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single6-Oct-2012healthMaarten by votes32256.5%


How old are you before it can be said you died of old age?

5You can't be said to have died of old age
481-85 years old
396-100 years old
261-70 years old
271-80 years old
286-90 years old
291-95 years old
2>100 years old
2I don't know
1I have something else to say
041-50 years old
051-60 years old
0You can't really say

jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 6-Oct-2012 7:49am  
I think it's more a matter of diagnosis than age......... say an 80yo man is hit by a car, he didn't die of old age! But that said, I think at least 70 or so nowadays.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 6-Oct-2012 12:30pm  
I don't know. Some people may die of something not having to do with age when they're 90, and I would guess that sometimes much younger people die from age-related illnesses. I tend to think of people over about 80 as being more likely to die of age-related illness, but I don't assume that that is always the case. Also, I'm not positive what exactly constitutes age-related illness.
posted 6-Oct-2012 3:25pm  
There are some surveys I just wait for Biggles to answer.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 6-Oct-2012 3:28pm  
I don't think you can be, not as the main cause of death anyway. I've just checked the UK guidance, and technically you can for deaths in the community that meet very strict criteria, but the death is likely to be referred to the coroner if you try. You can put old age and frailty down as a contributing factor but even very old people die of something. I think I'm allowed to say old age contributed to a death if they were over 80, but the guidance on that has just changed.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to Liss) posted 6-Oct-2012 3:30pm  
posted 6-Oct-2012 6:08pm  
I'd say 100 years.
posted 6-Oct-2012 7:08pm  
"Died of old age" is kind of a misnomer. It isn't the sort of thing a coroner could get away with writing on a death certificate. I picked "70" in my head first, and therefore "61 to 70" from the options. However, that would be for most mainstream people in Canada.

Where I work, among the homeless; people who have often spent years living on the street with multiple serious health issues... it wouldn't seem out of place to say someone died of old age at 45. Same goes for a lot of people in third world countries in Africa and such.
posted 7-Oct-2012 2:02pm  
91 - 100+
posted 7-Oct-2012 2:56pm  
I'd say 86-90. probably.
posted 7-Oct-2012 5:20pm  
death is uncertain but age has nothing to do with death Ive had a relative live to be 101 years old before they passed away but he had cancer
posted 8-Oct-2012 1:54am  
It's seems that there must be a cause even if the patient is old.
posted 8-Oct-2012 2:41pm  
I would say technically a person can't be said to have died of old age. There would have to be some physical cause of death. A person doesn't just reach a time limit and croak.

But, if I had to pick an age I'd say anyone 70 or older.
(reply to Biggles) posted 8-Oct-2012 2:42pm  
> I don't think you can be, not as the main cause
> of death anyway.

I think in this country "natural causes" is popular on death certificates.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 8-Oct-2012 4:15pm  
Interesting. That would not be acceptable in the UK. When I complete a death certificate, I have to decide whether it was natural causes or not (because unnatural, or potentially unnatural deaths are referred to the coroner) but I'm still expected to come up with an actual cause of death. What can and can't go on a death certificate is pretty strictly regulated here because of Harold Shipman.
posted 9-Oct-2012 11:34am  
posted 16-Oct-2012 3:49am  
96-100 I'm optimistic...
posted 15-Jun-2013 5:33pm  
The emotional element factor of life, of Living happy, positive, being in love will help prolong your life.
posted 19-Jun-2013 8:33pm  
Seeing that I am almost 60 years old I would have to say 60 I feel like an old woman

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