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single22-Jun-1998food/drinkdoom by votes541552.8%


Which do you prefer?

5Miracle Whip
3Mayonnaise with some foods but Miracle Whip with others

posted 22-Jun-1998 3:05pm  
Ah, the essential questions of life. But the response curve is totally thrown off by the inclusion of mustard on the list. I have definite feelings one way or the other on the subject of mayo vs. Miracle Whip. But if I have to choose between a real-or-simulated mayo and mustard, I've got to go with mustard. Mayo is primarily for moisture, while mustard is a flavor thing. And although using enough mustard to provide equivalent moisture content is usually spicyness overkill, I'd rather have a dry flavorful sandwich than a moist bland one. So now this opens up the whole mustard issue: brown, yellow, white wine, etc...
posted 22-Jun-1998 4:09pm  
mustard AND mayonnaise made with safflower or canola oil instead of soybean oil.
posted 22-Jun-1998 4:09pm  
Honey mustard
posted 22-Jun-1998 4:14pm  
Miracle Whip. There is no other possibility.
posted 22-Jun-1998 5:08pm  
No Miracle Whip! Eeeewwwwww! I'll eat mayonnaise, but prefer 'salad dressing, generic' or light mayonnaise. In squeeze tube/bottle, if available, but I haven't found any around here. And for sandwiches in general, mustard is more important than mayo.
posted 22-Jun-1998 5:08pm  
I always use Miracle Whip. *** Lizzie, I wanted you to pick which you would rather have above the others. I have got to agree with you on Hellmanns, it tastes icky. *** ron I figured I would throw in mustard to avoid the complaints from people who only use mustard. *** daver, Miracle Whip is salad dressing, it says so on the label.
posted 22-Jun-1998 5:09pm  
Miracle Whip or store brand "salad dressing" mayonnaise
posted 22-Jun-1998 5:14pm  
it'd have to be mayonnaise.. but I don't use it in anything other than tuna or egg salad...
posted 22-Jun-1998 5:54pm  
Miracle whip is an abomination.
posted 22-Jun-1998 5:55pm  
Salad dressing.
**doom: But the inverse is not necessarily true and is not true in my particular case.
posted 22-Jun-1998 7:19pm  
Mustard. Mayo is OK but my SO hates it with a passion so I've learned to adjust.
posted 23-Jun-1998 9:38am  
Multiple Choice! These days, I use mustard over all others, because it is lowest in fat. I also use Miracle Whip, but I've cut down. I don't like mayonnaise, and Hellmanns can kiss my big ol' white butt. *smooooch!*
**doom: I know, but depending on the food item, I will choose mustard over mayonnaise, and vice versa. That's why I cried for multiple choice. :) For tuna, I'd never use mustard, but I would never use Miracle Whip for ham&cheese.
**bill: doesn't one have eggs in it, and the other does not?
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (3 minutes ago)
posted 23-Jun-1998 12:57pm  
Ever look at the ingredients of Mayo vs. Miracle Whip - not very different...
*** Liz, I'm not sure. I thought it was more that one had more vinegar than the other (both had a little egg and a ton of vegetable oil). I should check... Hey, did you ever see them make it on TV with one of those hand-held blending devices. You take a jar of oil, drop an egg in it - then blend! I think vinegar and salt are also usually added... (I'm just full of speculative half-assed bits of info today)
posted 23-Jun-1998 7:34pm  
...and mustard with still others.
posted 23-Jun-1998 11:23pm  
ain't nothin' like the real thing Baby!
posted 24-Jun-1998 3:52pm  
..and Best Foods at that (Helman's in the East).
posted 24-Jun-1998 11:53pm  
Yuk, neither. Ptooie, gross. No offense.
posted 26-Jun-1998 1:44pm  
Other would probably be my first choice, but on foods that absolutely require lubrication (post thanksgiving turkey sandwiches, tuna salad, etc.) Miracle Whip is my first choice. The only application I have for mayo is things like coleslaw and potato salad where it's less of a flavor and more of a binder.
posted 27-Jun-1998 7:40am  
You forgot "Nayonaise" or other brands of tofu-based/veggie spreads.
mustard can die now.
I prefer oil on my subs when I get them at a real sub shop.
posted 28-Jun-1998 1:04am  
Helmann's mayonnaise is the only spread for me, although i often put both helmann's and mustard on my ham sandwiches
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 28-Jun-1998 10:48am  
Mustard. Preferably Honey Mustard or Maple Mustard or a whole grain kinda chewy mustard. The only time I'll use mayonnaise is on leftover-turkey sandwiches and that's cause of bad imprinting when I was a kid. Oh, or I'll eat it in ham salad too. Same thing, though, bad imprinting. It's pretty easy to make mayonnaise. Soy... MUSTARD?? What's the point? What's the nasty ingredient in mustard you're replacing with soy?
posted 29-Jun-1998 10:35pm  
I prefer mustard not just on sandwiches but also in prepared foods (tuna salad) whose recipes ordinarily call for mayo.

Jen: Westbrae makes a soy mustard. (well, mustard with soy sauce in it, not quite the same idea)

posted 10-Jul-1998 8:09pm  
Mayonnaise with some foods but Mustard with others, and Miracle Whip only for special purposes...
posted 15-Jul-1998 11:05am  
I prefer Miracle Whip to Mayonnaise (probably because that's what we used in my house when I was a kid). Whether I use one of these or Mustard depends on what sort of sandwich, and what I'm in the mood for.
posted 16-Jul-1998 11:20pm  
I LOVE mustard. So many great types out there to try. We were camping out in Europe with friends many years ago & every time we got near a city well known for its mustard, we had to buy mustard. I cannot live without it, but have a relative who loathes it & I think she is missing out!
posted 3-Aug-1998 5:15pm  
May and mustard, particularly in tuna salad and on deli sandwiches. Miracle Whip is a last resort.
posted 21-Aug-1998 12:05pm  
I can't eat mustard because it makes me sick. But I do like it.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-Jul-2008 12:32pm  
You're all a bunch of flying mustards
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Oct-2011 2:07pm  
Salad cream.

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