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multiple22-May-2017politics/religionJessicaWoman99 by votes21150.0%


Should President Trump get impeached if found guilty of obstruction?

President Trump fired James Comey during an F.B.I. investigation of Russia and revealed Classified information to the Russians in the Oval office.

4Depends on the investigation

posted 22-May-2017 3:20pm  
Uhhh, I think you have the question backwards. First comes the impeachment and then the trial where he may or may not be found guilty.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-May-2017 5:35pm  
I would think if he was going to get impeached, it would be long before a criminal case could be brought and guilty verdict handed down (which would probably take a couple of years).
posted 22-May-2017 7:32pm  

But the better question is, should he be found guilty of obstruction in the first place? I am kinda 50/50 on that. I mean I've watched so many countless cheesy Law-and-Order episodes to the point where "Obstruction of Justice" just sounds like one of those made up fake crimes police like to throw around because they got nothing.

I mean seriously. Obstruction of Justice? Is that like really a thing?

(correction. Yeah, thats right, where is my mind. Impeachment is the bringing up charges part. Not the actual conviction.)
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-May-2017 12:11pm  
For obstruction of justice, sure, if he's guilty of it. Just general obstruction isn't illegal. Also, revealing classified information is unlikely to be related to obstruction of justice and is within the president's rights.
posted 23-May-2017 3:32pm  
Yes if President Trump is guilty as charged
posted 23-May-2017 8:17pm  
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 28-May-2017 9:03am  
Within his rights but not necessarily wise, considering how we will be viewed by the rest of the world and those supplying us with the information!!
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-May-2017 9:08am  
Actually, he will be impeached and then he/they will be found guilty of collusion with the Russians to affect the US election and with money ties to the Russian oligarchs/Putin. Then we will be left with Pence and/or Ryan which will in some sense almost worse................. JMHO!
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to jettles) posted 29-May-2017 10:30am  
I don't think I'd characterize anything he's done as wise. I'm just pointing out that he won't be in any legal trouble for sharing that classified information.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 30-May-2017 2:37pm  
It would be better if both political sides moved away from these efforts to disqualify their opponents. We spend too much time in hearings and courts with our elected officials. Elections are undermined by this shift in power away from the democratic process. Our country is weakened and distracted by it. Clearly, government officials need to be scrutinized and held accountable to the law. But, we're out of control at this point and it's hurting us.
posted 31-May-2017 8:42am  
I completely agree Bill. And not just because you run this joint. grin
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 31-May-2017 5:44pm  
LOL, I know.....
posted 1-Jun-2017 4:26pm  
The United States of America spinning out of control we are all doomed
posted 15-Jul-2017 5:04pm  
Why yes indeed

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