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multiple25-May-2005personal habitsCuriouswriter by votes55750.0%


Is it proper etiquette to leave an unused bathroom door open or closed?

My sister leaves the bathroom door open in the house and I don't think it should be even though no one is in there. I don't think people want to see the open bathroom and only want to know where it is when they ask. I don't think it should be left open for people to see your bathroom though. That's a private place and not good manners to leave the door wide open when no one is in there.

So when a bathroom is not in use, do you think the door should be open or closed?

23Doesn't matter.
7Is there an etiquette to bathroom doors?
0No, it is bad manners to leave the bathroom door open in your house when not in use.

posted 25-May-2005 11:11pm  
I checked "doesn't matter" although it is bad feng shui to leave a bathroom door open. smiley:::wink
posted 25-May-2005 11:13pm  
It doesn't really matter. I think open makes more sense, so people know closed = someone's in there. They wouldn't have to knock.
posted 26-May-2005 12:17am  
I think it should be open...that way you know if someone is in there or not. But then, I'm not shy about bathroom practices. I go to the bathroom with the door open.
posted 26-May-2005 1:52am  
Manners are overrated.
posted 26-May-2005 7:58am  
Doesn't matter.
posted 26-May-2005 7:59am  
...however........I do admit that I like the idea of keeping the bathroom door closed, I just never considered it before.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 26-May-2005 8:27am  
I think bathroom doors should be left open when not in use. I don't see why it would be offensive to see an open bathroom. It's practical to leave it open when not in use, so people who might need to use it can quickly see it's in use. Also, an open door helps air thing out if needed. I have some friends who seem to be in the habit of leaving the door closed. This put me off a bit (I thought someone might be in there), but I adapted. I guess I'd rather not have to knock and/or lock the door when I'm in there.
posted 26-May-2005 9:11am  
I suppose either closed or nearly closed. At home I leave the door closed because I don't want to look at the bathroom. At work, I leave it open a little, so you can tell it isn't in use.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 26-May-2005 9:14am  
I think it's ridiculous to leave it closed. Then you have to knock or try opening it if someone's in there. Plus, it'll smell bad.

I don't see what's so bad about being able to see someone's bathroom.
posted 26-May-2005 10:57am  
I guess, closed?.......... but I am not obsessive about it
posted 26-May-2005 11:09am  
Does the toilet paper go over facing the room, or reversed so that it's closer to the wall?
(A long debated question on Miss Manners)

Who cares? If you have cats & that's where the litter pan is, you damn well better leave the door open & have the toilet paper so that you have to pull "under" otherwise the cat will unravel & shred the TP, or crap on the hallway floor. smiley:::raspberry

If a bathroom door is closed, then I don't attempt to enter as I assume that it's occupied, but that's just me.

Then again, when I had my puppy, she was 1/2 water buffalo, & would insist on drinking all the water, any water that was available, so we made a point to keep the door closed... the toilet "lid" had broken off.
RainingFeathers This user is on the site NOW (8 minutes ago)
posted 26-May-2005 12:05pm  
I always leave the bathroom door open when I'm not using it. If the door is closed, I assume someone is inside.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-May-2005 12:25pm  
Open, so it has a chance to air out! And to avoid someone not being sure if it's being used. I think it's really weird to close the bathroom door when you're done using it, personally.
We have two bathrooms--one for just the toilet, and the other for the sink, tub, and shower. In addition to the annoyance of having to go into another room to wash your hands, the toilet-room is really, really small. It gets very stuffy if you don't leave the door open. Optimally, the door and the window in it are both left open.
posted 26-May-2005 1:33pm  
Open. That way you will know if someone is in there or not.
posted 26-May-2005 1:37pm  
I don't believe it matters.
posted 26-May-2005 2:11pm  
i think it should be open and then people know that it isn't in use!!!
(reply to leahdoll) posted 26-May-2005 2:14pm  
i agree you should always leave the bathroom door open then people know whether you are using it or not!!
posted 26-May-2005 4:12pm  
There is no option for ajar.

To me open means wide open, which I would never do. I wouldn't leave it closed either, since closed means that there is someone in there.
(reply to Curiouswriter) posted 26-May-2005 6:24pm  
This has got to be one of the stupidest questions I've been asked. Unless the bathroom is absolutely filthy, why should it matter if someone sees it or not? They know you have a bathroom, don't they? The only time I shut my bathroom door is if I have a b.m. and it's smelly and then I turn on the exhaust fan and shut the door for awhile to vent out the odor.
posted 26-May-2005 9:53pm  
I think if it still stinks like crap when you are done, you should close the door and turn the light off. Otherwise, keep it slightly ajar.
posted 26-May-2005 10:38pm  
Doesn't matter. Stop being fussy. You may have a point, but you should only enforce it on yourself.
posted 27-May-2005 5:52am  
It really doesn't matter.
(reply to Matty) posted 27-May-2005 5:53pm  
> I think if it still stinks like crap when you are done, you should
> close the door and turn the light off. Otherwise, keep it slightly
> ajar.

See, I hate it when people do that! It will air out much faster if you spray some kind of air freshener or deodorizer and crack the door at least a little.

(reply to leahdoll) posted 27-May-2005 5:55pm  
yeah, but I hate walking past the bathroom and smelling someone else's turds.
(reply to Matty) posted 27-May-2005 5:58pm  
Well, I don't exactly like it either, but the whole idea is to get rid of the stench as quickly as possible! smiley:::grin
(reply to leahdoll) posted 27-May-2005 6:08pm  
couldn't you just shut the door and turn on the exhaust fan?
posted 28-May-2005 2:19am  
slightly opened, other wise it seems occupied
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-May-2005 9:08am  
Doesn't matter.

I'm really surprised this one made it through... the first option doesn't match the question, and there is a clear bias in the explanation.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 28-May-2005 9:11am  
Are they right next to one another?
posted 28-May-2005 1:12pm  
It depends on if your bathroom is nice and clean, or filthy and ugly.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to they) posted 28-May-2005 1:33pm  
Yes. They both open onto the hall. I guess this configuration is fairly common in San Francisco apartments. I've only been inside a few other apartments here, and one of them has the same thing. On the one hand, it's nice that I can still pee if someone's in the shower. But it's still mostly kind of weird and inconvenient.
posted 28-May-2005 1:37pm  
To me, it doesn't matter. But, if the door is closed, it usually means, either, the window is open, or someone is using the bathroom. The bathroom reaks, however, if you always have the door closed.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (3 minutes ago)
posted 29-May-2005 4:00am  
I think it depends on what is normal in that home. In my family home, our toilet is upstairs so people just popping around wouldn't normally be seeing it unless they needed to use it. And we didn't have a lock put on it until I requested one when I was about 14 and my brothers held a roleplaying group every Saturday (i.e. lots of young boys in the house). We had a family understanding that it the door was open, there was no-one in there, if it was shut, there was someone in there. That worked fine for family but hard to explain to guests. Now there is a lock, I suppose we could have it shut all the time, but it's a tiny bathroom and it might be rather disconcerting to have someone keep trying the door while you're otherwise engaged...we leave it open.

Here (uni) some people leave the bathroom door open, others shut it. Mostly when I pass by it's open though so I'm quite happy to leave it open as well.
posted 30-May-2005 9:47am  
Doesn't matter to me, but I do know who someone who insists on it being shut. Actually, now I'm thinking about it, I prefer it to be half closed, just pulled to. Infact, I really don't like it to be completely closed as someone will think someone's in there.
posted 1-Jun-2005 6:49pm  
as long as the seats down, its alllllll good
posted 10-Jun-2005 11:52am  
Damn. I hate it when someone leaves my bathroom door unused.
posted 20-Jun-2005 3:45am  
Open, so other people know the bathroom is unoccupied without having to knock (I think that's embarrassing).
posted 9-Jun-2006 11:27pm  
If someone has just used the bathroom & did a poo, then the door should be closed to prevent the spread of the odor. Other than that, you can leave it opened or close it, whatever suits you. I have never heard of any type of bathroom etiquette involving unused bathrooms.
posted 20-Aug-2006 5:53pm  
When isn't a door a door? When it's ajar.
At my home the door is left open unless someone is using it, then the door is closed.

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