm  
I defeated the restraint on the Loop at Magic Mountain when I was a teen, and stood up during the loop.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 25-Sep-2000 5:15pm  
When I was 20 I saw a body bag going into an ambulance. Soon after, my wife and I attended the sudden death of our beloved kitten Paternoster (named during an L trip from her reading of Treasure Island in which pirates disguised as monks walked abeut in a 'paternoster while') from pneumonia over the course of an hour and a half. We just cried helpless. His sister Sphinx died of another variety of pneumonia caused by my accidentally slamming the car door on her. That one took months.
My senior cat Zero (who had a brother Panzer both named after a war game box which was their first litter box) tried to die many times. The first time was when I had just designed a tarot card about prayer with someone bringing a lion statue to life, and my cat went into some sort of epileptic fit. I did some heavy prayer & he snapped out of it & resumed his normal behavior right away. Two days later he fell off the fire-escape, and required more heavy prayer. He died a year later in my mom's garden at age 17. His ghost visited me in LA, and he left a cotton cat with angel wings which I still have.
I think I've told you this one before.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 25-Sep-2000 7:55pm  
I am so sorry smiley:::frown (((HUG)))
posted 25-Sep-2000 8:57pm  
It would probably be the first time I wore a kilt out in public. Living in the USA it is not something you see every day. After the first time and no reaction and discovering the comfort of a kilt or skirt I frequently wear them now, but it sure was nerve wracking the first time.
(reply to sunshine) posted 25-Sep-2000 9:37pm  
My senior yearbook picture was taken in my 16th century kilt (I spent my summers as an actor in the Rennaissance Faire). I wore it once to school.
(reply to sunshine) posted 25-Sep-2000 9:38pm  
What kind of kilt? What's your gender, and why do you wear it?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 25-Sep-2000 10:10pm  
It is a non-clan specific pattern I had it made by a local seamstress because it was more affordable (about 1/3 the cost). It is just about knee length. Male and why I like to wear it is that it feels more comfortable than pants or shorts. In the summer though a lighter kilted skirt is more comfortable. The kilt is better suited in the spring and fall months.
(reply to sunshine) posted 26-Sep-2000 12:23am  
Scottish, or do you have to explain yourself sometimes. (if you had a local weave it, you must be scottish).
Mine was 6 yards of tartan (part of it is draped over the shoulder from behind), pleated with a sword each morning. You could hide a pig in it. or in the leine sleeves for that matter. I am a Logan. My Faire clan was a real macho group. It's probably a good thing I had no idea at the time I would end up changing genders.
Once I did change, I discovered that I never want to go back to pants.
My first time in public as a woman was a nervous event. I got whistles, and had a cute guy ask me out to see the fireworks display.
(reply to sunshine) posted 26-Sep-2000 12:27am  
Oh wait, you say you live in the US too. How on earth did you find a weaver? oh, you really did mean seamstress. Yes, pseudo Black-watch (Campbell 42nd regiment) is the cheapest thing on the market.
(reply to anonymous) posted 26-Sep-2000 3:57am  
I know who you are. smiley:::raspberry
posted 26-Sep-2000 9:18am  
Being lifted up and carried around by a circus clown when I was 6 years old.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to mandy) posted 26-Sep-2000 9:55am  
Thanks. smiley:::wry smile
(reply to SouthTxSlacker) posted 26-Sep-2000 10:12am  
That one takes the cake.
(reply to anonymous) posted 26-Sep-2000 11:31am  
Did he have a big pistol?
posted 27-Sep-2000 3:39pm  
I've nearly dumped my motorcycle in a very violent way (that is the nearly dumping was violent - the dumping also would have been but I didn't get that far) a couple of times. It was quite scary. I think the scariest moment of my life, though, was actually when I was fairly young and thought someone had broken into the house. I may have been asleep or half-asleep or something but I was actually paralyzed with fear - I wanted to get out of bed and see what was going on but I couldn't do it. That just made it scarier.
(reply to doom) posted 27-Sep-2000 3:42pm  
My muggers (when I was mugged) were actually quite polite about it. Well, as polite as their remedial Worcester, MA educations allowed them to be but they weren't violent and they accepted my $12 without question. I was a little scared stopping at the ATM on my way home but I guess it didn't occur to them that the pizza guy might be waiting for me at my apartment. So, strangely I wasn't scared at the time. Later I was more scared.
posted 2-Oct-2000 5:17am  
When I almost died from an ectopic pregnancy. Had to have transfusions and the whole bit.
posted 4-Oct-2000 6:31pm  
When the hospital called to tell us that my father had a tractor trailer wreck, but that couldn't tell us anything else until we got there, and he was 10 hours away!
posted 5-Oct-2000 4:25am  
When my dad died.
(reply to anonymous) posted 5-Oct-2000 5:15am  
On an impulse I wished my father-in-law's brand new car harm, and the next day a cement mixer swerved out control from the oncoming mountain lane, and rolled right over it. It smashed the front widsheild and crushed the trunk. Nothing happened to him. Watch what you wish for, even by accident.
(reply to anonymous) posted 5-Oct-2000 5:23am  
I used to be afraid of thinking back then, even before that, because everything I thought came true, and I didn't want to risk thinking bad thoughts. Later I learned you can let bad thoughts flow unempowered, detached, and without manifestation. Otherwise there almost dying to be thought.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Oct-2000 10:39am  
Thinking back, it was the placental abruption when my daughter was born... but at the time, it didn't seem very scary... magbast was scared enough for both of us I think... I remember being very calm while everyone was rushing around me...
posted 7-Oct-2000 12:17am  
The call I got from my sister telling my mom had a heart attack while I was out of town.
Also being with my grandmother when she passed away.
posted 11-Oct-2000 2:45am  
My scariest was followed closely by my happiest; when my children were born.
posted 16-Oct-2000 2:13am  
week after a accident, wanted to die
(reply to harrisonford) posted 17-Oct-2000 7:11am  
did you fall out of a train on the run!?
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Oct-2017 4:52pm  
As in sheer terror? The time in my teens that there was a guitar in my room and it started softly playing in the early hours of the morning, waking me from sleep. I've had plenty of other scares, but that was something else.
posted 1-Nov-2017 8:11am  
A guy pointing a gun at my wife.

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