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How often do you rotate your mattress?

See for why and how a mattress should be rotated.

1Once a week
3Once a month
5Once every 3 months
6Once every 6 months
7Once a year
3Once every 5 years
3N/A, I do not sleep on a mattress

posted 26-Oct-2005 10:22am  
Whenever I think about it. Maybe a couple times a year.
posted 26-Oct-2005 11:02am  
they Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Oct-2005 11:33am  
Never... maybe I should?
posted 26-Oct-2005 11:37am  
what gripping stuff
posted 26-Oct-2005 11:48am  
Never. There is a spring that's coming through on one side of the mattress, so that side is always kept down.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Oct-2005 11:50am  
Maybe once every five years. Right now I have one that can't be flipped over completely; it can only be rotated 180 degrees on the same side. It was fairly new when we moved, so I hadn't rotated it before, and I didn't keep track of which way it was positioned in the new place. My old mattress I flipped maybe once or twice, but at some point I had to just leave it flipped because it had a spring sticking out of one side.
posted 26-Oct-2005 11:57am  
I paid extra to get one of those mattresses that do not require flipping. Flipping is such a pain.
posted 26-Oct-2005 12:14pm  
N/A, I do not sleep on a mattress
posted 26-Oct-2005 12:48pm  
Never, because I don't sleep on a conventional mattress. I sleep on a waterbed and you don't need to rotate them, at least not the type I have.
cloudhugger Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Oct-2005 3:16pm  
About once a year, before there was just me I did it once in 5 years, but now it's flipped accasionally. I thought this one would last me forever, but when I do need another, I know exactly what I will get. And it will last longer than this one I have.
cloudhugger Survey Central Subscriber
posted 26-Oct-2005 3:17pm  
I would tell you the name of the mattress, but it would be like a commercial and I won't do that...
posted 26-Oct-2005 3:38pm  
I sleep on a fold-out couch. I don't flip the mattress over because the other side has holes and stuff protruding out.
posted 26-Oct-2005 9:02pm  
every three months?
cloudhugger Survey Central Subscriber
(reply to gambler) posted 26-Oct-2005 10:09pm  
You asking us?
posted 26-Oct-2005 10:29pm  
Crap! That reminds me....
(reply to judgescratch) posted 26-Oct-2005 10:30pm  
> N/A, I do not sleep on a mattress

I slept in my bed maybe 2 times since April? Coco also slept twice in it (not at the same time!). I do, however, flip the cushions on the couch regularly!

posted 26-Oct-2005 10:31pm  
I usually forget
posted 26-Oct-2005 11:25pm  
I don't sleep on a mattress.......I sleep on a 2 inch sponge that is on top of a piece of ply wood.
posted 26-Oct-2005 11:40pm  
Maybe twice a year...
I rotate ON my mattress more often than that, though winking raspberry
(reply to CGTREE) posted 26-Oct-2005 11:41pm  
A two inch sponge isn't very big...I wash my car with one bigger than that! j/k
(reply to CarolL) posted 26-Oct-2005 11:46pm  
Lol....Well its not the most comfortable thing in the world....I just don't have room for a proper see...I made my self a loft bead with a desk under my bed is 5'6'' off the I don't really have enough room to put a mattress....or I would hit my head on the ceiling a lot more than I do and my bright ideas....
(reply to CGTREE) posted 26-Oct-2005 11:50pm  
Ahhh, the things that seem like good ideas in theory!
posted 27-Oct-2005 3:45am  
So far, never. It's only a few months old.
(reply to Irene007) posted 27-Oct-2005 7:32am  
Ahhh! The couch, I see...Perhaps mine is considered a mattress, but I sleep on a futon. Anyhoo, you're the only one I know who flips the cushions on her couch.
(reply to judgescratch) posted 27-Oct-2005 7:34am  
(reply to CarolL) posted 27-Oct-2005 8:06am  
(reply to cloudhugger) posted 27-Oct-2005 5:27pm  
Cute........... No, its because I really dont know, My wife and the helpers, do it I think every three months, But I am not sure
paulyw Gold Star Survey Creator Survey Qualifier
posted 27-Oct-2005 7:08pm  
Never I have a waterbed! grin
posted 27-Oct-2005 11:25pm  
Maybe a couple of times a year. I don't keep track. I just do it periodically when the thought occurs to me and I'm changing the linens.
posted 28-Oct-2005 4:39pm  
no more than once a year
posted 28-Oct-2005 4:39pm  
btw: what DOES happen if you dont flip them?
posted 28-Oct-2005 11:11pm  
I never knew you were suposed to rotate a mattress!!!!!wry smile
posted 30-Oct-2005 9:46am  
My mattress is one that you're not supposed to flip
posted 30-Oct-2005 4:31pm  
6 months. I should do it more, but I average around every 6 months.
posted 30-Oct-2005 9:53pm  
I can't figure why you would want to know this unless you sell mattresses and you are trying to educate us...
posted 5-Nov-2005 4:45pm  
actually, only if i spill something on it or move.
posted 14-Nov-2005 12:29pm  
I really didn't realize that I needed to. Once I get home the answer will officially be "once every 7 years, on the average".
posted 19-Nov-2005 4:50pm  
At first I thought this survey was about how often do I turn over during the night.

Maybe I need to sleep under my 3 foam pads!
(reply to mve17) posted 19-Nov-2005 4:51pm  
> what gripping stuff

Well said!
posted 27-Nov-2005 2:00am  
You should rotate it when you vacuum it for dustmites. Eeeek!
posted 3-Dec-2005 4:55pm  
That is my favourite pastime.
posted 27-Dec-2005 2:56am  
OMG your supposed to rotate it?! wow am i glad i joined this site i had no idea lol

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