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single20-Apr-1999sex/relationshipsanonymousby votes58636.8%


What percentage of the general population do you feel is attractive enough to date?

0I rely entirely on masturbation

posted 20-Apr-1999 10:53am  
Since I'm married, I no longer date, but I never relied on "looks" and "attractiveness" to determine who I dated. I generally dated people I knew, grew to like, and wanted to know better. I can't say what percentage of the population would have fallen into that category.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 20-Apr-1999 11:03am  
i find a lot of people attractive for many different reasons. i chose a high percentage because i love to meet and talk to people and get to know them. a date is a date, doesn't mean you will spend the rest of your life with a person......(or have sex, in response to the masturbation choice, you didn't ask who you would have sex with. you asked about dating!)
posted 20-Apr-1999 11:10am  
I may define attractive differently than most, though - it involves more than looks, it also includes humor, wit, honesty, and integrity. BTW, I think this survey should be rated offensive because of the last option (which I didn't even really feel added anything, but to each their own).
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-Apr-1999 11:24am  
I think that I do actually care a lot about looks. I am attracted to lots of people, but if I actually count the percentage is pretty low. And, yes, many other factors go into whether I'd want to date them.
posted 20-Apr-1999 1:11pm  
I think I mostly drift in one small tide pool of humanity and the people I date from that group, while varying widely, are still representative of a tiny percentage of the population.
posted 20-Apr-1999 1:35pm  
Hrm... a bit more granularity at the low end would be useful, I can chop off 50% just because they have a penis, and then among the other half many of them are clearly too old or too young, leaving the ones that are of the right age group. If you then only count the ones I find attractive enough to date it's not a big number.
posted 20-Apr-1999 1:36pm  
there should have been options for those of us who are outta the game;)

but i chose 20-40%...cuz i'm picky
posted 20-Apr-1999 1:46pm  
I interpret attractive as 'someone who attracts me' - which is based on an indefinable mixture of brains, personality, style, wit, and looks. The answer is a single-digit percentage of the general population, but possibly a larger percentage of the people I chose to associate with. Yes, I'm very picky.
posted 20-Apr-1999 2:05pm  
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 20-Apr-1999 3:01pm  
date or sleep with? there's a difference
posted 20-Apr-1999 9:12pm  
to date who? me? each other?or just date in general? UG!
posted 20-Apr-1999 9:32pm  
The way I read the question was what percentage of the general population had sufficient physical attractiveness that it would not be their appearance that would prevent me from going out with them.
posted 21-Apr-1999 10:32am  
I'm shocked that so many people put more than 40%! 50% would mean that anyone (who isn't bisexual) with the appropriate sex organs is attractive enough to date, with no concern for age, or race, or beauty, never mind intelegence or kindness. What definition of "general population" are you using? Or maybe you're thinking "attractive enough to date" means date at all, not date you. hrm...
posted 21-Apr-1999 4:53pm  
I've actually thought about this! 'general population' will skew the numbers though. I always thought of it in terms of 'people within five years of my age' Physically attractive..I'd have to say maybe one in five?
posted 21-Apr-1999 10:03pm  
I assumed percentage of the general population of the appropriate gender. Otherwise, it should be about 55% of what I marked.
posted 23-Apr-1999 8:24am  
Hard question to answer; the implicit assumptions are hard to disentangle. I chose to give the inverse of the percentage that is so physically unattractive that I wouldn't consider dating them on that basis alone, but I could have given a wide range of different answers.

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