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single27-Dec-2011opinionmsgman by votes37360.0%


Overall, do you expect 2012 to be better or worse for the world than 2011?

That is, as far as what you expect to happen to the world in general, not you personally or your country in particular.

Obviously, some individual things can be better while others are worse, and vice versa. But it's the overall balance that I'm interested in here.

10About the same

posted 27-Dec-2011 10:34am  
I'd say somewhat worse.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 27-Dec-2011 10:44am  
I said better, but I'm probably just being optimistic.
posted 27-Dec-2011 10:44am  
I can't say. I'm not an optimist. If it were better, I can hardly see it being much better. I really can't speak for the world, or people collectively...but as ever, I stand in awe and admiration of the incredible courage of the individual spirit, of each and every one of us in the face of adversity.
posted 27-Dec-2011 12:30pm  
Probably a little worse. The U.S. Government is fudgeed, and will continue to be fudgeed. But hey, I've got the love of my life and that's all that really matters.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 27-Dec-2011 12:31pm  
About the same.
posted 27-Dec-2011 7:39pm  
posted 27-Dec-2011 8:07pm  
Worse. Well, isn't the world supposed to end next December 21st?
posted 28-Dec-2011 3:48pm  
Worse, as with the nation. I expect the global banking industry to collapse within four to six years. Unless new economic systems are quickly invented, I expect a lot of chaos. Also, no matter what the banking system, global resources are becoming tighter. Supply of food and energy will not increase as rapidly as demand.
posted 30-Dec-2011 4:25pm  
Worse in 2012 it will be out of control for we have not seen it all until 2012 gets here
posted 1-Jan-2012 2:49pm  
I will go with better. I no from the looks of things it seems unlikely, but you never know what can happen.
posted 4-Jan-2012 1:21pm  
Too hard to predict. The biggest change in the world right now are those Arab spring revolutionaries. So there's (uneducated guess) about a 40% chance of things much getting better, 40% chance of the new leaders being bigger d-bags than the previous d-bags that were in charge, and about a 20% for a tie. Russia, Italy will probably improve once they finally boot out their crooks from power.
posted 8-Jan-2012 10:26am  
Worse if Obama wins re-election.
posted 31-Jan-2012 5:41pm  
I don't really know. Closer to home, I suppose that depends how the Eurozone crisis pans out. I don't know what's going on in America or anywhere else particularly.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 4-Feb-2012 11:25pm  
Worse of course.

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