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Are there any Nazis left from World War 2?

Famed Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal died last week at the age of 96. A Holocaust survivor, he had dedicated his adult life tracking down Nazi War Criminals, helping to bring over 1,100 to justice.

Question: Do you think there are still WW2 Nazis (not neo-Nazis) living who should have been brought to justice?

21Yes, I believe there are still WW2 Nazi War Criminals out there.
21I wouldn't know
1No, I think all WW2 Nazi War Criminals are dead

posted 25-Sep-2005 7:12am  
Since it was a political thing I'm sure there are still people that were Nazi's during WW2 alive. Whether they would all be considered war criminals I don't know but I bet there are still some war criminals out there.
jettles Survey Central Subscriber
posted 25-Sep-2005 8:27am  
i would think there could be........... but they must all be fairly old by now.
posted 25-Sep-2005 11:02am  
I would have no reason to believe they are not still out there, in fact, there was one man I met in the states rumored to be a leftover nazi. He just passed away this year. Who know for sure, maybe his leftover wife would know. maybe over tea we can find out. Then we can dig him up and give him a proper war criminal burial, one with no dignity or respect.
posted 25-Sep-2005 11:26am  
Yes, but they'd probably be at least 75 years old. The odds are they'd be too old and senile to aid in their own defense. Furthermore, it would be difficult to justify the expense of initiating a long drug out prosecution of somebody who's apt to drop dead any moment from old age.
posted 25-Sep-2005 11:50am  
Benedictus XVI?
(reply to Iseult) posted 25-Sep-2005 12:08pm  
Holy Nazis, Batman!!!
posted 25-Sep-2005 1:16pm  
Define Nazi, your common soldier, or someone in command & on the staff? Are we discussing the ones that either joined or be killed thmselves? There's too many shades of grey to answer this accurately.

Being that I know a WWII veteran, I'll say yes, one must only be around 80 years old, and do you think these people actually wanted to enact all the cruelties that they did?
posted 25-Sep-2005 2:49pm  
Beats me, but I doubt it. It is certainly plausible. If we assume that the youngest possible Nazi was 18 in 1945, they would be 78 today. I think that leaves room for a fair amount of potential Nazis chronologically speaking. However, if Simon Wiesenthal personally helped to capture over 1,100 Nazi war criminals, and we assume that there were at least a few other ones that were captured without his help...I mean gosh! How many legitimate Nazi war criminals could there possibly be?!! And then if you stack this up against the number of war criminals from WWII that weren't Nazis, (don't try to tell me that there weren't any) how far do you go with this sort of thing?
posted 25-Sep-2005 2:51pm  
With human lifespan upwards of 80 years, I'm sure there are still WW2 Nazi War Criminals still alive.

There are news reports about Nazi criminals being recognized years after they fled Germany. I see no reason to believe they are all dead.
Enheduanna Survey Central Subscriber
posted 25-Sep-2005 3:41pm  
I have no idea.
posted 25-Sep-2005 4:42pm  
Yes, I think there probably are.
posted 25-Sep-2005 5:32pm  
Yes, I believe there are still WW2 Nazi War Criminals out there.......... but probably not for much longer
posted 25-Sep-2005 6:25pm  
theyre hiding in the ocean
posted 25-Sep-2005 8:03pm  
Of course there are: 2005 - 1945 = 60. It is likely that there were Nazi criminals who now are between 80 and 90. But "Nazi" and "Nazi War Criminal" is not the same! The vast majority of younger people in those days were Nazis because of the brain-washing of the Nazi education system. But only a tiny minority of them would have to be called "Nazi War Crminals". Also, I think that practically all those misled young people of the Nazi times will have changed their views in the meantime. It is silly to hunt people who are almost 90 years old. The problem are the neo-Nazis!
posted 25-Sep-2005 8:40pm  
Yes, I believe that there are still some WW2 Nazi was criminals alive. As for being "brought to justice", I don't know how that would play out as they would be quite elderly and near the end of their lives...
romkey Survey Central Gold Subscriber
posted 25-Sep-2005 9:56pm  
posted 25-Sep-2005 10:12pm  
How would I know this?
posted 26-Sep-2005 3:37am  
Absolutely. A Dutch SS guy was just set free after a German court ruled he was mentally unfit to stand trial.'er_Bikker_hoeft...
posted 26-Sep-2005 9:28am  
How would I know?
posted 26-Sep-2005 10:03am  
Yes, there are probably a few nonagenarian Nazis still knocking around.
posted 26-Sep-2005 5:49pm  
It should be World War II. As to the question, I have no idea.
posted 27-Sep-2005 1:41am  
I do think many exist to this day, perhaps remenants of Hitler's youth corps and/or misguided followers that still follow his wayward doctrine of evil. Though, I truly doubt to see an uprising again... 'Cut off the head and the body will surely die'.
posted 27-Sep-2005 3:08am  
If we still have WW2 veterans, why wouldn't there still be Nazis. There were so many of them, its kinda hard to bring every single last one of them to justice.
posted 27-Sep-2005 6:30pm  
Yes, I believe there are still WW2 Nazi War Criminals out there.
posted 5-Oct-2005 4:44am  
I don't know, but I am sure that I am not Nazis.

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