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single10-Aug-2014survey centralTrinityAnn2 by votes24152.1%


Do you remember me?

So random lol just wanting to see who is still on this site from years ago when I was active 2003-2006 under TrinityAnn)

4Not Sure

posted 10-Aug-2014 9:55am  
Not sure unless I see your picture?
posted 10-Aug-2014 10:10am  
I don't know if I ever had a pic up, Bill went ahead and converted my old stuff into this profile,you could check out my profile of surveys to see if you recognize me from then? Your user name seems familiar,I remember Bill,Irene,Zang,Kristal_Rose,and I am sure others,those are the names that stick out though.
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 10-Aug-2014 10:27am  
I just uploaded a pic but I really don't think I had one up before,I probably look a little different if I did,I was 21 then,now 29 smile
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Aug-2014 12:59pm  
I think so..
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 10-Aug-2014 1:05pm  
Yes now I remember I love your picture thanks so nice to have you back here I have updated my photo because we keep on aging every year
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 10-Aug-2014 1:40pm  
Not sure. Sorry. frown
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 10-Aug-2014 2:13pm  
Thanks, yours too smile it's too bad there aren't more pics of people,not important,just interesting because it feels more like you are talking to a real person if that makes sense (I hold nothing against those with no pics though, every one has their own preferences and reasons)I had to get off the mobile version to upload a pic to my phone,took me a bit to figure out.
(reply to they) posted 10-Aug-2014 2:16pm  
I definitely remember you or at least your username, but just remember vague things right now its been so long lol
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 10-Aug-2014 4:11pm  
I do smile Welcome back.
(reply to Biggles) posted 10-Aug-2014 5:12pm  
Same here and thanks smile
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 10-Aug-2014 7:53pm  
It does feel like you are talking to a real person as if you are standing in front of me a picture is worth a thousand words I am using my i-phone I can post photos to Facebook I have some cool Rodeo pictures from our Fair & Rodeo here in Kremmling such as the Motorcycle jumps so awsum and the bucking broncos cowboy hanging on for the 8 seconds ride before the buzzer goes off I love the Rodeo's
(reply to JessicaWoman99) posted 10-Aug-2014 8:10pm  
Oh,I don't use Facebook anymore. I've never been to a rodeo,I'm sure they are interesting.
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 10-Aug-2014 8:58pm  
Facebook not all that good but I have lots of friends in Kremmling and with Facebook our Newspaper the Grand Gazette I can take pictures with my phone and post them in the Grand Gazette just like a Professional Photographer this camera is super fast I having fun doing this I probably would be a good News Journalists I am retired and I have time to do more things fun stuff
posted 11-Aug-2014 7:48am  
I dunno, I might have been drinking Beer
(reply to FordGuy) posted 11-Aug-2014 9:06am  
Lol surely not. That's ok,I remember you raspberry well like I told They,I remember your screen name,I have bad memory,some screen names/user Ids stuck out though.
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 11-Aug-2014 11:43am  
Well hang around more often and we won't forget about ya!
posted 13-Aug-2014 4:38am  
Yes, I remember your name!

Welcome back
posted 13-Aug-2014 9:59am  
Sort of, not really. The name sounds vaguely familiar and I took a look at some of your old surveys and some of them seem vaguely familiar.
(reply to Wicksy) posted 13-Aug-2014 1:14pm  
Thanks,I remember yours too smile

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