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single19-Jul-2007personal preferencesbill Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes48768.9%


Would you rather have a friend who is willing to die for you or willing to kill for you?

18I'd prefer having a friend who is willing to kill for me.
14I'd prefer having a friend who is willing to die for me.

posted 20-Jul-2007 1:25pm  
kill for me... that way I could get rid of those pesky people who annoy me
posted 20-Jul-2007 1:43pm  
I'd rather have a friend who is willing to die for me, I already have friends who would kill for me.
posted 20-Jul-2007 1:49pm  
Kill, definitely.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 20-Jul-2007 1:50pm  
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-Jul-2007 2:12pm  
If I have to choose, kill.

Because that means they'd be willing to protect me... and I don't want anyone sacrificing their life over mine.
posted 20-Jul-2007 2:32pm  
Like I said, I dont want anybody to die. Ugh.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-Jul-2007 2:49pm  
This question is unanswerable to me. I'd have to know the situation and what exactly is being accomplished. Killing or dying for me seems about the same. I don't think I could put those kinds of things in order of preference without a context.
posted 20-Jul-2007 3:13pm  
Kill wink
posted 20-Jul-2007 3:50pm  
I'll go with kill for me. I think I'd feel terrible if someone actually lose their life to protect me. I wouldn't be able to go on to lead a happy life, because I'd feel such guilt. But, I wouldn't want someone who wanted to go around killing anyone who pissed me off. If that happened, there would be a lot of dead people. Just being willing to kill someone to protect me would be good.
posted 20-Jul-2007 6:04pm  
Willing to seems nicer.
posted 20-Jul-2007 7:17pm  
Willing to kill for me.

Actually, now that you mention it, I should start making a list, in case such a friend comes along.
posted 21-Jul-2007 2:07am  
I'd prefer neither but I picked willing to die because just the thought of *anybody* stating "I'd be willing to kill for you" freaks me out.
posted 21-Jul-2007 4:39pm  

"The purpose of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his" -- General Patten
(reply to Pomeranian) posted 21-Jul-2007 4:42pm  
But someone saying they would die for you wouldn't wry smile

Reminds me of a Garbage song.
(reply to southernyankee) posted 21-Jul-2007 9:43pm  
Prince sings it to me all the time, so I am used to it by now.
posted 21-Jul-2007 10:57pm  
If I were in the armed forces I'd want a friend who would be willing to kill for me.
posted 22-Jul-2007 1:18am  
Neither that's a weird friend.
posted 24-Jul-2007 10:59am  
Hmm tough choice there...Both would be very handy to have around... The one to jump in front of any bullets and one to get rid of those I dislike... I guess the kill for me though... That way I can sick him or her on others and clean my list of those who just "have to die" LOL
posted 24-Jul-2007 10:43pm  
I have a friend who will kill for me and they will lose their life
posted 24-Jul-2007 10:45pm  
Just wish I could take these dam kids outside and flush them down the toilet, those little bastards
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 24-Jul-2007 10:54pm  
I want a friend who will do everything I want, exactly how I want it done!!!
posted 25-Jul-2007 1:57pm  
If I had to choose, I would say one who is will to kill for me.
posted 26-Jul-2007 10:03am  
I would do both of these for my family if anybody did bodily harm to them.

I think having a friend die for me would be asking too much. Tho I do have a friend who would do both for me. But, if she were dead, I would feel like crap.
So my answer is kill for me.
posted 1-Aug-2007 6:24pm  
i want a loyal frend that would die for me just as i would die for him i would promly kill for him it matters wut did the other person od kill his mom or make a joke of his mom
posted 4-Aug-2007 6:29pm  
I'd feel responsible if someone died for me. frown So, KILL !
posted 13-Aug-2007 3:25am  
Well...... both, I guess.... one is not exclusive of the other a lot of times.
(reply to southernyankee) posted 13-Aug-2007 3:28am  

> "The purpose of war is not to die for your
> country, but to make the other bastard die
> for his" -- General Patten

I love that quote. And isn't his name spelled 'Patton'?wink

posted 14-Aug-2007 4:22pm  
Great survey, bill
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 16-Aug-2007 3:01pm  
Interesting... a pretty even split.
(reply to Pomeranian) posted 16-Sep-2007 11:30am  
I am referring to the song by Garbage.
posted 12-Apr-2008 9:40pm  
Kill for me, I don't have enough friends nor do I deserve to be died for.

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