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single22-Jun-1998food/drinkdoom by votes501157.0%


When ordering food for delivery what is more important?


posted 22-Jun-1998 5:50pm  
Some combination of the above. Value is more important than cost. I'll pay more for better food. Speediness is not necessary. Lack of tardiness is. I tend to develop a "favorite" at each of the places I get food from so selection is not very important. Quality is probably most important. If it's not food that I want to eat I won't get So, Quality, then Cost, then Speediness, then Selection.
posted 23-Jun-1998 8:54am  
Unless I know the food really sucks at a particular place, my hunger typically goes to the lowest bidder. Of course, there are times when you just have to have Chinese, and they're *never* the lowest bidder.
posted 23-Jun-1998 10:12am  
You forgot accuracy. There's nothing more frustrating than being really hungry and getting a big ol' hunk of meat when you're a veggie. Quality is still most important, though.
posted 23-Jun-1998 11:33am  
selection can be determined by choosing which place you're going to, as can quality. that leaves speed and cost. When I am hungry, I want my food twenty minutes ago.
posted 23-Jun-1998 11:40am  
Quality. I don't like to eat junk food. If I'm ordering out, it's because I don't want to cook. But I would rather cook than eat something awful.
posted 23-Jun-1998 11:54am  
Quality is the most important. Why bother ordering food if it's going to be nasty. Unfortunately, no one deliver to where I currently live. Our marina is in the middle of nowhere!!! (Actually it's in the South China Sea...)
posted 23-Jun-1998 2:23pm  
I don't care how long it takes to get to me as long as it's good when it arrives. If that means I pay more, I won't order out as often.
posted 23-Jun-1998 3:12pm  
Generally I only order pizza or other food from a pizza place. Also, generally from the same place, George's Pizza in Worcester, MA. I don't believe I have ordered for delivery anything else.
posted 23-Jun-1998 4:52pm  
Although this works best as a "pick two" survey. I chose quality, but there's a limit as to how much I'm willing to spend on takeout so cost factors in. Speed is pretty irrelevant.
posted 23-Jun-1998 5:31pm  
good food is good
posted 23-Jun-1998 5:33pm  
A combination of value (good food is worth more than junk food to me) and having what I am in the mood for.
posted 23-Jun-1998 7:45pm  
Plus, of course, willingness to deliver to me, which is rather rare, as I live in a "bad" neighborhood.
posted 23-Jun-1998 9:42pm  
Quality is more important even than whether they deliver.
posted 24-Jun-1998 3:44pm  
Quality is always important, so I choose that. The only food that gets delivered around here is pizza and we make our selection based on closeness of the restaturant (which means they get here faster) and the taste of the pizza (quality, right?).
posted 25-Jun-1998 3:48am  
Quality is by far the most important. If I want cheap or fast, I'll go the two blocks to Taco Bell. BTW, why doesn't Survey Central let you assign numbers to various choices? :)
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 25-Jun-1998 8:52am  
toss up between quality and speed, choose speed in the end though

*** dink (weren't you a hero from Xanth novels?) - I do have "ranking-style" surveys on my list of things to add to Survey Central. It's not easy given that they can't very naturally be supported by CGI/forms (the interface can't naturally ensure a correctly formatted answer - it can only validate that you did a proper ranking after you submit) - still it's worth doing, I know I'd like to do some ranking surveys. Also, I want to add an option that would cause the view page (pages like this one) to sort answers by # of votes... (which would go hand in hand with ranking in my opinion).

posted 27-Jun-1998 7:26am  
it will depend on the kind of food and intent. Getting a pizza cause you have the Drunken Hungries means get it FAST. Getting food at 03h00 means lower your expectations of quality to what is open. [etc etc]
posted 27-Jun-1998 11:06am  
I'd go with anyone who would actually deliver here.
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 28-Jun-1998 10:43am  
Quality (I'd rather not eat it in the first place if it's not yummy), then Reliability - they'd better damned well bring what I want. Damn Dining In. Damn them!

Lorax - heh, yeah you know I might actually order a lousy pizza if anyone would deliver to Meriden too.
posted 3-Aug-1998 5:04pm  
What I'm in the mood for, then cost, quality, and speed.

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