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What is the one thing you would not do, no matter how much money you were offered?


posted 16-May-1999 9:26pm  
I would never ever in a million years, and not for a million dollars, would I ever sit through Showgirls. laughing out loud
posted 16-May-1999 9:40pm  
I would not have any sort of sexual contact with my ex. Ewww.
posted 16-May-1999 9:55pm  
Kill a baby or an animal.
posted 16-May-1999 9:55pm  
I loved Showgirls!!!
posted 17-May-1999 1:34am  
Die. Short of that I can't be sure until the situation crops up.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 17-May-1999 7:36am  
Eat Bill Gates' vomit.
posted 17-May-1999 9:21am  
I don't think I'd kill for money. I'd kill to save a loved one, but not for money.
posted 17-May-1999 11:28am  
answer this survey. oh christ-- there, I've gone and done it...
posted 17-May-1999 1:30pm  
Cheat on my husband.
posted 17-May-1999 2:16pm  
There a probably about a thousand things or more I would not do no matter how much money I was offered.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 17-May-1999 9:11pm  
there are plenty of things i wouldn't do, no matter how much money was offered to me. probably too many to list. money doesn't drive me, so i can't give one answer. anything from hurting a persons feelings to killing someone....
posted 18-May-1999 1:22am  
I think my thinking on this sort of thing is a little different than a lot of people. For instance, for those who wouldn't kill for money:

What if you were given two hundred billion dollars to kill John Doe, which you could then donate in it's entirety to cancer research?
posted 18-May-1999 12:02pm  
there are too many things i wouldn't do
posted 18-May-1999 12:05pm  
supplicant..i would kill a john long as it wasn't a child...i know that doesn't make much sense...a killer is a killer...but i wouldn't have the heart...hell i don't know that i would have the heart to kill a man...but i'd try for 200,000,000,000....
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 18-May-1999 12:42pm  
so supplicant, somehow the donation makes up for the killing?? and what is the point of the donation then, the end justifies the means???
and also, in your mind a person's life is only worth two hundred billion dollars or that is how much someone is worth if you don't know them?
lastly, if the two hundred billion still doesn't finance a cure for cancer, was it still worth it????
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 18-May-1999 1:24pm  
I certainly wouldn't put a glass thermometer into my urethra then smash it with a hammer.
posted 18-May-1999 5:11pm  
really bill, i've heard that's quite pleasurable
posted 18-May-1999 6:01pm  
Damage myself.
posted 18-May-1999 7:41pm  
It can be ;)...but most of the men I've done that to have cried like little gurls! I don't get it! Ungrateful worms!
posted 18-May-1999 8:28pm  
jen...yes...a surprising little bonus for later!:)
posted 19-May-1999 2:43am  
jettles: I didn't say I'd do it, I don't know if I could/would or not, my point is some might see the end as justifying the means and change their opinion. I think you can't be so sure of the things you won't do for any amount of money.

As for your last question - if it didn't find a cure it at least cut out more options which would have had to be funded elsewhere and leaves more resources for different options.

If you want a more clear-cut example:
What if under the same scenario you donated the money to helping famine victims, and you can guarantee you saved lives by doing it. Does that make it right? No, but does it make it justifiable in your own head? In some cases yes, and even if not some might decide to do it 'for the greater good' and end up an insane wreck because they can't live with the decision they made.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 19-May-1999 10:49pm  
supplicant,i don't believe i would be able to do it, for any amount of money. i do agree that people can't be sure what they would do with the lure of money in front of them.
but you seemed to have forgotten about the life that was taken/ended.... how could anyone take a life, even of someone they don't know, i believe that life is worth more than any money that could be gotten and any hope to help others. besides, how could you be sure you weren't killing the person with the cure to cancer/aids/etc. in their future. and who is to say what the greater good is? or who's greater good it was for?
posted 20-May-1999 2:28am  
How could anyone not take a life, provided with the right motivation?

For some people no amount of money, even if it is being justified as money that will save others, is enough, though I believe it is enough for more people than people think/admit.

For most (almost all?) a personal and immediate threat against their family would make them kill in defense, if one motivation can cause them to kill, can't another be made attractive enough to convince the killer inside to come out?

*shrug* A futile argument anyway.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 20-May-1999 7:49am  
true-it is futile, we could argue from now until the "cows?" come home and i still wouldn't know until in that situation i guess. thanks supplicant, for making me try to discover more of myself!
posted 21-May-1999 1:40am  
Supplicant - I could probably kill someone like Hitler for a huge sum of money (or none). Slobodan Melosovic comes to mind...he's caused an awful lot of suffering.
posted 21-May-1999 7:26pm  
There isn't one thing. There are countless things I wouldn't do.
Murder, rape, pillage, talk to my family...
posted 24-May-1999 10:14pm  
I'm sure there are many things that fall into this category - money is just not that important to me. No mutilation, harming of or breaking up with loved ones, injuring pets or innocent bystanders, etc. for me, thank you very much.
posted 28-May-1999 12:44am  
have anal sex
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-May-1999 1:45pm or receiving, or both?
posted 3-Jun-1999 9:59am  
Kill someone.
posted 11-Jun-1999 10:11pm  
posted 13-Jun-1999 11:14pm  
pose naked for a picture
posted 25-May-2006 1:23am  
Kill someone.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 5-Nov-2017 7:58am  
There are many things that I would not do, no matter how much money I was offered.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to bill) posted 5-Nov-2017 7:59am  
1999 bill was rather graphic smiley:::surprise
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Biggles) posted 5-Nov-2017 1:32pm  
Some friends from college came up with that. Alas, I cannot take credit for it!
posted 9-Nov-2017 7:36am  
Own a Government Motors product.

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