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single13-Mar-2006opinionblondie20 by votes47761.4%


Who would you rather have for a boss, a man or woman?

17I have something else to say
11A man
10A woman

posted 14-Mar-2006 3:22am  
I've had bosses who sucked, bosses who were, and everyhting in between. Gender is irrelevant in my experience.
posted 14-Mar-2006 3:57am  
It doesn't matter as long as the manager is a nice, honest and qualified person.
But if there are two equally competent candidates, I prefer a woman.
posted 14-Mar-2006 4:51am  
No preference.
posted 14-Mar-2006 7:22am  
Well I'm a Man so I can take advantage and get paid more for it.
posted 14-Mar-2006 9:33am  
Their gender makes no difference. I have had really bad men AND women bosses. I'd ideally like a very casual, but fair-minded, gay man for a boss, I suppose, but the whole thing depends on their individual personalities. Do they pick on certain employees more than others? Do they have dogy days when they snap at everyone, and other days they are okay? And so on. In fact I'm always surprised when I actually get someone that treats employees like people instead of slaves, and that you can actually talk to without he/she acting like a bullying parent or something.
posted 14-Mar-2006 9:40am  
I've had both. Based on past experiences I would rather have a male boss who is a jerk 100% of the time, than a female boss who is pleasant 75% and psyco beast from hell 25% of the time.
posted 14-Mar-2006 9:55am  
I guess it depends on what the job is....But I would rather have a woman....I find it easier to talk to women than men...Of course they may not understand me because they are a woman...but I can sure try!!
posted 14-Mar-2006 10:36am  
I prefer a woman. Almost every man boss I've had have been jerks.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 14-Mar-2006 12:06pm  
I don't have a preference. I would rather have a good boss.
posted 14-Mar-2006 1:18pm  
I don't care either way. I've had good & bad bosses of either gender.
posted 14-Mar-2006 4:21pm  
I like male bosses. I have never liked having a woman for a boss....sometimes I have trouble with other women....I don't know why.
posted 14-Mar-2006 4:37pm  
I don't know, they both have good parts and bad parts about them.
posted 14-Mar-2006 5:43pm  
Hmm rolls eyes tough one
posted 14-Mar-2006 7:53pm  
It doesn't matter to me.
posted 14-Mar-2006 8:01pm  
I have only had women for bosses, so I can't say. It depends on their personality, not sex.
posted 14-Mar-2006 8:17pm  
I don't really care about my boss's gender, as long as she/he is compassionate, believes in what she/he does and is a good leader.
posted 15-Mar-2006 12:24am  
I don't know. I don't work outside the home.
posted 15-Mar-2006 7:36am  
As long as they're a good boss, I couldn't care less.
(reply to RGirl) posted 15-Mar-2006 6:22pm  
> I have only had women for bosses, so I can't say.
> It depends on their personality, not sex.

You had sex with your bosses!!!????!!!
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 15-Mar-2006 6:23pm  
Yes, I have sex with all my bosses, don't you?
(reply to RGirl) posted 15-Mar-2006 6:24pm  
Just the current one...*blush*
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 15-Mar-2006 7:16pm  
depends on the person really.
(reply to was_Frostbrand) posted 15-Mar-2006 7:35pm  
Hey frosty, I like your new icon.
(reply to LuridHope) posted 15-Mar-2006 8:43pm  
Thanks. A Gilmore Girls fan at MySpace made it.
posted 15-Mar-2006 11:12pm  
posted 16-Mar-2006 9:25am  
It really doesn't matter.
posted 16-Mar-2006 2:56pm  
I don't have a preference.
posted 16-Mar-2006 5:28pm  
A woman
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 18-Mar-2006 9:52am  
A woman
posted 20-Mar-2006 1:48pm  
It depends more on their level of professionalism than their gender. Sadly, the two most horrible bosses I've had were women.
posted 20-Mar-2006 6:56pm  
I would be my own boss.
posted 2-Apr-2006 9:26pm  
I don't have a preference. I've only had one job, so I haven't experienced both yet.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 8-Jan-2018 2:48pm  
I've had both. Indeed, right now my two direct bosses are one of each. Both have their strengths, weaknesses and quirks. I don't know that any of those things are directly related to their gender though. Both my bosses are young (one is my age, because, unlike me, he did medicine straight from school and the other is only five years older) and I think that has a much bigger impact on their leadership style than their genders.

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