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single1-Aug-2016personal preferencespaulyw Gold Star Survey Creator by votes21159.5%


How often do you listen to the radio?

This can be radio stations that play music, tell the news, talk radio, etc.

5Less often
5I used to listen to the radio, but I don't anymore.
4Several days a week, but not daily.
2I have something else to share.

Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 1-Aug-2016 10:11am  
I used to listen to NPR fairly regularly, but I don't much anymore.
posted 1-Aug-2016 1:19pm  
During the winter, when I'm home, I listen most days. Whenever I'm in the car I usually have the radio on. In the summers when I'm in Alaska, I'm out where there's no radio. At least there's no broadcast radio. I suppose I'm spending much of my day in the plane which has aircraft radios and I'm listening to them and talking over them all the time. But I didn't figure that's the sort of raio you meant.
posted 1-Aug-2016 2:58pm  
Sirius XM internet radio daily at work. I only listen to the 80's channel. Never play radio in the car. Only Mexican stations around here.
posted 2-Aug-2016 4:44am  
Most days, while in the car going to and coming from work.
Rarely ever at home.
posted 3-Aug-2016 6:40am  
When I was a kid I can remember my mother being close to tears at the amount of time I spent with the radio on blasting out loud pop music, she was worried I was turning myself into some kind of cultural dud; but I almost never play the radio today, although I still listen to a lot of music, but through You Tube, or Spotify, not a radio station.
posted 4-Aug-2016 4:48pm  
Less often
posted 4-Aug-2016 7:05pm  
My alarm clock is a radio, so for at least a few seconds a day, five days a week.
posted 7-Aug-2016 7:02am  
I really only listen to the radio in my truck, and then not every time I drive it.
posted 7-Aug-2016 8:45pm  
I listen when I am driving in my car...
posted 8-Aug-2016 12:55pm  
Only when in the car...every few days.
posted 14-Aug-2016 1:15pm  
Never. Have not listened to one in decades. I dislike the commercials and they never played any music that I liked.What really turned me off it was the Top 40 stations that had a restricted playlist.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 23-Aug-2016 9:56am  
Almost never. My radio is tuned to NPR because I used to really enjoy listening. I do still really like NPR, but more and more these days, I find myself preferring the dead silence. The house is usually totally quiet too.

We live in the future now, so I do have to turn it on if I want to press the button on my steering wheel to call someone by simply telling my car to call them. My daughter runs her phone through it when she rides with me too.
they Survey Central Subscriber Bronze Star Survey Creator
(reply to cerealkiller) posted 23-Aug-2016 9:58am  
I got that with my car for free for 3 months or something. I wasn't impressed. Now they won't stop emailing and snail mailing us. Sirius XM are annoying and they kill a lot of trees.
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Aug-2016 10:53pm  
Very rarely, and only in the car.
posted 5-Oct-2017 2:14am  
Maybe if I had satellite radio in my car. But mainly radio has too many ads and bores me.

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