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single13-Dec-2006opinionEnigma by votes46565.1%


Should people be fined for spitting in public?

From Canada: An itinerant Calgary man has been fined $115 for spitting into a garbage can in a move that advocates for the homeless say borders on bullying. The man was given the ticket on Monday when a downtown police officer deemed his spitting an "improper disposal of waste".

From China: Individuals spitting or dropping cigarette butts in public venues in Guangzhou will be subject to fines beginning Saturday as part of local measures aimed at preventing the spread of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).

From the United States: In most places in the United States, spitting in public is considered a minor crime. In Battle Creek, Mich., it is a disorderly conduct offense. In Prescott Valley, Ariz., spitting on sidewalks or in public buildings could bring a $500 fine.


posted 15-Dec-2006 12:42pm  
Depends. There's a difference between hackin a loogie on the sidewalk and spitting seeds out in the park.
posted 15-Dec-2006 1:09pm  
YES! What a filthy habit that is. They should be more vigilant about fining people who pee in the streets and on the sidewalks too. Not that they can effectively fine the homeless, but they might consider providing more public toilets AND giving people who do this sort of thing more of a hard time than they do. Many times I've seen people who spit, pee, and litter in public.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 15-Dec-2006 1:21pm  
No. That's dumb. And how does spitting or flicking cigarette butts spread SARS? Are people going around licking spit and cigarette butts in Guangzhou?
posted 15-Dec-2006 2:43pm  
Yeah, and it's illegal to eat an ice cream cone on a public sidewalk in Santa Cruz.
posted 15-Dec-2006 4:05pm  
posted 15-Dec-2006 4:14pm  
Take it from the Law Man, i say NO
posted 15-Dec-2006 4:19pm  
Yes, it's disgusting.
posted 15-Dec-2006 4:25pm  
Spitting is disgusting and gross and like smoking and polluting our air they should be fined yes, a million dollar fine should do it
posted 15-Dec-2006 4:31pm  
"spitting into a garbage can"? Certainly not! I think as long as the spitter is attempting to dispose of their wastes in the most appropriate manner available to them, it shouldn't be considered an offense. Spitting in the gutter or into the street is okay. Spitting on the sidewalk or onto private property is fine-worthy.
posted 15-Dec-2006 5:26pm  
Maybe...with SARS spitting could really be a serious thing. It depends on where you are spitting, on the sidewalk, in a trash can, I don't know!
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 15-Dec-2006 6:14pm  
I think that's a ridiculous idea.
posted 15-Dec-2006 9:14pm  
Spitting is nasty. Less people go around spitting in public in Hong Kong now (after SARS and a law that prohibits it) although people still do it occasionally. The correct way to do it now is to spit in a tissue and then throw it in the bin. At my gym (which has extremely NASTY showers to begin with), some chick was hocking up major spit in the next stall. I just wanted to get the HELL out of there ASAP.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 15-Dec-2006 9:57pm  
> Are
> people going around licking spit and cigarette
> butts in Guangzhou?

laughing out loud Licking spit!

posted 15-Dec-2006 10:57pm  
Maybe.... if a person is spitting into a garbage can, then he's only putting garbage in the garbage can. But on a public sidewalk? That should be fined.
posted 16-Dec-2006 6:36am  
Babies would have to have good jobs to be able to pay for all those fines.
And how about those (usually old) people who spit when they talk? They could face fines everytime they speak.
Tasting wines would become a very expensive event as well.
posted 16-Dec-2006 9:18am  
No, not on the street. Maybe if in a building.
posted 16-Dec-2006 1:09pm  
Too many laws and rules
posted 16-Dec-2006 1:54pm  
I was curious, so I looked it up and found this in the article:

The ticket was issued under a provincial environmental law -- designed to punish people who dump garbage in inappropriate places -- and comes as bylaw officers prepare to enforce a new bylaw against spitting, urinating, defecating and fighting in public.

Now I want to go to Calgary and fight. laughing out loud
posted 16-Dec-2006 3:12pm  
posted 16-Dec-2006 8:31pm  
But it should be adjusted to read something like, If it is in Public view............. I mean as nasty as it is, sometimes you gotta spit....... If I go down a deserted alley or behind a corner, it would be a bummer to be penalised
posted 17-Dec-2006 11:33am  
Sure. But depending on how public is the public. Is it in the downtown, during the rushhour? Or middle of the night in the middle of the nowhere?
posted 17-Dec-2006 2:58pm  
Maybe. I find it revolting to see spitted up hockers on the ground. but again, it is the ground. Sometime you really have to hack up a phlegm ball, and although it is disgusting, discretion is always more pleasant. How can you fine someone who may do it once in their lifetime when there are repeat offenders. Sometimes a little spit disappears very soon, but a large chunk of green spat will stick to the pavement forever. I would give out warnings first, to the ones who are disgusting, but it would be a fine for being disgusting.
posted 18-Dec-2006 10:57pm  
No. As long as they are spitting outside and not on anyone, I don't see what the big deal is.
posted 19-Dec-2006 9:39pm  
I think that's stupid to fine people for spitting in public
posted 15-Jan-2007 3:14am  
If they spit on the sidewalk, I'd say yes. If they spit in a garbage can, I'd say no.
posted 14-Feb-2007 10:14am  
posted 31-May-2007 4:35pm  
On sidewalks, yes. It's a foul, nasty habit that can spread disease. In the case ot the homeless man, he spat in a garbage can & I don't think there's anything wrong with that. It was better than him spitting on the sidewalk.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 20-May-2012 10:32am  
It seems reasonable, especially if you're daft enough to do it in front of a police officer. Spitting into a bin seems completely acceptable to me though and $500 is obviously ridiculous.

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