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single6-May-2015personal preferencesthey Survey Central Subscriber by votes21159.5%


Which would you rather goes first: your mind or your body?

ex. Alzheimer's or Cancer

12My body.
4My mind.

they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 6-May-2015 11:42am  
The idea for this survey came from my 17 year old chihuahua, whose young puppy mind is trapped inside a body that is failing him on every single level.

I have experience with witnessing the downfall of both the mind and bodies of people I've loved, and I choose the mind. I can not stand the thought of my body failing me while I am witness to it.
posted 6-May-2015 6:09pm  
my mind is more me than my body
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-May-2015 6:58pm  
Body. It would be less frustrating. I think of it like this: When I am injured and have to limit my movements, that's more enjoyable than being sick, tired or on medicine that makes me less able to think.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-May-2015 7:01pm  
I think my body, but there is a limit to the physical suffering that I would willingly accept in return for a sound mind.
posted 7-May-2015 3:29am  
Tough question. My mother had dementia/altzheimers, and it was horrible watching her die while still breathing.

With my stroke, I know I lost 20% of my current memory. I also know that altzheimers is the third stage of diabetes. I have diabetes, it's just a matter of time. I know I'm losing my memory, and it is scary.

Hard to answer the question!
posted 7-May-2015 4:52am  
If I had to choose, body. Mind diseases scare the hell out of me, to be healthy and not have any idea who you or anyone else is.
posted 7-May-2015 1:07pm  
My mind is gone oh no""
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-Dec-2017 7:23am  
The longer I work in Geriatrics, the harder this question becomes. If your mind goes first, are you even you any more? If you don't remember your suffering from one hour to the next, is it as bad? If you have advanced dementia, people (doctors, your family) are less likely to recommend aggressive medical treatment. But at the same time, I think it must be like living in a waking nightmare, with constant stress and it is devastating for your family to see. If your body goes first, you have that painful, gradual growing awareness that each day you can do less than the day before. You become aware that your value to society is diminishing. You feel you are not contributing to anything. You feel you are a burden on your family. You watch your loved ones deteriorate and die. You can't do many of the things that once gave you so much pleasure. You lose your independence. You soil yourself. You can't eat solid food and have to drink fluid thickened like wallpaper paste. Food loses its flavour. You have chronic pain and physical deformities. If people notice you at all, they think you're "cute" or a "little old lady". You have no power or control.

I've talked to so many old people who are of sound mind but failing body, who are just "ready". I gently broach the DNAR chat and they laugh and say, "Don't you dare try and bring me back!" Getting old is no barrel of laughs, that's for sure.

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