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multiple12-Apr-2003dreamssrflorida unsorted47855.7%


How does your Personality Type affect your dreams? (Based on Keirsey Temperments)

To determine if people of different personality types tend to have different types of dreams and how often. Please check one personality type and all dream choices that apply to you.

12Rational -Thinking Cool Headed Personality- Likes to solve problems
20Idealist -Caring and Nurturing Personality- Tries to resolve conflict
6Artisan -Artistic and Entertainer Personality - Singer, Dancer, Artist or Promoter
7Guardian -Protector and Stabilizer Personality - Likes to supervise and ensure needs are met.
20I dream in vivid colors
3I dream in black and white
3 I have many dreams but I rarely remember them
9I have many dreams and I remember them in detail
16I have many dreams and I sometimes remember them
2I have dreams on occasion but I always remember them
4I have dreams on occasion, but I rarely remember them
0I don't have dreams
3I rarely have dreams
5I have premonitions when I dream
2I am not sure how I dream

posted 14-Apr-2003 12:21am  
I'm all the Kiersey types. I rarely dream and recall in vivid detail.
posted 14-Apr-2003 6:52am  
I dream in colour but rarely remember them. I keep trying to get around to working on training myself to remember dreams and keep a dream diary. You can do this!

As for the personality types I really don't know the answer to this.
posted 14-Apr-2003 7:39am  
Well, I'm kind of a cross of Idealist and Artisan. I often dream (I just had a nightmare), and it's in colour, doesn't have to be vivid, and I remember details of it.
posted 14-Apr-2003 7:44am  
Erm, in my dreams I often resolve conflicts that are going on in my every day world. Which is terribly annoying because when I dream my computer is fixed or I've found something that I lost and then I wake up to find that that's not actually the case I often feel like I could cry.
posted 14-Apr-2003 8:17am  
I'm a rational-Idealist, and I have dreams on occasion, but rarely remember them.
posted 14-Apr-2003 9:56am  
As a Guardian/Protector I have a lot of stress dreams about not being able to take care of everybody and everything properly. No surprise there.
posted 14-Apr-2003 10:01am  
Dream in colour.
Many dreams remember them in detail (very often).

And everybody dreams every night.Some people can't remember though.But I vote it good because I like it-despite this flaw.

(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 14-Apr-2003 10:11am  
Everybody is all the Keirsey Types.I guess you are more conscious of that,but I suppose you mostly use or better in your case choose to use one of them.
(reply to Iseult) posted 14-Apr-2003 10:12am  
You never sound like an idealist to me,but I can't say.
posted 14-Apr-2003 10:16am  
I have weird dreams with weird elements,often there's a story like in a movie.Very often they are about some fight against the forces of evil,organized like political fights but that have to do with spiritual and sometimes social matters.
I also dream about interpretation from the inside,that is trying to figure the meaning while I'm still dreaming.I have lucid dreams.I dream of being of the opposite sex a lot.I dream conflict and resolving it with sublimation and/or recognizing the enemy as a good part of yourself.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 14-Apr-2003 11:04am  
I dream a lot and sometimes remember them, but I don't remember what my Keirsey personality type is.
posted 14-Apr-2003 2:27pm  
I am an "Artisan" who dreams in vivid colors, has many dreams and remembers them in detail, and who has premonitions when I dream. Occasionally.
posted 14-Apr-2003 2:39pm  
How are the choices of individuals going to be correlated?
posted 14-Apr-2003 3:44pm  
I think I've done this personality test at some point and came up as an idealist. I dream in colour and remember most of them.
posted 14-Apr-2003 5:02pm  
I'm an Idealist. I have dreams, but rarely remember them.
(reply to dora) posted 14-Apr-2003 5:30pm  
Ok then, I'm an ENFP, the champion variant of the idealist. I've dreamed in many media including paints and sepia-toned silent movies (which don't quite count as black and white). I recall architectural details like the carpet patterns.
I aonce wrote a survey about what senses a person has in their dreams. I find there are the five senses, the psychic senses, and senses particular to dreams like ones editorial person perspective (I don't even physically appear in my dreams), and things like history. One can visit a home in the dream they've never seen in real life, and although you don't go into the bathroom during the dream, you know what it looks like anyhow and memories within the dream of your history there.
My most recent dream was one in which an aunt I haven't seen in a decade who I always considered a muse was hanging outside a church somewhat like the one I had just attended to see a presidential peace campaign speech, and referring to his activity, my activity, and the church all at once, said "It's not enough". Her daughter who actually died as a teen was with her. I woke up taking it as a sign not to get so casual and buddhist about my peace and political reformation activity.
posted 14-Apr-2003 5:32pm  
FOR ANYONE CURIOUS, here is a link to a prior SC survey which has links to a Myers-Brigg test.
posted 14-Apr-2003 5:53pm  
I don't get it. How do the options help us tie particular personality types together with dream remembrance??
(reply to pterodactyl) posted 14-Apr-2003 9:27pm  
Ideally, we could see who gave what answers and make some correlations, however it can be said that there are a considerable number of idealists and a high percentage of people that dream in vivid colors. A general conclusion could be made that many idealists have vivid dreams. (Hard to say exactly) I only noticed one that dreams in black in white. It would be nice to hear more about that!
(reply to dora) posted 15-Apr-2003 10:48am  
Yeah well... I'm much more of an idealist, than of rationalist.
(reply to Iseult) posted 15-Apr-2003 11:49am  
Yes,but you don't seem very concerned with peace,harmony and understanding-more with discipline,justice and equal retribution.
(reply to dora) posted 15-Apr-2003 4:19pm  
I am not concerned with it, simply because I don't believe it in it. I mean, I don't believe that such things are possible; evil/bad things cannot be stopped, hence we have to find a way to make people too scared to try them.
(reply to Iseult) posted 15-Apr-2003 4:32pm  
See,an idealist (if you mean the keirsey idealist) wouldn't use words like "scared"-you have ideals,but you are not an idealist in the jungian or post-jungian meaning of the word.Or if you are you don't seem so to me,though I can be wrong of course.
Did someone told you were? Or did you take the test yourself?
and those things aren't possible in the "world" but they are possible inside you,and understanding means understanding bad not just good.A concept that isn't hard to grasp for an idealist especially INFP's...that said maybe you are but choose to act differently or don't know what.
You don't sound much like a "feeler" that's all.So idealistic in the average meaning of the word is probable (like you're into philosophy aren't you?),but doesn't look so in the psychological use of the term.
(reply to Iseult) posted 15-Apr-2003 4:34pm  
Oh and I don't believe they are possible either on a large scale,but I believe is what I have to do.

Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (2 minutes ago)
posted 17-Apr-2003 12:39pm  
I feel that all of those personality types apply to me. I dream in colour and in black and white (well, grey-scale anyway). I have many dreams and I remember some of them in a great deal of detail. Sometimes I don't dream much at all though.
posted 3-May-2003 10:44am  
Pogo Possum is in my dream.
Teddy Ruxpin is in my dream.
My dad or my bother or sister in my dream.
Having diapers on me in my dream.
Do anybody else had a dream whering diapers?
(reply to tdickensheets) posted 3-May-2003 6:02pm  
Nope, never. What do you think it means?
(reply to Kristal_Rose) posted 4-May-2003 7:03pm  
I'm not sure.

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