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single1-Dec-2006personal experienceMiniMary by votes40656.8%


What was the most painful dental procedure that you have had?

20The most painful was:
3I do not remember.
0I've never had a dental procedure.

posted 2-Dec-2006 3:30pm  
erm , as a child having 3 wisdom teeth removed under general anesthetic...... After I woke up the pain was quite bad
posted 2-Dec-2006 3:36pm  
I've had a few, but the least pleasant I can recall took place this year, and was an extraction. The extraction itself wasn't painful, but for some days afterwards, the resultant cavernous gap was sore. After frantically applying salty water for some days, it settled down, and I was fine.
posted 2-Dec-2006 3:39pm  
I don't know. Usually when they're going to do something potentially painfull, they give me something pleasurable first. smiley:::smile
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 2-Dec-2006 3:44pm  
I had a crown put in a few years ago. That wasn't painful per se but it was a long time till my bite returned to normal, and that was very uncomfortable. For outright pain it would've been drilling and filling a cavity.
posted 2-Dec-2006 3:54pm  
Breaking a tooth and having to wait for the procedure.

After the Novocain takes effect it's not so bad.

I've had full dentures since 2002 and had a general for the rest of the the extractions. I had some teeth pulled before that and it's the pulling and yanking more than outright pain at the time. When the numbness wears off, it's a different story. I was lucky, all my work was done at the University of Washington Dental School, with the instructors watching every move.

My very first dental experience was back in the late 1940's and he did not use Novocain. I remember screaming and hearing others scream. I'm surprised I wasn't scarred for life, but my later childhood dentist, Dr. Bradford, was wonderful, so I escaped permanent fear.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 2-Dec-2006 4:15pm  
Just the usual teeth-cleaning. I had a tooth pulled once, but it didn't hurt at all, even after the anesthetic wore off.
posted 2-Dec-2006 4:28pm  
Braces, long term. short term was the removal of all four impacted wisdom teeth. A close running second was the first root canal back in the stone ages when they were new, and took two to three visits to complete.
posted 2-Dec-2006 4:32pm  
A root canal. It was before my facial nerve had been dealt with and they couldn't numb the nerve for anything. It has to be done because the tooth was full of puss and it was very painful. So I got a root canal basically without anesthetic. I was screaming bloody murder. The dentist was yelling at the techs like it was there fault. I can't imagine what the people in the waiting room were thinking.
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 2-Dec-2006 4:33pm  
Oh yes, braces! They ate the inside of my lips up and ached for days and days when ever they were adjusted.
posted 2-Dec-2006 4:48pm  
A recent root canal or maybe each time they tightened my braces when I was a kid. Or my wisdom teeth. There is a lot with me!
posted 2-Dec-2006 4:49pm  
Nothing stands out.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Happy Birthday to Me
posted 2-Dec-2006 5:44pm  
Having my wisdom tooth pulled. I had to pay over $250 for that
posted 2-Dec-2006 6:21pm  
Drilling with no anesthesia.
posted 2-Dec-2006 7:11pm  
Im allergic to Novocaine. The last root canal, I don't know what they used but for some reason I could feel a lot of it anyway. Hurt like crap, it did. smiley:::wince
posted 2-Dec-2006 7:48pm  
A filling...I know, I'm a wimp...But I think I have uber sensitive when they blow the air or the cold water on my tooth is hurts..
I don't like the last dentist I got..She waited until the novacain wore off before she started the filling...
I don't like the German lady either..she almost drowned me..but anyway..
posted 2-Dec-2006 8:49pm  
A root canal thingie. Tears were rolling down my cheeks.
But hey, I am a guy. I have no idea what real pain is.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 2-Dec-2006 9:16pm  
Probably getting my wisdom teeth out... I don't remember it very specifically, though.
posted 2-Dec-2006 9:49pm  
A surgical Root Canal, the dentist gave me pain killers but they did not work well, i told them and they gave me the same thing, i told the dentist that if i was still in pain because of these painkillers i was going to cause him pain and he was going to be spitting out blood with severe mouth pain, i was extremely angry and in so much pain that i could not sleep at night, just spitting out blood for minutes at a time, he finally referred me to a specialist and they gave me heavy duty pain killers, the pain went away in 5 minutes, i felt bad and apologized to the dentist, he was not upset and understood my problem, until i got the bill, it was $3,000
posted 3-Dec-2006 3:32pm  
None. Anaesthetic!
posted 4-Dec-2006 11:21am  
My 13th birthday, I was getting a filling. However, the drill's water source was not working, so she had to drill it dry. It was the most uncomfortable thing ever. And it hurt like hell.
posted 4-Dec-2006 12:47pm  
Drilling for a filling and I hadn't had enough novacaine.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator This user is on the site NOW (5 minutes ago)
posted 4-Dec-2006 8:54pm  
A filling.
posted 4-Dec-2006 10:33pm  
Let's see... well I had to have wisdom teeth removed. That should have been okay except the tooth broke and the freezing started to wear off... it was a bit of a nightmare. I take that back, it wasn't that painful really. Just some scary crap. I guess once when I had to get a filling it was pretty painful but again, not that bad. Guess I just wasted your reading time by posting this and not even answering the survey properly. Oh well... sorry... have a nice day... please come again.
posted 7-Dec-2006 7:59am  
braces...the tightening every few weeks leaving your mouth sore for a few days after...Everything else has been easy
posted 8-Dec-2006 6:11pm  
My dentist drugged me up and I have never felt pain
posted 31-Dec-2006 8:15am  
I haven't had one that was really painful. Just cavity fillings.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Oct-2013 5:34pm  
.. bad enough to leave me with a tracheostomy.

Take care of your teeth people. I take care of mine and it still sucked.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to dab) posted 13-Oct-2013 5:36pm  
I prefer this if it isn't too deep. I hate being so numb afterward.

I had a root canal last week and I was numb for almost 6 hours after.
(reply to they) posted 13-Oct-2013 7:01pm  
The anesthesia doesn't seem to last so long for me. Almost by the time the procedure is finished, the stuff is wearing off. For me, double up or even triple.
posted 16-Oct-2013 1:55pm  
Having some of my teeth pulled

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