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essay18-Apr-2014opinionLysannus by votes24350.0%


In your opinion what constitutes a slob to you?

This is just a general outlook, not based on a particular function or engagement. If you were just walking down the street and saw someone, what would make you feel that "Hey, that is a slob".


LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Apr-2014 8:53am  
If they were littering.

Did you mean a look and not a behavior? I don't tend to think 'slob' about looks, because there always seems to be some other possible reason a person could look like that. They may have ripped their clothes that day, with no time to change. They may have spilled something on themselves. They might be homeless. I'd feel sorry for them.
posted 18-Apr-2014 11:18am  
Raggedy dirty clothes and they smell like they never take a bath or shower
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 18-Apr-2014 11:39am  
Just walking down the street, this isn't something I'm likely to think. To me, being a slob has more to do with how you are inside--do you leave your apartment or house a mess? Are there dirty dishes and dirty clothes all over the place? Do you never put anything away? Outside, someone who appears dirty or messy could be homeless and/or mentally ill, which in my book don't constitute slovenliness.
posted 18-Apr-2014 11:51am  
Bad behavior
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-Apr-2014 12:08pm  
I might think of someone this way based on the state of their home (me included), but it isn't something I think about people I pass in the street.
posted 18-Apr-2014 2:15pm  
Unkempt/sloppy dress, living in an un-cared for home with uncut yard, weeds, junk all over.
posted 18-Apr-2014 4:48pm  
<<<<------ that guy
jen Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 18-Apr-2014 7:27pm  
if they had food on themselves. a slob would leave food around to rot in their house.
posted 19-Apr-2014 10:01am  
Messy hair, food on their face and down their front, snot hanging out of their nose, shirt partially tucked in, belt missing some of their belt loops, pants tucked into one boot but not the other. Basically, inattention to grooming and personal hygiene. Because we are walking down the street, we are applying this to their person. However, it also applies to their housekeeping. If you saw their home, it would appear as though they just dropped things as soon as they were done with them. Garbage would litter the floors and surfaces. There would be no order to the location of the various objects in the home.
posted 19-Apr-2014 3:38pm  
Slob isn't often used as a term in the UK; the favoured word being scruff, which can be used affectionately. Someone might speak to their family like: "Come on, you scruffy lot, let's go!" But no one would take offence. While they might if they were referred to as slobs.
posted 20-Apr-2014 1:08am  
Food stains on clothing, exposed stomach, smells
(reply to FordGuy) posted 21-Apr-2014 4:54am  
> <<<<------ that guy

I don't think so FG. I have seen photos of you and you are not.
Unless those photos are all smoke and mirrors?
(reply to southernyankee) posted 21-Apr-2014 4:58am  
> Food stains on clothing, exposed stomach, smells

Pretty much sums it up for me too. Except I would say food stains on clothing that is worn in public. Around their own house these maybe clothes for doing dirty work around the home. Exposed stomach and of course the exposed underwear because they wear their pants down to their knees.
(reply to Lysannus) posted 21-Apr-2014 9:35am  
laughing out loud I am not really a slob, but I am compared to my wife. For some reason she likes it better if I close drawers and cupboards after I open them... <grin>
(reply to FordGuy) posted 21-Apr-2014 9:58am  
Well I understand the closing of drawers and cupboards.
If they are left open in my house it is usually me who either falls over them or gets a good bang on the head grin
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 25-Aug-2014 2:49pm  
I don't think I could peg a slob from a distance. I would have to know more about their habits.

I once knew this guy that would grab a pair of dirty jeans nearby if he needed something to barf in. I know people who live among pet excrement and go about their daily lives covered in that smell (and they know about it). To me, slobs are lazy>dirty people.

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