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multiple5-Oct-2012ethics/moralityMaarten by votes30255.2%


When should you reveal a secret you said you wouldn't?

15When someone's life is at stake
11When someone is falsely accused and could be cleared by revealing the secret
5When it turns out the person telling you the secret lied
4I have something else to say
2I don't know
0Always. Keeping secrets is highly overrated

posted 5-Oct-2012 3:19pm  
Never ever
LindaH Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Oct-2012 3:20pm  
Whenever anything more important is at stake than the secret.

Something else to say - you shouldn't be promising to keep secrets in any situations where it might end up coming down to higher stakes. Then you can avoid these sorts of dilemmas.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Oct-2012 4:29pm  
When keeping the secret would put someone at risk of serious harm.
posted 5-Oct-2012 4:46pm  
When it comes to life and death. Aside from that, keeping information private, information a friend entrusted you with, is important.
posted 5-Oct-2012 6:10pm  
Of course it depends on the secret; but I'd say when someone's life is at stake. While if the confidence turns out to be false, there seems little point in discussing it further; it's best dropped. If revealing the confidence would clear another, then there's a strong case for this, but I'd say permission should first be secured by the secret-teller. In fact, I'd say in all cases, permission to reveal the confidence should first be obtained, so the promise be revoked: I mean no one's going to say no if it means sacrificing another. And if they time they ask you to keep a secret, keep walking...:)
posted 5-Oct-2012 7:30pm  
Randomly in my case.
posted 5-Oct-2012 7:43pm  
(reply to bill) posted 5-Oct-2012 7:51pm  
mr. Lynch = god, but not in this case.
(reply to Maarten) posted 5-Oct-2012 8:47pm  
He was on "Louis" a comedy show by Louis C.K. recently. He played a daffy TV exec and that was his best line.
I was really surprised to see him doing a cameo on a comedy show like that.
(reply to bill) posted 6-Oct-2012 6:34am  
Maybe he needed the money. wink
posted 6-Oct-2012 7:12am  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 6-Oct-2012 12:40pm  
When someone's life is at stake; possibly when someone is falsely accused and could be cleared by revealing the secret; and possibly when there is some possibility for a fairly serious wrong or misunderstanding to be corrected by revealing it.
posted 6-Oct-2012 7:20pm  
I think it is generally understood that when something is told to you in confidence, that you will share it with your spouse... unless, of course, it's a surprise for your spouse or something like that.

Otherwise, I would really need a very specific example. I can't imagine agreeing to keep a secret that could potentially involve deaths and trials and such.
(reply to bill) posted 6-Oct-2012 7:22pm  
You know what's really weird? I recognised him before I had scrolled down far enough to even see his eyebrows! grin
(reply to Zang) posted 6-Oct-2012 8:32pm  
posted 7-Oct-2012 2:13pm  
Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead
posted 8-Oct-2012 1:56am  
Never. Not even at death!
posted 9-Oct-2012 11:38am  
Its about weighing up consequences.
posted 16-Oct-2012 3:50am  
Never (almost, except in the following examples)
When someone's life is at stake
When someone is falsely accused and could be cleared by revealing the secret
When it turns out the person telling you the secret lied
(reply to bill) posted 16-Oct-2012 3:51am  
Bill, you have such insight!
(reply to Gomezy3k) posted 16-Oct-2012 3:56am  
> Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

Wow! Great vid! (I'm a sucker for carbon microphones - no matter the style of music...)


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