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single12-Jan-2013pets/animalsRainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator by votes29153.4%


How old were you when you got your first pet?

6under 2
3I don't remember
213 or older
2I've never had a pet

posted 12-Jan-2013 10:19pm  
Probably around 6 years old.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Jan-2013 10:45pm  
My Mum bred guinea pigs before having children and still had one when I was born. We also had a rabbit from when I was very little, which was a retired lab rabbit from my parents' workplace. The first pets I got that were specifically mine were goldfish - probably when I was in my first year at school, so five. I was given a budgie for my 6th birthday.
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator
posted 12-Jan-2013 10:46pm  
I was 8, and had a cat and a dog.
posted 12-Jan-2013 11:32pm  
I never had a pet when I was a kid. My parents didn't want any. I got cats and dogs when I moved away from home.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Jan-2013 6:48am  
I guessed 12. I think it was after my dad left. I suspect he was against them.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 13-Jan-2013 11:12am  
We had a cat when I was born but it disappeared when I was only a few years old, so I have pretty much no memory of it and don't think of it as "my" pet. I didn't have another pet until I was 23. (I had a couple of goldfish that I won at carnivals, but none of them lived longer than a couple of days, so I'm not counting them.)
posted 13-Jan-2013 11:27am  
I don't remember for sure, but it was a pet goldfish picked up from a pet shop called bizarrely PETer's, but he was not long for this world.
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 13-Jan-2013 11:46am  
We got some budgies when I was 2, but I don't remember them at all.
We got a cat when I was 3. He was all orange, so I called him Alf after my favourite tv character (I didn't get the irony in the name at that age - it's sure funny now though!)
posted 13-Jan-2013 12:26pm  
We had cats and dogs for as long as I can remember, but the first pet I had which was designated as "mine" was a kitten that I acquired when I was around 10 or 11.
posted 14-Jan-2013 12:11am  
My family has always had dogs and cats as far back as I can remember.
posted 14-Jan-2013 8:08am  
frown I've never had a pet.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 14-Jan-2013 11:58am  
My family had pets even before I was born.
posted 15-Jan-2013 11:11am  
I think I was five when we got a puppy for Christmas from my uncle. We had a dog before that, that ran away. I barely remember it. I suspect it was around before I was.
posted 16-Jan-2013 4:14pm  
I do not remember at all
posted 20-Jan-2013 8:11am  
6-8 I guess. We had rabbits and guinea pigs.
posted 23-Jan-2013 8:09pm  
I was 18. My mom wouldn't let me have a dog because she didn't think I was a dog person. I was still living at home when I got this big coon hound. I moved out after about 6 months or so. My mom loved that dog lol
RainingFeathers Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 9-Feb-2013 5:53pm  
I'd consider a family pet 'your' pet. If you've had pets since you were born I'd check 'under 2'.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 23-Feb-2013 10:36am  
When I was born, my parents already had two cats and a dog. One of the cats was named Princess. She came to my parents as a kitten, when my dad worked for the city at the trash incinerators. He found her running around with a crushed tail. He brought her home and they brought her to the vet, who said it would eventually fall off. It did and she always had a shorter than average tail.

From the day I came home from the hospital, she slept in my crib (without ever once 'stealing my breath'!). She was by my side through my entire childhood and let me do anything I wanted to her. We were as close as a kid and a pet could get.

Princess's story ends in a tragedy that I don't feel like explaining at the moment and that no one should witness. I will say that it did cause me horrible trauma. I was 16. She was 23.
posted 6-Dec-2014 9:27pm  
Goldfish from my brothers piranhas
posted 9-Mar-2017 7:33pm  
I was somewhere around 4 when I got my first pet cat.

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