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multiple28-Jun-2013dreamsMad26 by votes23347.6%


Is it normal that some of my dreams happens in real life?

One time i dreamed that my best friends sister was seriously sick, his parents came at me and told me "she is very sick" then a woke up and remembered my dream, a week a go his mom calls me to tell me why doesn't he answer the phone then she tells me his sister is sick once u see him tell him to call me.

One other time i dreamed my boss was calling me ... A woke up checked my phone as usual, got one missed called from him.

Now i keep dreaming the end of the world and it keeps freaking me out, explosions in the city, giant aliens taking over.... Its weird because some of my dreams come true, pls tell me im not the only one.

Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 28-Jun-2013 10:58am  
Yes, it's normal. It's probably coincidence, or perhaps there were subtle indications in your life that let you know subconsciously these things were likely to happen (your friend's sister looking ill, your boss being concerned about something that involved you), and so you dreamt about them. And you've had only two dreams "come true"; countless others haven't.
posted 28-Jun-2013 11:35am  
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Jun-2013 1:10pm  
Try to keep in mind all the dreams you had that didn't come true.
Also consider that some of the things you predicted were not that unusual (someone getting sick or a boss calling you).
Your end of the world sounds like a Hollywood move. Surely, truth will be stranger that fiction if/when the end does come.
posted 28-Jun-2013 2:09pm  
Yes it is normal because I have very strange and odd dreams I had this dream that I was in school and best friends with my teacher and another dream I was somewhere I don't know where?
LindaH Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 28-Jun-2013 4:26pm  
Yes it is normal. There are bound to be coincidences.

As for end of the world stuff - cable channels have been on an armageddon movie kick lately. Maybe you've been seeing the ads.
posted 29-Jun-2013 6:26am  
It happens to me often enough.

I had a wierd end of the world dream lately. Three days later a big fire made news.

In this dream I was visiting a community in the future, where everyone had clone like roles. One role I was talking with was one of the prostitute/doctor women. I asked her about the mile high encroaching wall of black smoke and fire being kept out of town by some force-field, and she knew nothing about it, nor had any interest. It wasn't part of her job description. - I was concerned that no one left in this evolution of town even had a job description which entailed concern about the encroaching end of civilization. That they would just die out in blissful ignorance.
posted 29-Jun-2013 9:44am  
Stop watching YouTube "documentaries".

(I can't believe that this passed qual as is!!! And one of mined got HFed... rolls eyes)
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 29-Jun-2013 7:31pm  
no and it is "happen in real life" not "happens"
posted 30-Jun-2013 12:07pm  
Okay... "im not the only one."
posted 2-Jul-2013 2:52pm  
Isn't that normal? Oh wait happens to me and everyone says I am abnormal. laughing out loud
posted 8-Jul-2013 3:48pm  
Um. No.
posted 28-Nov-2015 6:42pm  
I had a dream I totaled my car the next day I stop at a red light when it turned green I started to go but stop and a car run the red light

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