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single30-Jan-2002quizASB unsorted62756.9%


If you had only one match, and entered a dark room containing an oil lamp, some newspaper, and some kindling wood, which would you light first?

18oil lamp
1kindling wood
27none of the above

posted 31-Jan-2002 9:42pm  
the match  * duh! *
posted 31-Jan-2002 10:22pm  
None of the above... I'd just flip the light switch on.
posted 31-Jan-2002 10:39pm  
Wood! I'd pick warmth over light any time.
(reply to mandy) posted 31-Jan-2002 10:42pm  
ur so smart, tastie....I mean mandie  * smile *
posted 1-Feb-2002 12:15am  
I'm guessing if you light the oil lamp (which would be easiet to light anyways), then you would have all the light you needed until the oil ran out, because with a little bit of kindling and some newspaper, you'd never get a good fire started. You need better wood/stuff to burn. Now, it didn't say the quantity of the newspaper/kindling, but I'm guessing it's not much.
Strider Survey Central Gold Subscriber Survey Qualifier
posted 1-Feb-2002 12:23am  
the match
posted 1-Feb-2002 12:43am  
The match of course. How else would I be able to see the oil lamp, newspaper and kindling wood. I would next light the lamp and use that to start a fire (if there is a fireplace).
(reply to ASB) posted 1-Feb-2002 3:09am  
Great Survey, lickable..I mean ASB  * surprise *
posted 1-Feb-2002 4:36am  
The match. Obviously. Then I'd use the match to light the lamp. By the light of the lamp I'd build a fire using the wood, and then use the newspaper to transfer the flame from the lamp to the fire.
(reply to mandy) posted 1-Feb-2002 6:36am  
thanks  * smile *
posted 1-Feb-2002 7:42am  
I would light the oil lamp. Because then you can light the others. However if the newspaper was The Express then I would light that first out of desparation.
posted 1-Feb-2002 9:40am  
I would light the match.
posted 1-Feb-2002 9:43am  
the match...  * duh! *
(reply to Maarten) posted 1-Feb-2002 10:03am  
Some people did not think it was so simple  * wink *
(reply to ASB) posted 1-Feb-2002 10:37am  
Damn, I'm clever!  * wink *
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 1-Feb-2002 11:36am  
The oil lamp, assuming it had oil in it.
(reply to Enheduanna) posted 1-Feb-2002 11:40am  
What are you lighting it with?  * wink *
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to ASB) posted 1-Feb-2002 11:41am  
I don't "light" matches. I strike them and use them to light other things.
posted 1-Feb-2002 11:45am  
 * surprise * your no fun  * raspberry *
(reply to Maarten) posted 1-Feb-2002 11:58am  
you copied my answer! You're not clever!
(reply to mandy) posted 1-Feb-2002 11:59am  
**pinches mandies ass**
(reply to mandy) posted 1-Feb-2002 12:03pm  
No, you must have felt what I was about to write down!  * smile *
(reply to mandy) posted 1-Feb-2002 12:56pm  
 * surprise * you felt maarten??? Oh my!!! **faints**
(reply to ASB) posted 1-Feb-2002 1:13pm  
(reply to Maarten) posted 1-Feb-2002 1:14pm  
I felt you alright * raspberry *
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 1-Feb-2002 2:25pm  
The match of course!
posted 1-Feb-2002 2:38pm  
D: None of the above.
I would light the match first.
posted 1-Feb-2002 3:01pm  
 * duh! *
(reply to mandy) posted 2-Feb-2002 3:28am  
posted 2-Feb-2002 10:52am  
I would try and light the oil lamp, but most likely fail. I can't even get matches to light.
posted 2-Feb-2002 11:38am  
the match (DUH!)
posted 2-Feb-2002 5:41pm  
The oil lamp. Then I would light the newspaper and light the kindling.
posted 2-Feb-2002 7:18pm  
The lamp.
(reply to ASB) posted 2-Feb-2002 7:21pm  
Good one!!  * smile *

Sometimes I forget to think out sideof the box. * smile *
(reply to Cleo) posted 3-Feb-2002 10:54am  
 * grin *
posted 3-Feb-2002 7:44pm  
The match.
posted 4-Feb-2002 10:01am  
the match
(reply to ASB) posted 4-Feb-2002 9:43pm  
 * wink *
posted 5-Feb-2002 3:56pm  
the match. har, har.
posted 20-Feb-2002 8:29pm  
the newspaper is sure to catch fire. Then you can light the lamp with that.
posted 26-Feb-2002 6:16pm  
The match. How could I light any of the others first?
posted 14-Mar-2002 1:28pm  
I'd light the match first
posted 17-Mar-2002 10:47pm  
The match
(reply to ASB) posted 25-Mar-2002 11:21pm  
I think I'd burn anything in - and any area where - A"Sexy"Babe has been into, at Survey Central. Then, further disinfect the contaminated objects with industrial-strength compounds. Then, I'd leave you SC losers behind, to deal with A"Sexy"Babe's lingering stench.
(reply to Dubbl) posted 25-Mar-2002 11:57pm  
fudge you!!!! I have never said a word to you much less a nasty one so bug off you annoying little ass.
(reply to ASB) posted 26-Mar-2002 2:05am  
Yo, "ASexual" ... watch the language, huh? I'm sure it's difficult enough for you to have to peck at your keyboard (the flat thing in front of you 17 hours a day), to find all those funny-shaped things that, to you, must only slightly resemble letters of the alphabet ... but, GOOD GOLLY! Attempting to sound out words containing greater than two syllables ... well, over-extending yourself so will only tire you more quickly. (More quickly, that is, than it is for you to 1) try to keep your eyes open and 2) also staying conscious. Doing all those things at the same time must fatigue the likes of you so.)

Thanks for the effort, though, sport.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to Dubbl) posted 26-Mar-2002 7:55am  
In case you hadn't noticed. ASB is loved at SC too. Shame that you're really not......
(reply to Biggles) posted 26-Mar-2002 10:00am  
Yo, Winkles: If *your* "love" was something I needed out of life - either remotely or direly - I would still choose joining hands with a sopping wet-with-snot salamander before considering any form of endearment from the likes of you. I would even look at Mandy - I mean look *right* *at* *her*, for an entire 1/2 *minute* - before calling on your pathetic simulation and imitations of feelings.

Piece of advice to you: Stop trying to mimic us human beings. It only discloses how indistinctly you're in touch with the world. (I'm certain the distance with real people isn't *your* choice, but can you blame us?)

Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
(reply to Dubbl) posted 26-Mar-2002 11:45am  
 * laughing out loud *  * laughing out loud *  * laughing out loud *  * laughing out loud *  * laughing out loud *  * laughing out loud *

Well, as far as trolls go, you're a tad more amusing than the ones we usually get......

Last time I had a big needle stuck in my arm for a blood test, no blood actually came out. Maybe you're right and I'm not human. Do I care? Nope.....

And thankyou, my day has been perfectly good so far.
(reply to Dubbl) posted 27-Mar-2002 8:16am  
eat me you freak!!!
(reply to ASB) posted 27-Mar-2002 8:24pm  
I'm a freak, too!  * wink *
posted 28-Mar-2002 4:34am  
"ASexyNot": I've been called a lot worse ... by much better. And to follow your suggestion of "eating you" would entail expenses for delousing services in which, alone, far exceed even Gates' budget for such lavishness.

Thank you for your attentiveness to my ways of flirting with disaster, but I think I'll wait for the brave souls of Fear Factor to take on *that* challenge, thank you.
(reply to mandy) posted 28-Mar-2002 8:10am  
YAY!!!! ***Claps***
(reply to mandy) posted 28-Mar-2002 8:11am  
I think I will filter the troll!!

Don't Feed the TROLL!!!!!
(reply to ASB) posted 28-Mar-2002 5:56pm  
 * laughing out loud *
But I like to feed it. It makes me happy.
(reply to mandy) posted 29-Mar-2002 8:34am  
whatever make you happy mandie tastes like candie  * raspberry * ***drools***
(reply to ASB) posted 29-Mar-2002 12:36pm  
You make me happy * smile *
(reply to mandy) posted 29-Mar-2002 12:40pm  
 * raspberry * you can lick me anytime any where  * grin *
(reply to ASB) posted 29-Mar-2002 12:41pm  
*pushes you down and licks your nose*
(reply to mandy) posted 29-Mar-2002 1:29pm  
**giggles and licks your chin**

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