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single9-Feb-2013opinionLindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes30156.9%


In which room is it the most important for there to be 'a place for everything and everything in it's place'?

2Living room
2Some other room
1Entry way
0Dining room
0Laundry room

Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Feb-2013 11:36am  
The kitchen, I guess, as it's the room in which it's most important to be able to find things and that has the most regularly used things. But really I like every room to have a place for everything.
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Feb-2013 2:31pm  
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Feb-2013 2:33pm  
posted 9-Feb-2013 3:38pm  
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 9-Feb-2013 10:10pm  
The hallway, so that you can get inside. Pretty much anywhere else, it's possible to cope with things being completely disorganised.
posted 9-Feb-2013 11:06pm  
Definitely the kitchen. It would be horrible trying to cook if you had to hunt for the proper tools and utensils.
(reply to they) posted 9-Feb-2013 11:07pm  
How'd you do that?
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to SueBee) posted 10-Feb-2013 1:28am  
I just used the Windows 7 Snipping Tool and then uploaded it to
(reply to they) posted 10-Feb-2013 9:50am  
posted 10-Feb-2013 3:26pm  
Bathroom; if things in the bathroom are in the wrong place, yuck.
posted 10-Feb-2013 6:46pm  
Kitchen so you can find cooking tools
posted 11-Feb-2013 4:56am  
I don't hold this to be a truth in any room in my house.
Stuff will show up in a room and as long as it is not in the way it stays there until needed, at which point if it was another room then it stays there.
posted 11-Feb-2013 8:40am  
Argh! Most of my rooms and slightly jumbled. I like a nice tidy kitchen.
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 11-Feb-2013 5:27pm  
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Feb-2013 3:55pm  
My living room for everything
posted 16-Feb-2013 10:57am  
Probably the kitchen. The bathroom would be a close second.

My wife and I are both pretty OCD when it comes to this sort of thing, except she's not so fussed when it comes to what goes on inside closets, cupboards and drawers.
posted 17-Feb-2013 10:01am  
All rooms are important in this respect, least of all the living room.

I'm voting bathroom, because one isn't always very awake in there to cope with things being out of place.
Kitchen is also critical though because it's so frequently used.

I have everything ergonomically located and standardized, such that I could do most frequent things like grind and prepare coffee with my eyes closed in a few seconds.
Most every table has a pen and razor blade on the corner. The brooms do get shifted around a bit, but I always have one in easy reach in each area of the house.
I even take care to correct my dual-light switches so I don't usually have to give an instant's thought on which way to flick them.

Most visitors would see my home as a disastrous mess, but all the stuff lying out everywhere is lying in a particular spot for a particular purpose, and I know where it all is.

Also my memory doesn't delete entries, so ever storing anything in more than one place screws me up, and often requires me to search more than one location.

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