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multiple8-Mar-2009hypothetical questioncloudhugger by votes39657.1%


Would you remove your intestines if someone told you it would make your life easier?

If easier meant saving money time and energy by weight loss, or fitting into the future. (the future being more strict about proper weight).
If it meant knowing you weren't carrying all that extra excrement around in your body, if it meant you would be more popular. There could be many different reasons why you would be told it would make your life easier...would you do it?

Professionally surgically removed, in sterile hopital environment.
Not personally remove, or your buddy remove, or paying off a debt kind of removed, nor having it kicked out of you, but removed by a surgeon.

2I'd have to get a second opinion.
0Only if someone did it with me if there was a BOGO (buy one get one) free coupon.
0Only if everyone else did it.

LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Mar-2009 11:29am  
Would it shorten my life span? Would I have to stop eating food? Would I not be able to rip a good fart anymore?

posted 9-Mar-2009 12:06pm  
Strip away all the frills and gadgets and all we really are is a tube with food going in one end and excreta coming out the other end. Why would I want to mess with that?

Life isn't always about what's easy. Sure you could have your intestines removed so that your body lost its ability to absorb nutrients from the food you ate and you no longer gained weight (although you'd probably need to be hooked up to an intravenous drip). And maybe you could have a toilet installed in your armchair so you never had to stand up. That would be easy wouldn't it? Maybe you could have little robots that changed the drip for you and wiped for you and rocked the chair so you didn't get bedsores.

Or... maybe you could get off your fat arse and do some exercise and have a balanced diet.
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 9-Mar-2009 1:17pm  
No, because I know it wouldn't make your life easier. It would in fact make your life very hard and very likely result in you not being alive for very long.

They can remove just your colon or large intestine and even some of your small intestine (I've lost over a foot myself, but who's counting). But, you need a fair bit of small intestine to live (well, within reason there's always IV feeding, but long-term that's going to lead to some other problems). If you get your colon removed, you get an ostomy of some kind (where you have to remove crap from some hole in your side instead of your anus). My understanding is that this is quite nasty (messy and smells really bad). The suicide rate for people with ostomies is higher than normal.
they Survey Central Subscriber This user is on the site NOW (6 minutes ago)
posted 9-Mar-2009 1:54pm  
No. I firmly believe that if I have any more surgeries, I will die of a horrible infection.
they Survey Central Subscriber This user is on the site NOW (6 minutes ago)
(reply to LindaH) posted 9-Mar-2009 1:55pm  

> Would I not be able
> to rip a good fart anymore?
There's nothing like it!

posted 9-Mar-2009 2:36pm  
If it would make life easier in specific areas that are extremely important to me. I'd also have to make sure it wouldn't cause any other problems in my life.
JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Mar-2009 3:13pm  
Yes i would get them removed
posted 9-Mar-2009 4:03pm  
Depends..who's telling me?
posted 9-Mar-2009 4:18pm  
What would that do to the digestion process? If we could live without them, wouldn't we not have them?
I wouldn't mutilate my body in any way just to .. fit in.

Plus, I definately don't have a weight problem.
posted 9-Mar-2009 6:46pm  
posted 9-Mar-2009 11:40pm  
I have a dear friend who is living with Celiac Disease. He sometimes wishes he could get along without Intestines or his Gluten Intolerance as just about everything has wheat in it in the Western diet. Let's hope that with President Obama lifting GW Bush's prohibition on Stem Cell Research, autoimmune disorders like Celiac Disease will be treatable someday!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Mar-2009 8:00am  
Hell no. Kind of hard to continue living without my intestines.
posted 10-Mar-2009 8:32am  
maybe.................if there were loads of people that had had it done with no ill effects
jettles Survey Central Subscriber Survey Qualifier
posted 10-Mar-2009 11:14pm  
no because it wouldn't and it is impossible to live without your entire intestine........................... and why would i listen to just anyone about something like this!!!
(reply to jettles) posted 12-Mar-2009 1:45pm  
shhhh... some do listen to doctors like that!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 16-Mar-2009 9:19pm  
There are certain medical conditions where this is actually likely to be the case (well, removal of part of them anyway). I would be willing to at least consider it - particularly if a colostomy/ileostomy wasn't required (though if my life were threatened/being severely curtailed then a colostomy would be preferable to that).
posted 20-Mar-2009 11:57am  
depends, if losing weight was a health issue, then yes I would do it for my health and stick to it. I wouldn't do anything because I wanted to be popular, or prettier. I would only do it because it was something I know I need to do for myself, and to make myself healthier.
posted 20-Mar-2009 12:00pm  
If It ment life or death, Yes I would have something removed. Or if I could donate an organ to save someones life, then yes I would do that.

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