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multiple16-Dec-1999opiniondoom by votes74961.3%


Would you rather give or receive gifts?

which do you enjoy more, the giving or the receiving?

30I like to give more than I like to receive
26I like them both equally
24It depends on the situation
14It depends on the gift
5I like to receive more than I like to give

posted 16-Dec-1999 2:57pm  
I'm not sure
posted 16-Dec-1999 3:05pm  
I like to give more than receive. I don't know why but for some reason I fell uncomfortable receiving gifts. I love giving gifts.
posted 16-Dec-1999 3:22pm  
I really like to give, but deep down I think I like to get more. It does depend on the situation, tho - I'm generally excited to give people presents on their birthdays but my own doesn't matter a whole lot to me.
posted 16-Dec-1999 6:09pm  
take extreme pleasure in both
posted 17-Dec-1999 11:37am  
I don't like to give on a schedule. I like to give when I find something I think needs giving.
posted 17-Dec-1999 1:33pm  
I'm sorry, I really dislike them both equally... okay, maybe I dislike getting gifts more than giving them. There is so much pressure involved. I have to pick something up for a Yankee Swap this weekend and Bill only knows what I'm going to get.
posted 17-Dec-1999 1:34pm  
And by the way, chicks that look like that don't play those kinds of games.
posted 17-Dec-1999 1:42pm  
drdt: if the gift is for gweepco then little lego sets are the way to go.... ;)
posted 17-Dec-1999 7:04pm  
I like them equally but for different reasons.
posted 18-Dec-1999 7:31pm  
I like to give more than I receive. Though, I usually only give when I have extra money from something that I bought myself.
posted 18-Dec-1999 9:58pm  
drdt: yes we do!
posted 19-Dec-1999 7:53am  
I like to give gifts more than I like to receive. It's a lot of fun to find something special and see the person's reaction when they open the gift.
posted 19-Dec-1999 3:59pm  
I love giving gifts, but I'm always worried that the recipient won't like the present. And I love getting gifts, especially ones that show that the giver gave some real thought to who I am and what I like.
posted 20-Dec-1999 9:28am  
Receiving gifts is painful for me. I hate the ritual of "Oooh--just what I needed! More Dilbert crap!"

(Just get Grmbrand some Dilbert stuff; He's a techie--he'll love it!)
posted 20-Dec-1999 10:10am  
I surprised myself by having quite a lot of fun picking gifts out this year. Was damn pleased with what I ended up getting too, no duds or cop-outs. Due to most people having other commitments my main Christmas dinner and the bulk of the present giving was done last night, so I've also received some good stuff too :)
posted 20-Dec-1999 10:15am  
grmbrand: I know that feeling all too well :) I am always nervous opening things because a lot of my relatives don't really know me anywhere near as well as they think they do. I'm always happy when they go for the cop-out gift (like a music gift voucher) rather than something they think I'll like... because chances are I won't, or I'll have ten.
posted 21-Dec-1999 1:01am  
grmbrand: I'm looking for pointy-hairs on my head, I hope I didn't get any! :)
posted 21-Dec-1999 6:14am  
I like giving gifts...

I like to create beautiful jewelry to give to others. I like seeing their appreciation and delight in it; I like seeing them wear it.

I like being able to give money where it might help. I like knowing I've brought about others' happiness.

Receiving presents is fun. But more ephemeral, often. I like best those sorts of gifts like notes in which people let me know what I mean to them and in their life...
posted 21-Dec-1999 9:55am  
jonathan: You don't, and that's the kicker--I like my job.
posted 21-Dec-1999 10:03am  
grmbrand: Welcome to the 15% of people who do like their jobs!
posted 22-Dec-1999 12:43pm  
I guess giving, because when I was trying to answer the "best gift you have received" survey I kept thinking of a gift I gave (sort of). A few years ago a friend who I had not seen in many years got married. her sister contacted me and arranged for me to show up at the bridal shower as a surprise. She burst into joyful tears when she saw me, and that is one of my happiest memories.
posted 22-Dec-1999 10:37pm  
i believe it is better to help
posted 23-Dec-1999 3:18am  
It's fun getting gifts, but I actually enjoy giving more than receiving.
posted 23-Dec-1999 11:38am  
I love to give things, but it is nice to get sometimes also. When I get a gift I always feel obligated to give something in return.
posted 23-Dec-1999 8:38pm  
Ah! The law of reciprocity. An ever powerful tool of mind control.
posted 24-Dec-1999 11:21pm  
I'm just a greedy bastard, I guess.
posted 28-Dec-1999 5:38am  
both equally
posted 8-Jan-2000 2:26pm  
I would rather give than receive, but would only like to receive as a gesture of love.
posted 12-Jan-2000 1:29pm  
Love giving & love receiving. Although, I prefer giving tools (to my partner) & getting jewelry!
posted 14-Jan-2000 6:03pm  
I love receiving gifts but feeling how I feel giving them is even better.
Receiving a gift from someone like your child that is real thought out is the best type of gift to receive. You get two in one.

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