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multiple7-Feb-2012productscloudhugger by votes38252.8%


There is a new product on the market that makes your life easier, but it shortens your life every time you use it, would you use it?

Shortens it by...oh, about a year.
I'm sure you have lots of questions and need many options on how to answer the survey. It's just one question with two answers. I'm sure you will do just fine.


posted 7-Feb-2012 7:49am  
It's hard to imagine the amount of "easier" that would be worth a year of life.
bill Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Feb-2012 8:16am  
It sounds like this product makes it easier for me to shorten my life.
posted 7-Feb-2012 10:50am  
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 7-Feb-2012 10:59am  
It would really depend on what it did. If it allowed me to, say, teleport anywhere in the world, I would be much more likely to use it than if it, say, opened the silverware drawer for me whenever I needed a spoon.
posted 7-Feb-2012 11:04am  
posted 7-Feb-2012 2:53pm  
Depends on what you mean by "easier". If it would erase an emergency, crisis, etc. I'd say yes.
Biggles Bronze Star Survey Creator
posted 7-Feb-2012 8:43pm  
I checked no, but there might be circumstances in which I would use something like this. I already use things that make my life easier but probably shorten my life by a much smaller amount - we have lots of labour saving devices that result in us getting less exercise than we used to, so we're all already making a bit of a trade off. A year is a long time though - it would have to be a pretty major gain to justify it, and it would probably have to be something that I'd only want or need to use rarely.
posted 8-Feb-2012 1:39am  
I've already used products that make your life easier, but which shorten your life each time you use it; would I now? Not if each time you used it, it shortened your life by a year, no way. Lands, I'd be dead before I knew it if I used such a product. Of course, how much easier it made your life has not been specified, but I doubt anyone would use it unless it produced the greatest ecstasy known to Man, I mean...for extended periods, such as a week. In which case, I can see a lot of people prepared to sacrifice a year each time they used it clamouring for this product. Otherwise, it's a dead duck.
PS. I checked "yes" before I noticed you lost a year each time you used it; I'm actually a "no way".
posted 8-Feb-2012 10:27am  
posted 8-Feb-2012 11:16pm  
posted 9-Feb-2012 2:59am  
Hell no!!!
posted 9-Feb-2012 3:27pm  
Motorized bicycle well maybe perhaps
posted 9-Feb-2012 4:46pm  
We already have something like that, it's called hard drugs.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 9-Feb-2012 6:19pm  
nope, although i probably use things that do that already!!
posted 9-Feb-2012 10:18pm  
A year each time you use it? Or a year total?
posted 12-Feb-2012 2:01pm  
Yes and then I would give it to certain of the people I know and not tell them the side effects...
posted 15-Feb-2012 8:12pm  
Nope - it would have to make my life a whole lot easier to use it just once and my life is not that hard, so...
posted 15-Feb-2012 8:14pm  
I'd need more convincing to pick "yes". The description is vague and nebulous.

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