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single27-Dec-2013productsJessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes25152.1%


Did you recieve your online order on Christmas Day?

If you placed an order a week before Christmas it might not have come in etc.

9I did not place an order

JessicaWoman99 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 27-Dec-2013 10:21am  
No I placed an order online a week before Christmas and my order has not arrived as of today I still have not recieved it it was a cheese dip from FIGI'S I want my Swiss Almond cheese dipwry smile
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 27-Dec-2013 11:17am  
I don't think anyone was delivering anything on Christmas day. We had things both that we sent and that were sent to us that should have arrived in plenty of time but that still haven't been delivered. Apparently USPS, UPS, and FedEx have all had big problems with late deliveries this year.
dab Survey Qualifier
posted 27-Dec-2013 11:30am  
I placed orders that arrived before Christmas day but none that arrived *ON* Christmas day.
posted 27-Dec-2013 12:20pm  
I did not place an order
bill Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 27-Dec-2013 1:05pm  
I got something on the day after Xmas, but it wasn't a gift and was actually sooner than I expected.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 27-Dec-2013 4:02pm  
Everything that I ordered arrived before Christmas Day.
cerealkiller Survey Qualifier
posted 27-Dec-2013 10:15pm  
All my shopping was done by Thanksgiving.
posted 28-Dec-2013 1:48am  
Thanks for the reminder to post feedback.

Yes, it all arrived quite timely. Mail order is now much easier than making it into town for any shopping for me.
posted 28-Dec-2013 5:53am  
Nothing delivers on Christmas Day.
posted 28-Dec-2013 9:58am  
I got everything when it was suppose to arrive.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Dec-2013 3:27pm  
I didn't order anything. I never order Christmas presents. Ever.

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