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single31-Jul-2003survey centralDunkan unsorted45953.9%


When 'qualifying' a survey, how would you classify your comments?

3I'm a cat -- must pee on everything!
0Although my's I.Q. is lower than my boobies size, I figure I's darn smart an' yuz all needs to know it!
0Nobody can can write a survey better than me; I better make changes so it reads exactly as I would have phrased it!
15I try not to use *pick* or *needs work* unless there are terrible mistakes or it doesn't make sense.
0I couldn't care less and don't make changes -- just mark it as reasonable.
4I couldn't care less and don't even go into 'Unqualified Surveys'
1I've never created a survey and therefore cannot qualify one.
2I don't know. duh!

Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 1-Aug-2003 10:17am  
I almost never participate in qualifying surveys.
posted 1-Aug-2003 10:33am  
It gets annoying when a good survey doesn't qualify because someone didn't use the proper punctuation. Some nit pick everything... I think because they have no power in their real lives and need to flex what little they have here. Others offer quality, constructive advice. So no matter how you look at it - the qualification process is required, I just think some need to take it a little less seriously.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 1-Aug-2003 11:10am  
yes Quadruple Gold Star
posted 1-Aug-2003 11:24am  
I just try to suggest anything I can think of that could make the survey better. Isn't that the point?
(reply to Jody) posted 1-Aug-2003 12:35pm  
Suggestions can be made and still mark it *reasonable*. The point being, if we have a perfectionist among us, hard as that may be to believe, surveys would never qualify. Some people tend to edit things to death. And for what? Do the changes make any "real" difference? Probably not.
posted 1-Aug-2003 2:07pm  
*pick* should be *nitpick*
How the hell did this qualify?
*stamps around glaring*
(reply to FordGuy) posted 1-Aug-2003 2:11pm  
What's annoying is when people who have got as far through life as to be able to operate a computer don't know that "I" is spelt with a capital letter or that sentences end in a period. What is more annoying is when it is simple to fix things yet some survey creators refuse to make their surveys presentable and instead they waste time arguing about it. It's also a worry how many people skip the suggestions made by the spell check then expect their poorly punctuated and spelt "survey" to pass with flying colours.
(reply to Dunkan) posted 1-Aug-2003 2:54pm  
Um, if you've been paying any attention to what I, personally, do in qual, I hardly ever mark anything "needs work" or "hopelessly flawed", even if I have a suggestion for improvement.

That said, as for changes making a real difference, as a usability expert and sometime professional survey designer, excellence and conciseness in survey design is something that is professionally desirable in my field. When I design a survey, why wouldn't I want it to be as well-written, unbiased, clear, inclusive, and inviting as possible, whether here or elsewhere? I certainly don't believe everybody has to think this way, but I really can't help wanting surveys to be great, and provide feedback in qual based on that.
(reply to mandy) posted 1-Aug-2003 3:58pm  
*pick*, *pick*, *pick wink
(reply to Jody) posted 1-Aug-2003 4:00pm  
No, I haven't been following your comments in the qualifying category. But, wow shock, with those qualifications, I have to look up some of your past surveys!
posted 1-Aug-2003 4:10pm  
I tend to gauge it by the overall qualification mood at the time. If everyone seems to be picky about some issue, I'll go with that. I like to think that I make my criticisms more constructive than some. I will put more effort into suggesting alternate phrases and such. I try not to simply leave a criticism without offering a suggestion. Sometimes I will defend the *survey creator* against unreasonable criticisms.
posted 1-Aug-2003 4:19pm  
I very rarly participate in Qual, and thats only out of "guilt". I have a tendency to see qual as Jury Duty. Sometimes I go in there, but most of the time I just vote resonable or dog about something else.

I know that people there are extremely picky yet somehow often miss the most obvious mistakes, and their advice is nothing more than doging about either A) spelling, B) grammer, C) stylistic issues, or D) oh wait, thats about it. I have yet to see them give anyone any constructive advice on how to better word their survey, or how the options should be organized or any of that usefull stuff. But then again, do I really have a right to complain, since I dont participate that much.
(reply to Jody) posted 1-Aug-2003 4:23pm  
Question: In your survey about age and gender appropriate, wouldn't you say that 'gender appropriate' was pretty much a biased qualifier? speck and log, to quote our brilliant laughing out loud president.
posted 1-Aug-2003 4:38pm  
I think I am very fair in qualification. I do mark some needs work and offer suggestions when it hasn't already been said by everyone else. If I see a survey in qual that everyone else has marked needs work or wees then I usually just skip over that one.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 1-Aug-2003 4:55pm  
I try to be fair, but occasionally I know I can be overly nitpicky. I do try to use nitpick for little things though, rather than needs work.
posted 1-Aug-2003 5:54pm  
I use nitpick and needs work when it's needed. I don't think I've ever used hopelessly flawed.
(reply to FordGuy) posted 1-Aug-2003 7:00pm  
Everybody has power in their own lives.It doesn't have to be employment related. Most people DO NOT use their power in their everyday life.
posted 1-Aug-2003 7:02pm  
Why isn't there a "grading system" element to these surveys, like "film reviews", after a survey is finished. There needs to be a grading committee made of senior SC buddies (or me), of course!
(reply to mandy) posted 1-Aug-2003 7:03pm  
laughing out loud
(reply to Dunkan) posted 1-Aug-2003 7:07pm  
I'm interested to know what is going on in your personal life that has caused you, at this time, to choose this survey. The word "Qualification" is circling around you on many different levels. School? Job promotion? Loan??? AA speaker????? Hmmmmmm......
posted 1-Aug-2003 7:09pm  
I've never really done it, come to think of it. But...WATCH OUT...I'm going to start................................................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 1-Aug-2003 8:03pm  
this list is too restrictive. I offer constructive criticism. Sometime I don't even bother voting if two or more have said the same thing. Why add to it?
(reply to Richard47) posted 1-Aug-2003 11:20pm  
School, no; Job promotion, I run a very large company; loan, I did just refinance two of my houses; AA speaker, never had a blackout smile. I was just amazed at the control people here try to impose on each other. But, the Bob Hope survey was totally an eye opener to understand who's participating. Going forward, I'll play nice with them.
(reply to Dunkan) posted 1-Aug-2003 11:51pm  
Stick with me, kid...I'll show ya the ropes!
(reply to Richard47) posted 2-Aug-2003 9:21am  
posted 2-Aug-2003 10:57am  
I classify most of my comments as fair and helpful. I am sure there have been exceptions.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Aug-2003 11:59pm  
I just vote the way everyone does and say "WEES".
(reply to Dunkan) posted 3-Aug-2003 11:04am  
Do you still live in Hollywood?
(reply to Richard47) posted 4-Aug-2003 12:36pm  
I have three houses in Hollywood -- Larchmont Village, one house in Big Bear and one house in Manhattan Beach. I spend most of my time in Hollywood.
(reply to Dunkan) posted 4-Aug-2003 12:44pm  
Sounds like "The Three Faces of Eve". Why not Bel-Air, Aspen and and Cannes? (Why so close?) I assume you rent out your property, so are a "landlord" opposed to residing in these homes when the whim invites you to.
posted 4-Aug-2003 3:52pm  
Yes, I'm a landlord - but, I keep the Big Bear house for myself along with one home in Hollywood. For a while we kept the house in Manhattan Beach for weekends, but that wasn't financially smart -- it's rented now.
posted 6-Aug-2003 3:39am  
the fourth one
posted 13-Aug-2006 11:12pm  
I give suggestions but I don't give needs work or nitpick votes.

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