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single20-Sep-2004personal habitshususa unsorted62958.5%


How often do you change the brand of your shampoo?

4Very often. I keep more than one brand on hand so I change them when I want to.
7Usually. I buy a different brand when I finish one. (I don't use the same one twice in a row)
23Sometimes. I may use one brand several times and then change to another one.
17Seldom. I have my own particular one and I usually stick with it.
3Never. I never change my shampoo.
1Other. I don't use any shampoo.

posted 21-Sep-2004 11:23pm  
I have one brand that I generally stick to, but I buy differents scents such as Green Apple, Raspberry, Vanilla, etc.
posted 22-Sep-2004 12:18am  
Seldom, because Suave is the cheapest, and for a while now I've had short hair, so it takes quite a while to go through a bottle.
posted 22-Sep-2004 12:34am  
I use the same brand always, but sometimes I switch formulas within that brand. It's and it's one of my few luxuries.
posted 22-Sep-2004 6:23am  
Every 5-10 years or so. I changed in the last year.
posted 22-Sep-2004 6:50am  
I buy a different brand when my skin becomes sensitive to the one I'm using.
posted 22-Sep-2004 8:08am  
Sometimes - it depends on how much money I have and what scent I'm going for.
gambler Silver Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Sep-2004 9:01am  
posted 22-Sep-2004 9:38am  
Sometimes. I've not actually bought any shampoo in years. My sister gave me a care package with some brands in it a couple times when I was not working; I found several perfectly good bottles on top of a garbage can once while I was walking and grabbed 'em; and I've received various samples in the mail and from people handing out samples on the street
posted 22-Sep-2004 9:39am  
very often...i usually have two in the shower at a time that i switch back and forth from. right now i have 3, but only because i got some free stuff from work. i almost always try new stuff, mainly so i'm better educated for my clients.
posted 22-Sep-2004 9:39am  
I like expensive shampoo's, but since we are poor right now.....I get Suave.... waaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaa
posted 22-Sep-2004 9:58am  
I alternate at least. I don't buy the same brand twice in a row. I learned this in hairdressing school. It isn't good to use the same shampoo constantly.
posted 22-Sep-2004 11:22am  
Sometimes. I buy whichever brand I want every time I buy shampoo. Lately, I have been using Suave, because it is cheap, and I buy whichever fragrance I want at the time (right not it is vanilla floral).
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 22-Sep-2004 11:25am  
I bet it is Suave! I do the same thing---right now, I have vanilla floral, and my sister has green apple. Mom likes Salon Selectives shampoo, because it is her favorite.
posted 22-Sep-2004 2:04pm  
I never pay attention to the brand, just the price, so I'd have to say I end up with a different brand every time.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 22-Sep-2004 2:39pm  
I usually buy a different brand when I finish a bottle.
posted 22-Sep-2004 3:50pm  
about every 4 months or so - I usually use Pantene but sometimes I'll buy a bottle of Herbal essence to switch up....
posted 22-Sep-2004 5:09pm  
I just colored my hair blonde, so I am using a blonde-specific shampoo, rather than just a general "color-treated" one.
(reply to juliw) posted 22-Sep-2004 6:59pm's Sauve alright!. I just finished up my Vanilla Floral a few days ago. STILL more proof that we are related! winking raspberry
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 22-Sep-2004 7:10pm  
We are most definitely related!
And I just ran out of my vanilla floral! My sister is going to the grocery store tomorrow, and I asked her to buy me some shampoo. I said, "Get any good-smelling Suave kind". smile
(reply to juliw) posted 22-Sep-2004 7:13pm  
My all time favorite it the Citrus Ginseng scent. It smells soooo good!
(reply to darkshadowsseeker) posted 22-Sep-2004 7:18pm  
Haven't tried that one yet. Make that, haven't heard of that one yet. Might have to change my grocery list!
(reply to juliw) posted 22-Sep-2004 7:29pm  
It comes in the oval shaped bottle instead of Suave's usual round bottle. I think it's part of their aromatherapy line. They also have a yummy melon scented one in the same line.
posted 22-Sep-2004 9:36pm  
I dont usually pay attention. Whenver I run out, I just buy another one; sometimes its the same brand sometims its not. Sometimes I ever get a free sample from somewheres, or use my roommates.
ElvisFan67 Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 22-Sep-2004 10:09pm  
Your second option applies to me most. smile
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 23-Sep-2004 9:40am  
i use several different brands and have them all in the shower at once. i usually stay with the same 3 or 4 brands though.
posted 23-Sep-2004 2:01pm  
I try to buy a different brand every time I run out, but I usually end up using the same brand twice in a row because I forget to get a different kind.
posted 23-Sep-2004 4:04pm  
Only when they discontinue the one I'm using. It's hard to find fragrance-free shampoo and conditioner so when I find one that I like I tend to stick with it.
posted 24-Sep-2004 4:28pm  
have a couple brands i alternate between; if they don't work any longer, i buy something new.
posted 26-Sep-2004 12:48pm  
I have 6 different sets of shampoo and conditioner. Is that bad?
posted 26-Sep-2004 2:24pm  
I have found shampoo that works for my hair and I will stay with it if it keeps working, and I have pretty hair and if it is manageably and not all out of place, I have been using LOREAL VIVE and plus I use TRESemme.
posted 28-Sep-2004 6:43am  
I change often and usually have more than one brand on hand.
posted 2-Oct-2004 12:30pm  
Depends on my mood and how much money I have to spend on shampoo.
posted 18-Oct-2004 4:44pm  
Seldom. I use pantene - it's good.
posted 20-Oct-2004 2:16pm  
Brand loyalty to what is essentially perfumed detergent? Yeah right.
posted 16-May-2007 3:32am  
I usually buy either Suave or White Rain. Both are inexpensive and get the job done.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Jan-2018 6:46pm  
The last few years, I've bought a bottle of something and then used it until it's done. By then, the same thing is often not available anymore. My last bottle lasted me nearly two years (it was a big bottle and my hair goes really static if I wash it too often, so I do it twice a week at most). Currently, I'm using an eco-friendly one I bought from Oxfam. I've had it for months and I'm only halfway through the bottle. Bet they've stopped doing it by the time it's finished.

Speaking of which, it's shower time.

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