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What are your reasons for being or not being an organ donor?

30I am an organ donor because:
12I am not an organ donor because:
4I don't know why I'm not an organ donor
3I don't know why I'm an organ donor
2I have never considered/thought about organ donation

posted 27-Feb-2004 6:39pm  
I feel it's the right thing to do.
posted 27-Feb-2004 7:18pm  
I don't know. Maybe cos I live in a sheltered mind-set that never considers I'll die.

I think if I was in hospital on life support and they asked my Mum I'd like to think she'd agree to let them have everything. I don't carry a card cos they are worthless - you still need consent of the next of kin.

I'm not too sure if they want my organs anyway. I'm officially not allowed to give blood because I'm a gay man. So wouldn't it work by the same principle?
posted 27-Feb-2004 7:28pm  
I am an organ donor because there is absolutely no reason not to be one.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 27-Feb-2004 7:35pm  
I'm not dead.

I do carry an organ donor card, but I haven't had the opportunity to donate just yet!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Dino) posted 27-Feb-2004 7:36pm  
You can't "officially"? Does that mean you have done anyway? wry smile
posted 27-Feb-2004 9:48pm  
I am because it seems loving and caring.
posted 27-Feb-2004 10:42pm  
I'm pretty sure that I am <checks driver's liscence> frown Ok, I need to get that changed next time.
posted 28-Feb-2004 12:03am  
I have such plentiful organs
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-Feb-2004 12:17am  
I am a donor because it's not like I'll be needing them anymore.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to mandy) posted 28-Feb-2004 12:18am  
Let's just hope the head-pigeons go away.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 28-Feb-2004 1:06am  
My Squeezin' arm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 28-Feb-2004 1:08am  
I'm an organ donor because it could help to save someone's life.

My mother always wanted her organs to be donated. Since she had cancer, we didn't think they would accept anything. Within minutes after she died, they asked us if we would like to donate her corneas. We agreed. A few months after her death, we recieved a letter saying that two people can now see because of her gift. That was a wonderful thing. Even if her death, my mother was still helping people.

My father is donating his body to science. They'll keep it for a year, then send us his ashes. He decided to do this not long after we found out my mother had cancer.
posted 28-Feb-2004 2:23am  
I'm an organ donor because if I can't use them anymore it makes sense for someone else to get some good out of them.
(reply to mandy) posted 28-Feb-2004 2:29am  
Have you a squeedlyspooch?
(reply to Amanda) posted 28-Feb-2004 2:30am  
That's really cool! I'm sure those two people who got her corneas are very grateful.
(reply to SueBee) posted 28-Feb-2004 4:09am  
I have a squeedlyspooch
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-Feb-2004 6:59am  
i am an organ donor:
1. because i see the demand and need for organs where i work!
2. i won't be using them anymore in the case that i am eligible!
3. giving someone else an extended life is a wonderful gift!
posted 28-Feb-2004 8:28am  
I am because it helps people; because I've benefited from medical treatment greatly and I owe the system; because it's the right thing to do, because it would be cool if, even after I died, my organs lived. ... unless my organs were used to avenge the person who supposedly killed me... hmm..
(reply to Biggles) posted 28-Feb-2004 8:58am  
Yes, I have unofficially given blood by lying on the form.

I am 100% that I am safe from HIV. I don't bother now just cos it bugs me to lie - it made me feel like a criminal and can't I can never be bothered going.
posted 28-Feb-2004 11:51am  
I have it on my license if Im in an accident any useable organ can be donated. I tried to give a kidney to my brother but because I had high blood pressure, and I was only a blood and not a tissue match, and they said there was a high risk that the kidney wouldnt work after the surgery. 1 sister was rejected because she had toxemia when she was pregnant and damaged her kidneys, another sister was rejected because sha had a baby less than a year old, and my last sister was rejected becuase sha had a pap test that said she might have cancer further tests ran showed she didnt have cancer but she was rejected because she had abnormal cells. So he had to wait for a kidney, by the time he got to the top of the list, he started haveing one stroke after another till he died.
(reply to Dino) posted 28-Feb-2004 12:54pm  
I am ruled out from donating blood now too because of certain behaviours I have participated in. I think that sucks. I liked donating blood. It felt goodraspberry
posted 28-Feb-2004 1:28pm  
I think the primary reason has a lot to do with that scene in "The Meaning Of Life".
posted 28-Feb-2004 1:42pm  
They can have everything they can use.
posted 28-Feb-2004 1:47pm  
Im an organ donor because I'm a firm believer that we dont need our bodies after we die and it is such a great feeling to know that even after you are long gone, you are helping someone else live a life they may never have had the chance to live. Just like one of my t-shirts read: donate a life and "Organ donors live longer"
(reply to Zang) posted 28-Feb-2004 1:52pm  
I havent seen that movie and im not sure of your primary reason-do you mean your primary reason for being an organ donor or for not being an organ donor?
posted 28-Feb-2004 3:00pm  
I am, - uh, because organs for transplants have to come from somewhere?
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 28-Feb-2004 3:00pm  
It is a particularly gory scene. An organ donor answers the door and two men from the hospital come into his home to collect his organs.

What most people don't know is that a lot of organs cannot be used if the donor is dead. They have to be harvested from live bodies.
(reply to Dino) posted 28-Feb-2004 3:05pm  
I get rejected for blood donations because I am transgendered. Doesn't matter that I have been celibate for years, and before then, only with a couple of monogamous women partners.
(reply to Zang) posted 28-Feb-2004 3:08pm  
Like stem cells, for instance. What are the expiration times on other organs?
posted 28-Feb-2004 4:53pm  
I don't know why. I think because I didn't really consider the possibility of really dying yet...or because I have this idea of being buried with everything in its place...and the fact my heart is still beating is a bit scary...but I could become one maybe later...not sure if people want my organs though...
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 28-Feb-2004 6:24pm  
Not my area of expertise...
posted 28-Feb-2004 8:35pm  
I'm not because...

This is hard for me; I'm the first to say "Save this person at all costs!" but there's a niggling thought at the back of my mind that questions this procedure. If I knew for sure that my donation would go to someone who suffered a terrible accident - I wouldn't mind so much. If it was for someone with a congenital disease and would normally have died without this intervention - I have a problem. As a society, we scream at the prospect of terminating a life for what ever reason - "We are not God!" we say but is it not also God's job to give life? Who are we the extend lives that should normally have expired?

I'm not clear on this...
(reply to mandy) posted 28-Feb-2004 8:37pm  
I think the questions refers to organs that belong to you - not the ones you play with!! grin
(reply to Amanda) posted 28-Feb-2004 8:48pm  
My Dad donated his body to McGill University. His ashes were buried on Mont-Royal at a site the University maintains for the donors. We went to the service held a year later at the University's Chapel, it was so touching! The medical students read their thoughts about their first encounter with the deceased, some expressed their fear, others wrote how they mused about the donor and his family but all gave thanks to the survivors for the great gift bestowed upon them. You can tell your Dad that he's taken a great decision and it will be appreciated in ways he cannot conceive.
You can thank him for me too because people like he and my Dad really do help all of us - these new doctors need them to learn and we all benefit in the long run!
(reply to jettles) posted 28-Feb-2004 8:49pm  
Where do you work?
posted 28-Feb-2004 9:15pm  
Not, because you wouldn't want my organs.
(reply to SueBee) posted 29-Feb-2004 12:10am  
I'm sure they are. When I'm having a really hard day, I try to think of the joy my mother's gift brought to them and their families. It's a comforting thought.
(reply to Irene007) posted 29-Feb-2004 12:19am  
The service sounds like a wonderful experience for you. We plan to have a memorial service at the time of my father's death. (Which, I hope, is a long time off!) Then, after one year, we will recieve his ashes. After my mother died, he'd planned for his ashes to be buried at the foot of her grave. Now, he's remarried and there's a new plan. My mother is buried at my father's families plot. The spot she's at is a single grave, the one beside her is where my aunt is buried. Anyhow, there's another spot there that has two available spaces. We are planning to move my mother to one of those spots. Looking at it, she'll be on the left. Then, my dad's new wife will be buried on the right. My father's ashes will be placed between them.
(reply to Zang) posted 29-Feb-2004 12:26am  
It's true that some organs have to be taken with the donor still living. This is why my Living Will states that I'm only to be kept alive by artificial means long enough for any useable organs to be taken. It is a little weird thinking they'll take my organs with me still alive. But it's not something I think about often.
(reply to Irene007) posted 29-Feb-2004 12:59am  
posted 29-Feb-2004 5:19am  
I am an organ donor because my organs are no good to me if I'm dead so put them to better use with people who need them.
posted 29-Feb-2004 5:50am  
For being: I can save another's life
For not being: 1) The Monty Python's Meaning of Life
2) My organs are close to the expiry date.
(reply to Zang) posted 29-Feb-2004 5:54am  
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 29-Feb-2004 8:33am  
I am, because - why not??
posted 29-Feb-2004 8:45am  
I don't know wy I haven't signed up to donate mine, because I think it's a good idea and just a nice thing to
(reply to Amanda) posted 29-Feb-2004 10:02am  
Sounds like a good plan... I do hope it's far in the future!
(reply to romkey) posted 29-Feb-2004 12:13pm  
Because The doctors might make excessive scars, and a taxidermist couldn't accuraterly display you nude.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 29-Feb-2004 3:52pm  
laughing out loud
I want a stuffed romkey!
posted 29-Feb-2004 4:22pm  
I have given a great deal in my life. I have been very ill and it's taken alot out of me.
(reply to mandy) posted 29-Feb-2004 4:31pm  
Perhaps we'll clone extras and sell them as coat racks.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 29-Feb-2004 5:08pm  
I think that sounds like a feature! wink
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
(reply to mandy) posted 29-Feb-2004 5:08pm  
okay, if you really want... but you have to promise to stuff me with bacon!!
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 29-Feb-2004 5:26pm  
and small children can hang their coats on the lowest hookraspberry
(reply to romkey) posted 29-Feb-2004 5:27pm  
Why is there bacon in this clone?
I made it myself!
(reply to mandy) posted 29-Feb-2004 8:51pm  
or use it to stick gum and sock puppets. or they can knock him on his back and play space pilot.
(reply to Zang) posted 29-Feb-2004 8:56pm  
like what organs? you like that term 'harvested' dont you...yuck, that makes it sound alot more gross than it is, also, even if your an organ donor hon, there not gonna take any organs out of you when your alive unless you say to them "i would like to donate a liver' or such to them...maybe you been watching too many movies.....
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 29-Feb-2004 9:01pm  
We were playing poker one night, and I thought it would be cool to have two hypothalamus's, and he hasn't been the same since.
(reply to Irene007) posted 29-Feb-2004 9:06pm  
ok, i somewhat get what your saying, but then again, think about this: when ppl get diseases which might have caused them to die, do doctors not heal them? theyre looking for cures to cancer now...if you get cancer or an illness that can be treated would you want to die-or a loved one at that just so the doctors couldnt play god? just wondering
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 29-Feb-2004 10:25pm  
That 'playing God' concern has always been with us. People who now disagree with organ transplants or blood tranfusions will still accept surgery which in itself was once considered 'playing God'. I imagine that at one time, using fire, or planting seeds and transplanting plants rather than merely accepting the grace of harvesting it wherever it appears, were once considered 'playing God'. The reluctance to change serves us a standard of comparison. In an age where an artificially intelligent virus could change all written history published on the web, while we still have those who can recite scripture through oral tradition, we will always have a reference for a culture other than what we have become the moment.
I find that people impart narrative energy. A visit from a friend could be enough to finally get one to go out of the house afterwards to go grocery shopping; A meeting with inspired activists could get one to draft a few initiatives; and A deep but brief philosphical energy meeting with someone could be enough to impart a new foreign reality-outlook/world-view for a couple weeks. I've also had experiences of touching objects and sensing personal histories (later verified), like touching a bumper and feeling how one had broken their crank-starting a car. This leads me to suspect that beyond the communicable disease aspect of the taboo against touching the dead, that there may be some truth to the communicable psychic disease concern in such superstitions. If this is all the case, then the genetic memory that comes with a transplanted organ from a person whose narrative script had death written in it could be a concern. On the other hand, not a cell in our body is more than 7 years old. Our memories, consciousness, and ailment patterns are all inherited from what can arguably be considered different bodies.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 29-Feb-2004 10:53pm  
or ring toss raspberry
(reply to mandy) posted 29-Feb-2004 10:59pm  
You're supposed to leave them there, not eat them.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 29-Feb-2004 11:43pm  
yeah, (for the first part), thats totally what i mean, its just that so many things could be considered playing "god"..i believe you start to play god when you "create" a person by cloning or kill by abortion. uh oh, im not gonna get alot of ppl angry at me now am i ? surprise oh well, im not tryin to start a fight w/the abortion comment so dont take it that way. i didnt understand some of your second half of your statement but i got the jist of it.
posted 29-Feb-2004 11:58pm  
I try to think as if my own son needed a heart or an eye transplant, I would someone kind enuf to donate .. Maybe I will be able to help a sick little child lead a long healthy life.. It's just the right thing to do,, i think..

jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Irene007) posted 1-Mar-2004 12:22am  
i work in a children's hospital in the peds icu.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Zang) posted 1-Mar-2004 12:27am  
the organs are harvested from a body in which the heart is kept beating and a machine is breathing for it. the patient is brain dead.......... and would there for be taken off the ventilator and allow the heart to stop if they were not an organ donor. at least that is how it is done here in the US.
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 1-Mar-2004 8:23am  
The second part was that people, places, and things have a psychic memory, and I wouldn't want an organ in me with reasons to die. When total genetic manipulation is considered common place, people will argue that transcending bodies and matter altogether through nanotechnology (virtual amorphous reprogramming of matter) is playing God.
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 1-Mar-2004 8:30am  
Not necessarily in all those cases, but I will object to keeping someone alive after they should have died from their fatal illness. Don't forget what I said; I am confused about this... Try to imagine 2 people who come in contact with a viral disease, both gets sick but one survives - isn't this what the evolution of species is all about. The "strongest" survives - they've coined the phrase wrong, it has nothing to do with strenght...
(reply to jettles) posted 1-Mar-2004 8:31am  
I'm impressed! I couldn't do that - it must be rough sometimes huh?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Mar-2004 8:51am  
I really wish I could read your comments frown I have to get out the dictionary to understand most of them.
posted 1-Mar-2004 9:16am  
I am an organ donor because if there is some good I can do as I exit this life, it is the most vile of sins not to do it.
(reply to jettles) posted 1-Mar-2004 9:33am  
Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
(reply to ASB) posted 1-Mar-2004 9:56am  
Really? I speak in scientific and spritual vernaculars. (hmm, I guess that too is a dictionary word. It means dialects or tongues). Most metaphysical vocabulary is common vocabulary used for different purposes. 'Genetic memory' to a scientist means that DNA encodes our heritage. To a new-ager, the term is more similar to 'geographic memory', and has a broader meaning referring more to the psychic vibe memory than any explicit tangible encoding.
A lot of spiritual terminolgy is ancient hindi, chinese, latin, etc. The scientific jargon is new, often referring to things which don't quite exist yet. Either jargon is rare and specialised, and requires a lot more explanation to understand than small dictionaries are willing to do. If you're ever curious about what something means, don't be afraid to ask. I have dozens of spiritual encyclopedias and have been studying this stuff (both spirituality and physics) since I was five. I don't expect you to.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Mar-2004 10:32am  
I find most of the things that you say that I can understand interesting. But because I can't understand a lot of it it takes some work to figure it out. Unfortunately (because I am lazy) I end up skipping your comments a lot. frown it is a vicious circle.
(reply to ASB) posted 1-Mar-2004 11:15am  
I'm one of those librarian/counselor/philospher types, so if something is worth talking about for me, it's worth the deepest examination, which could take a couple of hours. I've always been that way. My parents were both like that too.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Mar-2004 11:42am  
I would be taking time out of my sleep schedule to do that much research. I am sure I would enjoy most of your comments if I took the time to do the research but alas the research is so long and tedious grin
(reply to ASB) posted 1-Mar-2004 2:01pm  
I'm not suggesting any research for you. That's what I do, and I can spare you immense amounts of study by summarising my own findings. All I'm saying is that to really understand anything I'm saying in a conversation, without having to do any research, is still going to take an hour or two to contemplate and digest. If you look at it superficially, the way you might look at someone saying 'I'm going to the hardware store. I'll be back in a few hours', then you're not going to get it. We generally think about the details within our traditional little 'cause and effect' universe, without contemplating the nature of the 'cause and effect universe itself', so when I go talking about alternative planes of cause and effect, one not only has to contemplate an alternative, but take on a deeper contemplation of that which they have already always taken for granted as well, just as when one examines the grammatical structure of a foreign language, they suddenly have to become aware of the structure in their own language which they had previously been able to take for granted. We are immersed in our understandings, and I ask people to step outside of those immersions to take a broader look. If you were a formula in a universe which consisted of nothing but mathematics, you could talk about derivatives and recursion, but you'd be clueless about athletics and emotional well being. A deeper examination of derivatives or recursion would involve seeing the concept from a broader universe, such as the life of humans on earth, and a talk on athletics certainly would since it's not even visible in the universe of mathematics. If I were having a conversation with a formula though, I might be able to convey something about athletics to it by comparing it to formula efficiency, reduction of steps, maximum value rangess, proportional outcomes, and such. Then I could explain to the formula that there were such things as humans, consisting of complex chemical equations, which were fond of employing the concept of athletics. Getting something or someone in one universe to understand a parallel or encompassing universe is no simple task. Passing on new vocabulary alone won't do the trick. We live in these parallel universes but don't notice it, just as a person could conceivably hear sequences of notes on the radio all the time, yet never have been aware that music existed until their perception was expanded. Once they are aware of 'music', they'll hear it all the time and learn from it, and possibly create more of it in some new style. Consider 'ethics': for a six year old kid, very little of that universe exists. They live with some very basic notions of right and wrong which they barely understand, and couldn't begin to imagine the complex ethical process world leaders have to consider in making decisions.
posted 1-Mar-2004 4:22pm  
I haven't had the opportunity to sign up for it, and I think it needs to be done at the same time as I write a living will, just so the guidelines for taking my organs have been established (as in, don't let me die, if survival is likely, just to harvest my organs)... but by all means, once I am dead, empty me out for whatever you need - transplants or medical research/learning organs - just leave the shell of me to be buried or cremated.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Mar-2004 4:50pm  
Just because you are a transgendered individual they don't allow you to donate blood. Jeez--that is dumb. I thought they just screened people for any diseases and then if you had anything you could not donate. I guess they look at behaviors but that would probably rule everyone out. It would me that's for sure.
(reply to Irene007) posted 1-Mar-2004 5:30pm  
ok, thats fine, but would you honestly want to live that way even if it "is the way evolution" works? i think doing this sort of stuff is part of evolutionizing in a way...we're slowly improving humans....just like ppl live a whole lot longer now than they used to. i dunno, maybe i dont know what i am talking about, oh well lol
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 1-Mar-2004 7:35pm  
I understood that grin
(reply to ASB) posted 1-Mar-2004 11:41pm  
To some extent, I talk to everyone in their own language which I learn more of as I talk to them. In my theosophy class I often could tell that someone wasn't getting the concepts the teacher was explaining, and would interupt to reexplain it in terms they could relate to. I do hope people will look over the shoulders on conversations I have, but I'd be explaining things differently depending on who I thought was trying to follow. Some people know this stuff and use my preferred terms, others may be familiar with the concepts but have had a vocabulary particular to some particular faith. You'voe got people with experiences but no theory, and people with theory but no experiences. To my shock, I've even run into a handful of people living on parallel planes whose experience has been SO what I try to explain to others, that they weren't even aware that the majority of people don't see any of that stuff, and consider things operate by completely different rules, the ones we take for granted as mundane reality. It was fun to explain mundane reality for a change. Until then, not all of what they saw made sense, for instance people saying 'It's not my fault'. For my friend, that was a non-sequiter, because of course everyone decides everything that will happen to them. Usually I'm explaining the other way around, that we can decide which things will happen to us, such as a long lost friend will knock on your door in the morning, or the thrift store will have a particular antique blender you've been looking for tomorrow.
What interests you?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 2-Mar-2004 8:37am  
right now not much more than sleep because I am so tired. With hospital visits and waiting rooms and child care and grumpy husbands and sick cats. I have been trying to mother everyone and I am so tired. I don't mind but a person can only handle so much on their own. My eyes are starting to cross.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Irene007) posted 2-Mar-2004 8:52am  
sometimes it is, you learn to protect yourself as well tho'!!!!
(reply to ASB) posted 2-Mar-2004 11:04am  
Sounds like quite a load, emotionally, certainly. The depths of burden and despair (which doesn't quite sound like your experience,) is a common time for spiritual rebirths. In such times people are ready for a new world, or to at least get some help beyond themself. I can recall things like being helplessly informed of my daughters medical history in the emergency room and having to channel all the information I needed for the forms.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 2-Mar-2004 11:51am  
It has helped a lot to be able to come here. Everyone cares so much. It is amazing to me that people you have never met IRL can bring me such comfort. I guess through this whole ordeal SC is something familiar that has not changed. I did get a chance this morning to go walk around my yard and see all of my bulbs starting to pop up. I guess that was my way of meditation. It is warmer outside and that makes me smile. I will be glad when I can get back to a more normal or typical routine. waiting is such a strain. People who have never had to wait long periods of time for things would probably not understand what I mean. I hate waiting and I hate not knowing. This whole thing has helped me to see that I am capable of handling more than I thought I could. I had felt for a long time that I was unable to do a lot of things and now I realize I always do the things that I have to do to help other people. It is when it comes to helping myself that I have problems. I should really learn to put myself first more often and do things I want to do for me instead of things I have to do for other people. I am sure I will get through it and I will most likely learn something in the process. Sping has sprung and I see new things opening up for me. smile
(reply to ASB) posted 2-Mar-2004 12:39pm  
I relate to the sun spring stuff. I'm on a day schedule for the first time in months, yet disappointed that it's nearly rainy. I was hoping that being awake at day would be accompanied by sunshine and trips to the beach and wash all my depression away. I have things I've waited more that a decade for. We are capable of immense miracles and getting all the unlikely support we need for them too, but it always takes pulling oneself up by ones own bootstraps and forging ahead with faith before there's ever any physical indication that we have what it takes and will get the supprt we need. We create our lives, not follow them. I've never been good at the self vs. others thing. I usually need the excuse of serving someone else, even to work on the projects that most amuse myself. I'm not sure that's a bad thing though, it just means that if I'm to have purpose and an active life, I also have to have a connected social life. The things I do ido for myself are sort of trance conditions, the most popular being long hours of research on the internet about some art, science, technical, metaphysical, or political thing; and my guitar playing, and even those are ultimately rooted in plans to serve the planet eventually. After my divorce long ago I had no reason to do creative cooking or build sand castles. Everything had been for my family, and life was bleak without doing such stuff. Evenually I made up for it by doing volunteer theater work.
posted 2-Mar-2004 12:58pm  
I really hate the winter, It makes me sad. I am always glad to see the sun again and feel its warmth. I always said I go into hibernation in the winter. I gain weight and sleep all the time and hardly ever leave the house. Since we have moved into the house my health has really improved. The old apartment we were living in had mold in the walls or something. I always felt bad and had constant repritory infections. I also think it may have had something to do with the sun. We had all north facing windows and I did not get the good southern exposure that I have now. I think I will have to look into some sort of full spectrum light therapy for in the winter. I think this may help fight of the winter blues. I don't think the volunteer thing would work for me unless it was something that really facinated me. I get bored with things pretty easily even though I can sit around and do nothing very well wink For a while I was feeling pretty helpless and like if something didnt happen soon I would go crazy. That too has passed. I totally agree that your life is what you make it. until recently I have not had the energy to try to make it anything. Hey cheer up grin It can't rain forever grin
(reply to ASB) posted 2-Mar-2004 1:12pm  
You have family. I get into hibernations where weeks go by without notice of anything except that it's time to go major shopping again, and therefore time must have been passing. I get into these states where walking feels like swimming through mollasses, and I'm hypersensitive, tuned into everything but nothing in particular, like caught in some time warp and reality might just dissolve into particles at any moment. I'm hoping that with day schedule I will do more physical things like building furniture and not be constantly drifting away in contemplation.
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 2-Mar-2004 1:30pm  
Sounds like some acid trips I have had. Which is very funny because I think that acid is a hypersensitie reality just as you have described. Like feeling the wind blow and feel as if it is blowing so hard you might fly away. If I did not have a family that needs my attention I could see myself slipping into a time warp not knowing not caring place. When the kids are with their mother I find myself often not leaving the bedroom all day. I can do pretty much everything but eat in my bedroom although I do often have something on my desk to eat. If Dave did not come and go from work I could easily totally forget there is a world outside of this room. I don't necisarilly contemplate much but I stay busy and keep my mind working. I often spend hours on the computer completing jigsaw puzzles. I love things that make me think. Things I can figure out. It is important to be able to see a finished product. I have things that I can't finish that drive me crazy but it is easier to forget about them by disassociating myself from them. If I can't finish a project so that I am happy with it I have trouble getting myself back to that task. I do often think about how I could finish them but until the perfect solution comes to me it will remain unfinished. Maybe I ponder things more than I thought I did. I think sometimes you need to hibernate. I enjoy my time alone sometimes. It is when I get too much time alone that things become a problem. I am very thankful for my family. I am lucky to have such a great one grin. I am surounded by people who love me and that is always important. Have a nice day smile
(reply to ASB) posted 2-Mar-2004 3:46pm  
I only tried acid a couple/few times 20 years ago, but yes, the sensation is quite similar.
There are several types of thinking. Doing advanced physics research for me is comparable to the meditation time others spend playing solitaire for hours. It all washes out into passionless uniformity, and is nothing like the sort of tangible emotional involved thinking likely to happen on a family camping trip. Thinking can be a hibernatory refuge from active living just as not thinking can.
I should get up and work on some projects.
posted 2-Mar-2004 5:15pm  
I am becuase If I can give someone else life when mine ends, that would be a great feeling.
(reply to TrinityAnn2) posted 3-Mar-2004 8:07am  
Well there's many objections about "polluting the gene pool" with medical treatments - when people select which fertilized embryos they allow to come to term, this is called "polluting the gene pool". One such case in England, where the parents came to the States for treatment to find a compatible sibling to help their very sick son. He needed a sibling that could donate the blood from the umbilical cord at birth. They were refused this treatment in England because they found the practice unethical... They have no objections to keeping the son alive with nightly needle prodding and constant medical intervention for the rest of his life. He could probably live until he's 40, well into adulthood and have children of his own who might even carry their father's rare gene which causes this illness. I think this practice "pollutes" the gene pool - he normally would have died and never have children! His case is a mutation that was not beneficial to the organism and he would naturally expire but he is being kept alive so; if he can be helped by selecting a sibling from his mother's multiple fertilized eggs - why not? How does that practice "pollute" the gene pool more than the other?? Like I said, I'm the first to want to see this boy get relief from his suffering, if they're going to keep him alive by intervention in the first place...
(reply to jettles) posted 3-Mar-2004 8:09am  
You have to be tough...
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Irene007) posted 3-Mar-2004 8:29am  
hhhhmmm, i don't know about tough.....
(reply to jettles) posted 3-Mar-2004 8:57am  
Well... Not too sensitive?
posted 3-Mar-2004 8:20pm  
My parts are too old&rusty
posted 4-Mar-2004 4:54pm  
I am because I won't need them where I am going.
posted 5-Mar-2004 9:11pm  
I am an organ donor because I will not need my body after my death - I won't be in it. If I can help someone else live then I'm glad that somehting good will come out of my death.
(reply to nasale) posted 6-Mar-2004 6:34pm  
laughing out loud I almost added to my comment that I'm not sure anyone would want my organs anymore! I guess my eyes are still in good shape though, and my 74-year-old dad just passed his eye exam to get his driver's license without needing glasses, so they may be a worthwhile "donation" for years to come. smile
(reply to SueBee) posted 7-Mar-2004 9:58am  
Even my eyeballs are out of commission. frown Oh well, for what its worth, my parts are well used.
(reply to nasale) posted 7-Mar-2004 4:45pm  
I'm glad you got your, uh, money's worth out of them. wink
(reply to SueBee) posted 8-Mar-2004 1:58pm  
Thanks! I plan to get much more out of
posted 11-Mar-2004 11:11pm  
I am because my niece was born w. a heart defect and she makes my life worth living.
posted 16-Mar-2004 3:13am  
To feel a part of the world.
posted 19-Mar-2004 9:47am  
I am an organ donor
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 20-Mar-2004 2:05am  
I like my body all together.. plus I'm selfish wink
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Amanda) posted 20-Mar-2004 2:09am  
I read recently that a lot of bodies donated to science are sold to the military.. turns out the medical schools have too many cadavers. The military then uses them to test landmines, boots, and helmets in explosion situations. It would be worth looking into if that's something your father isnt into.
(reply to they) posted 20-Mar-2004 2:14am  
Wow! I'd never heard about that. I'll tell him about that tomorrow. My sister-in-law works at the university hospital he's donating his body to, so I think she'd have mentioned something about it. But, it's still worth looking into, just in case they do that and she didn't know. Thanks for the info.

I hope you're feeling better now. I've been sending you good, healing vibes! {{{{{{{{{{THEY}}}}}}}}}}
they Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Amanda) posted 20-Mar-2004 2:34am  
It's really sick.. here's one link I've found:

Thanks for the vibes! They must be reaching me.. I'm better every day. I just hope my boss doesn't think I'll need to be retrained by the time I come back.. my doc doesn't want me working until May!
(reply to they) posted 20-Mar-2004 11:25am  
Thanks for the link.

I'm glad you're feeling better. Be sure to follow your doctor's orders. Don't try to over do things just yet.

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