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Should prepubescent girls' swimming suits have tops?

There is just something about being female in our society that "demands" having one's top covered. Since prepubescent (before puberty) girls have no more on their top than boys, should their suits still have tops due to pure female-ness?

19Yes, they should have tops
15No, they should not have tops

posted 20-Apr-2002 11:24pm  
It depends on how the kid feels. Before I developed breasts I was apathetic about it, sometimes I swam topless, sometimes I didn't. If I did, it was because I was cold, not because what society thought. I was shocked to find out that someone tried to sue "Sesame Street" because they showed a delightful musical segment about "In the Bath" which I happened to see. Since it doesn't strike me as a big deal whether or not little girls don't have a shirt on (as long as it was in an innocent format, which it was) I didn't remember that a two-year-old was shown topless and splashing idly. But the people that filed the suit (with the usual tactless oblivion that should shame America) claimed that it was "Lolita"-esque. Personally, the day "Sesame Street" has lecherous producers is the day we should just take our lives. What utter bullcrap.
posted 21-Apr-2002 1:01am  
I don't mind either way. I never wore a top at the beach when I was a little girl in England.
posted 21-Apr-2002 1:59am  
When girls are still in diapers I don't see a problem with them not wearing a top. But, after that, I think they should. It is all about modesty.
posted 21-Apr-2002 2:36am are kids, they dont need tops. anyone who would lood at a child in a sexual way would do it weather or now they have a top on or not
posted 21-Apr-2002 3:33am  
I never had a top until 7.Until 3 or 4 I was fully naked.I start wearing tops at 7 or 8.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 21-Apr-2002 9:19am  
I don't really care one way or the other. Whatever the parents and kids prefer, I guess.
posted 21-Apr-2002 9:50am  
"There is just something about being female in our society that "demands" having one's top covered."
The poor little kid might feel uncomfortable without it (I did).
But if the kid wants to go topless, she should (and so should the women)!
posted 21-Apr-2002 10:51am  
Yes, they should have tops...just because.
posted 21-Apr-2002 12:19pm  
I have no opinion. I don't really think it matters one way or the other.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 21-Apr-2002 1:05pm  
I don't think it's a matter of *should* - I think it's down to personal choice. If a girl (or her parent) wants to put her a costume without a top then they can buy a boy's swimming trunks. When I was small I wore my older brother's hand-me downs.
posted 21-Apr-2002 2:28pm  
Since when do girls suits not have tops???????
In the States they do!
posted 21-Apr-2002 3:29pm  
Should prepubescent boys' swimming suits have bottoms?
posted 21-Apr-2002 3:31pm  
It would be nice if women could go topless the way men do without anyone leering or thinking anything of it but, unfortunately, our society has made that impossible. Under the circumstances, I think it's a good idea for girls over the age of 5 or so to wear their swim suit tops in public, but I don't really care one way or the other.
(reply to Oscar) posted 21-Apr-2002 3:31pm  
laughing out loud
posted 21-Apr-2002 7:06pm  
No. Why should they? There is no more there than there is with little boys, so why should there be a problem?
posted 21-Apr-2002 8:23pm  
I think it's purely up to the girl. If she feels comfortable going without a top and isn't being hassled by some ignorant git, let her do what she wants to do. In downtown Eugene it is perfectly legal for women to go topless. Just thought you might like to know that! smiley:::winking raspberry
posted 22-Apr-2002 7:16am  
Yes, but only so they can dress like older gals. I don't care one way or another. In my hometown it was nearly the norm to do without.
What cracks me up are the girls who get embarassed and hide their head in their skirt. I suppose they all wear pants lately. I don't seem to see too many kids anymore. I wonder if that's the locale (LA, CA), the times, or they just don't manifest or get noticed now that my kids aren't kids.
(reply to confetti) posted 22-Apr-2002 7:26am  
That's insane. What if they find pedophiles also have a high instance of foot fetishes, do we stop showing feet? Better yet, let's just ban showing 2 year olds entirely. I'd hate to think how those diaper commercials are affecting them. This planet gets wierder every year.
posted 22-Apr-2002 7:44am  
No, don't create a complex when their is none needed. I can't say I have ever looked at a young girl child and thought 'Oh my god she's showing her breasts'. I have however saw some girls with top bikini bits and been quite shocked at how they have been tarted up to look way beyond their age.

I think its a rights of passage thing. The day your daughter says she has to have a top now as she is not a little girl. (Even if she doesn't need one)
posted 22-Apr-2002 7:57am  
yeah, because of the fact that there are some wierdos in this world, unfortunately, who get off on such a site.
i don't like the idea of instilling "gender" specific roles on our children, but really sometimes we have to in order to protect them and their innocence
posted 22-Apr-2002 9:54am  
I think it is up to a child's parents to decide if and when it is time to observe societal practices.
posted 22-Apr-2002 10:53am  
Yes, and why not?! I was about 7 or 8 years old when I started "developing". When would be the right time to start wearing tops, then? People's definition of "prepubescent" might vary a little and you know that if when I was 7 years old and if I went around topless, first of all, I would have felt really embarassed, and 2nd, someone would have made a big deal of "that little girl with no top on". Why even make it an option for little girls to go around with out a topless? That would just cause more problems than it's even worth.
(reply to mimind) posted 22-Apr-2002 10:58am  
So, let's just say that we have a girl someday. And she takes after her Mom and develops early. Should she run around topless just like her other friends the same age who aren't developing yet? I highly doubt that you would let your 7 year old, or at any age, go around topless in public. Just like justjulie said "i don't like the idea of instilling "gender" specific roles on our children, but really sometimes we have to in order to protect them and their innocence"
(reply to moonstone) posted 22-Apr-2002 11:39am  
that's so funny...for i was going to throw that out there at him...

if ethan was a girl, i know his answer would change ina heartbeat!
i mean, really...let's say you've got a 4 year old daughter and you all go to a public beach. she's topless and running around having fun just like a child should..but then...a big creep starts looking at your kid! i don't mean the "mother" and "father" look, i mean, the LOOK...then what? i'm sure that mimind would shove that guy's eyes so far down his throat....

i mean, it's different if your kid goes topless at home or at a private place of some sort, but i just don't think that it's "right" to go that way in public....i know you know what i meansmiley:::smile
posted 22-Apr-2002 1:58pm  
It's a matter of personal choice. Whatever the kid feels comfortable with. I don't think society should be placing "demands" like that on pre-pubescent girls or boys.

But then I'm used to being on holiday in an atmosphere where nakedness is not seen as dirty either for adults or children.
(reply to justjulie) posted 22-Apr-2002 4:48pm  
E X A C T L Y !!!!!
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 22-Apr-2002 5:10pm  
And wierder and wierder
(reply to mimind) posted 22-Apr-2002 7:23pm  
Vacationing on the Riviera I went topless for the first time and I was amazed by how natural it felt after only a short time. Not that its possible to change a culture so much, but maybe we have it backward. Maybe if we weren't so busy hiding womens bodies prepubescent girls could be less awkward with their development. Women and girls could bring a top to the beach and wear it if we felt like it.
I agree with mimind that pedophilia is not a function of how covered or uncovered we keep our children.
posted 22-Apr-2002 8:30pm  
Both options should be available, just as there should be both options available for women. Both options ARE available, so what's the big deal?
(reply to glinda) posted 22-Apr-2002 10:24pm  
thank you wife seems to disagree with me.
(reply to mimind) posted 23-Apr-2002 1:29am  
I agree with you too...I was always uncovered as a child(in Europe)and I turned out just....uh...well....

posted 23-Apr-2002 9:40am  
point to consider

The survey creator clearly states that they mean when little girls 'have no more on top than boys'. We aren't really talking about 'topless' in a dangly breast kind of way. We talking about being flat and young.
posted 23-Apr-2002 7:48pm  
Whatever....... as long as they don't have bewbs, who cares?
posted 23-Apr-2002 10:33pm  
posted 22-Jun-2006 5:12pm  
Let Them Go Toplessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 21-Dec-2006 4:34pm  
Since a little girl is exactly the same above the waist as a little boy, it is a truly ridiculous custom that requires her to wear a top, even at the beach.
posted 21-Mar-2007 5:00am  
Growing up I always found it silly to see little girls covering thier tops. I still think it pointless.
posted 21-Nov-2007 8:26pm  
I live in Wales, and I went topless on the beach until I was about 8 or 9, and that was just normal. After that I wore a one-piece swimsuit, so it was never an issue anyway. But recently I have seen several little girls (as old as 6 or 7) at beaches and spray-parks just wearing a bikini TOP and no bottoms at all! That looks wrong - what are their parents thinking?
posted 27-May-2008 11:44am  
No, I don't think that prepubescent girls should have to wear bathing suit tops because they don't have breasts yet. They have no more up top than boys do.The only reason they wear tops is because their mothers do. Let kids be kids. Let them worry about puberty and bras later. If we stop trying to hide the female body, young girls will be a lot less self conscience when puberty begins. The vast majority of people aren't perverts and we can't be running scared and covering up little girls bodies just for the minority of people.

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