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Are you a Potentate of the Rose?

That is, do you know how to work out the correct answer in the game, "Petals Around The Rose"?

If you haven't seen the game before, it's on the web in many different places. Here are a couple in Javascript and Flash for you to try out:

(The second of these sites also has an interesting story of how Bill Gates became a Potentate of the Rose)

2Yes, I already was before seeing this survey smiley:::raspberry
11I wasn't before, but I am now smiley:::smile
3No, I can't figure it out smiley:::dead face
15No, I can't be bothered to try and figure it out smiley:::yawn
1I have some other comment to make on this subject smiley:::rolls eyes

posted 28-May-2004 4:43pm  
posted 28-May-2004 4:43pm  
i can't figure it out!
posted 28-May-2004 4:45pm  
posted 28-May-2004 5:12pm  
Thanks, I think I'll pass.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-May-2004 5:16pm  
I am now. Saw the survey in qual and checked out the first link. Spent about half an hour trying to do it completely wrong last night and then cracked it today in about 15 minutes when I thought about it in a slightly more lateral way. But I will not give away how to do it!
(reply to Biggles) posted 28-May-2004 5:19pm  
I did the same thing. I struggled with it until I took a little break and came back to it. When I returned to it, I got it right away.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to LindaH) posted 28-May-2004 5:24pm  
Just about looking at it in a different way - and then it's so obvious! smiley:::grin
posted 28-May-2004 5:28pm  
posted 28-May-2004 6:21pm  
I did it! Does that make me less smart?
posted 28-May-2004 6:31pm  
OMG I'll never figure this out!
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-May-2004 6:44pm  
Jayne knelt down beside her cowering son and gently but firmly pulled the rose from his grasp. It was a soft yellow thing, open and sweet smelling. She could see why her son had wanted it, but she could not prevent a shiver from running down her spine when she thought of the consequences of it being plucked.

Jayne looked down at her son. His gaze was miserably cast up at her face but was hurriedly removed to the ground when she looked at him. She stroked his hair in an attempt to calm him and he began to sob.

Jayne cast a look over her shoulder at her new neighbour's garden, the source of the problem rose. It had been the first bloom on the bush and Jayne had overheard her neighbour proudly telling his friends that he intended to include it in his daughter's wedding bouquet at the weekend. She looked again at the rose. It had clearly been clutched in her son's sweaty palms for too long. While it retained something of its sweet beauty, it looked slightly sad with its bent stalk and a few torn petals.

Jayne loved her son, but wished he didn't make things so difficult for her. This was her dream home and the last few days since she had moved in had been wonderful. She'd hoped to avoid the uncomfortable stares of her neighbours when they saw her son. This was supposed to be a new start, somewhere where she could hide him indoors for most of the day and keep him from getting in trouble, but it wasn't to be.

Jayne stood, and still holding the rose, walked to her neighbour's fence. She had heard him opening his back door and she waited for him to emerge into the garden. She held out her hand to her son and he came to clutch it and lay a warm kiss on her cheek. In that moment, she realised that her son must always come first, just as he always had. Her love for him could not be damaged by the unkind stares of strangers.

So it was that Jayne's neighbour found them. The resolute centenarian Jayne, clutching the hand of her elderly and senile son while staring sadly at the once-beautiful and now wilting rose that she held out for him to see.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-May-2004 6:46pm  
Sorry, trying to be vaguely rose-related. Just entered that in a competition to win a rose. Terrible and smiley:::dead face as it is, I think I judged the competition site right though! (BTW, in the "ancient lovers language of the rose" and open yellow rose is supposed to mean "Don't you love me anymore?" Just to add to the cheesiness smiley:::wink)
posted 28-May-2004 7:30pm  
I didn't have the time to work it out.
posted 28-May-2004 8:18pm  

it only took me 2 minutes
that means i am dumb, since it said the smarter you are the longer it will take to figure out.
(reply to leahdoll) posted 28-May-2004 8:19pm  
i guess thats 2 of us.
posted 28-May-2004 10:12pm  
i am now thanks to my brother
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 29-May-2004 6:36am  
I got it right away... but it says, "the smarter you were, the longer it took to figure it out."
So, I guess I'm an idiot. smiley:::frown
posted 29-May-2004 9:32am  
posted 29-May-2004 12:22pm  
Funny Bill Gates story.
Maddening puzzle - I can't even begin to figure it out.>smiley:::frown Finally, confirmation that I am a genius.laughing out loud
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 29-May-2004 5:15pm  
Yes, I figured it out just now. I got it immediately--it's kind of lamely easy.
posted 31-May-2004 10:19am  
When I was a sophomore in high school two freshman tormented me with this game for several mornings and wouldn't tell me the solution. After reading Biggles' descriptive text, I was able to figure it out.
posted 31-May-2004 10:58pm  
wow... i didn't know that i couldn't figure it out b/c i'm smart...... i still am not happy about it! how does it work???? ahhhh! *rips out hair*
(reply to bill) posted 31-May-2004 11:49pm  
me too!
posted 10-Jun-2004 1:34pm  
Not before reading this survey...

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